Last Day of January

I can not believe that tomorrow is already February 1st! it is unbelievable! The month of January has gone by rather quickly! When I started school on the 14th of Januiary, I knew that my days will go by quickly, but I did not anticipate on it going by as quickly as it did. School has defnitely made time go by quickly…

As I sit here in my apartment, I am contemplating on my day and its happenings. Not a whole lot happened today but I did have an appointment this morning at 10 a.m., then helped a dear friend to the bank, and out to dinner. It was a good morning and afternoon.

I Can’t Believe it is Almost Over Already

One more day before January disappears for another whole year!! It has gone by very quickly ever since the 14th has come and gone. I guess it has a lot to do with being busy and not being at home all the time sitting around and watching television all day. Being in school does help! I just can not believe how fast January has come and gone. In fact I have noticed that all my days have come and gone very very quickly. I am sitting here at school taking a break from things before heading to my first class of the day. Today being Wednesday I am glad that I don’t need to be here tomorrow studying away as hard as I studied yesterday here. As far as my day goes, it has only begun and I will try to write more later when I have time and I do know that I will wait until I get home and relax a bit.

My Thoughts For the Evening

In the next twenty-five minutes I will be watching the State of Union Address for Economics. I do have to admit that I have not taken an interest in what the President said before unless it involves me. But ever since I began school and went in Ecomomics, I do have to admit that a lot of things regarding the economy and the world has been of major interest. In fact, the September 11, 2001 disaster happened, I have been interested in the economy and the world itself, but the fear of flying definitely has been resolved. I have family in other states and I have to fly in order to get from home to relatives. As far as visiting my Aunts and Yncles up north from me, I can travel on the bus. Yes, even though the September 11, 2001 (Ash Tuesday) has stopped many people from flying, and it did make me question on my travel plans, I am glad that I am no longer afraid of flying.

It has been a long time since I have listened to the Presientt speak, so I know I will have a lot of listening to do in order to get inforomation needed to know what is going on in this world. I don’t know what the President is going to talk about but I do know that it will affect all of us in the United States somehow. I wonder if I can get extra credit for writing notes on the State of Union Address that will be on in twelve minutes. I am going to go now and get ready for the address so I will write again tomorrow.

Just Writing Tonight

This weekend definitely went by very quickly! Now it is Monday and my day at school went well. I am going to school tomorrow just to get some school work done that needs to be done for Wednesday. I am not behind in school or plan tp get hehind in school whatsoever/ For the furst tume tonight I am able to take a break from school work and homework.

Feeling Human Again

Last week I got ill from something – something viral and I felt pretty icky. Today I feel human again and it is a good feeling. A real good feeling I admit. Now that I am on the road to recovery as far as my illness, I know I am taking it easy and eating the right foods that are not hard on my stomach. Ysterday, not realizing that I shouldn’t have eaten something in particular, after talking to someone, I hoped that I did not irritate my stomach and have problems again or a relapse. I can admit that feeling illis just a hinderance on everything that is around me and I hate being sick. i know that “HATE” is a strong word and it means to love less, but I can tell everyone that being ill is something I don’t love…that’s for sure – LOL

Today I feel like a human again…

Thank goodness!

Taking a Moment

As far as winter is concerned, it feels like a spring day today for the end of January. we have a little bit of snow but it is now gone and everything is green once again. What happened to winter? To me winter is half over now..isn’t it? Before long Spring will be here – at least I hope it will be. As gofy as this winter has been, I will not be surprised if it snows in April! Honestly, this winter has been strange in Wisconsin. WOW!

Today is Sunday – a day of relaxation and getting a few things done. My laundry for the week has been done and the table in the kitchen has been cleaned off and things have been put away and the counters were wiped off. Honestly, with my school schedule now, I have time only on Sundays to do what is needed to be done. I have to find time for everything outside my schooling and other activities. I am glad I have something done for the day – even some homework.

I need to go for now.

On the Mend

When I do not feel well, I feel like I want my mother or my teddy bear. I hate being sick, even though it may only be a short time like the flu or a viralof some kind. Even though I did not feel well, I made the mistake of going to school, even though I felt I had accomplished something in my life for a change. With the classes I am taking this semester, I dare not miss any classes unless it medically necessary. Even though i did not miss school, I did make what was inside me a little rebellous. Today I am definitely on the mend and I will be able to return back to school Monday feeling good

One Long Assignment Due

It seems, even though I like my classes very much at college, I have an assignment that looks a litle bit on the long side. LOL I will get through it, thankfully!! and on time!!! I have to read a former case and put all the information the instructor has asked, on paper which is three to four pages long. The part of the case I am reading is six pages long and i need to get the needed answers to the proper places. Businless Law is difficult but not impossible thank goodness! The assignment is due on Monday, too.

On top of this assignment, I am not feeling well – I have a viral of some kind and it draining me enough that concentrating is a wee-bit hard. Today is definitely not my day and I can not give it my 100% attention. My brain, LOL, feels like a piece of fuzz in places. LOL Now i am beginning to feel less confused and a littlel better with the viral “thing”

The Ickies & Guilt

I have been feeling good these past couple of days because of something viral and today I feel a little better – at least no fever. I feel guilty because I may have made someone mad and if it was me I do feel bad. The fact is not truly there or has been given so I am not blaming anyone but myself. What happened? I have no clue really – only speculatoon.