I would like to wish everyone a good day. i am having a good day, myself, and a very relaxing one. I still feel a little bogged from my trip. I am taking it easy this week and going to take care of myself. I did, however, have a good Thanksgiving week in NM despite how I feel right now. I am glad to be back home with my kitty Emilee.

Before My Day Passes By…

I got back from New Mexico late Friday night and this weekend I bought a new computer at Wal-Mart. I had a great time in NM but it is surely nice to be back home to be with my little girl (cat) Emilee and back in my own place. I just looked at the time, and it is going on 6 p.m. here and before time passes by too quickly, I thought I would just write a quickie. Although I am glad that I am home, I have a little tiredness to deal with from traveling and running about on my vacation. I do have to admit that my vacation was nice and I wanted to stay forever, but if it wasn’t for my cat Emilee, I would have stayed longer maybe. Due to the fact that I am tired now I will sign off for the 26th of November.

Happy Thanksgiving

I am so sorry that this is so late but I don’t access to my own computer at this time and I am borrowing a computer any chance I get. It is still Thanksgiving Day (22nd) here and I am having a good day. My evening has just begun and I will be leaving to go on a Pecos River journey to see the Christmas lights that are lit up every year in New Mexico on thanksgiving Day. I am about ready to end my journey in New Mexico behind in several hours and head back home ot good ol’ Wisconsin. I would like, before I leave NM in the morning, wish everyone a nice Thanksgiving weekend. Take care and have a good weekend and I will try to get back on line this weekend when I return home and get settled!

Thank you

I would like to say thank you all who have been writing a comment to my entries. I appreciate it greatly because I really enjoy reading the Dear Diary entries of several of you and I always find time to read more when I am available to do so. Thanks everyone!!!

Was it Rude to Ask Me if I Was Disabled?

I would like to introduce myself as a woman with a condition called cerebral palsy. I have not ever found it rude to have a person ask me what is my handicap or disability. It bothers me to have children look at me and see my leg brace on my right leg sometimes but I am learning how to deal with that in time. When someone asks me what my disability/handicap, I usually don’t fret on how the question comes. I have such a mild case of cerebral palsy that I walk with a slight gait/limp because my leg is a 1/2 inch shorter than my left and I have a 15 to 20 degree bend in my right arm at the elbow. I can walk fairly well without a leg brace while sitting around the house but for great distances and going outside the home I wear my leg brace all the time.

I am also a young woman with a kidney transplant thirteen years behind me as well. I take medication to prevent the kidney from wanting to leave my system – calling it a “rejection” and my kidney transplant is behind far enough that it will not reject unless I have a virus or blood infection that will affect the organs in my body.

Avonleaf – It was fine that you asked. Don’t ever be afraid to ask me anything that is important. Also, I too have a weak right ankle because I have torn ligaments when I was about 12 – present, so my leg brace helps me walk great distances and keeps me from twisting it again. My CP did not affect my ankle whatsoever.

Thoughs on 11.17

I wanted to write, since I have time to get on line at my parent’s computer in NM, and tell all that I am having a great time here even though it is my first full day here. LOL A lot of stuff was done already and I am fairly tired and about ready to go to bed…NOT! I rode in a sidecar (attached to my mom’s motorcycle) today and had a great little ride! Because of my disibility I can be clunsy and fall down so getting and out of the sidecar was a question for my parents and myself, but with no hesitation I tried to get and out of the sidecar and I surely did. I think riding in a sidecar is fun and neat.

Plans have been made while I am in NM visiting my parents and so far, even my first full day, I am having loads of fun but I know that going back home will be good too since I have a feline companion back home waiting for “mommy” to return. I am glad to be here visiting those I hold dear to my heart – especially my grandpa who is not feeling well right now. My grandpa lives in a nursing home because of Alzhiemer’s Disease.

I will try to write again while I am here in NM, but I can not promise because of plans and the computer is my stepfather’s and I don’t like to play or be on a computer without him being around. It just so happened that he is nearby in case of something or anything going wrong. Later…


I did not plan, until the last minute, to reformat my hard drive and put my computer back to factory condition. Doing so, I had to download a couple of needed things for my computer after the process was all done and it took me six hours do that. After everything was done, I decided to play around a bit and see what was going on on line and I did not get to bed until 11:30 p.m. last night. I think, in the long run, despite the project I ended up doing, it was not at all bad. After the project was done last night, I realized that it was worth it at the end. I personally think that my computer runs better now than it did before… Now the job of downloading programs from the Internet is going to be the time consuming project. Like I said before, it will be all worth it at the end. I really can not argue or be filled with anxiety on doing this project because I chose to do this project in the first place. Now that everything is coming into place here on my computer, I can breathe easier and be happy that there aren’t any problems. I am, actually, having fun doing this kind of thing. It gets me away from my television and the bad stuff that is shown on television now-a-days. I could care less right now that my favorite television program “Murder, She Wrote” is on. Even though I like that show, I have seen all the shows, and anyway the program is in syndicate now. Angela Lansbury will always be one of my favorite actresses of the television and movie world.

Well, I am downloading a program for my computer right now so I better head off. The weather today is kind of rainy and wet – thankfully not snow – so I don’t know if I will be back later or not to write.

My Nightly Thoughts for 11/11/01

All the comments today have made me smile today! Those who I commented about earlier today I would like to say that you deserved the comments because you all write so well. As far as Alaina, oops, I’ve noticed that you had a notify list after I wrote the comment to you. LOL Sometimes it pays to really pay attention to things around you, in front of you, and listen to, believe me. For those who I made their day, you are more than welcome because I do enjoy reading your journals. I am glad to know all of you by DD and I am glad I have the opportunity to write you personally via e-mail as well. Today of all days, my day has been very good. Night is upon me now and time for bed is not too far away. Monday morning does not roll by too slowly around here with my schedule and plans to be around close to home. The building I live in has a cold/flu virus going around, which I had over a week ago, and everyone is getting ill here. Plans to be with family for the holidays is probably a good idea if planned outside the home here, huh? That flu bug that is going around is horrible, believe me. I got pretty sick and did not have any energy for a few days. All i could do was sleep and lay around. Just this past week I got over a sinus infection of a mild case. Because of my body being so proone to this or that due to a low immunity from a kidney transplant, I can not be too careful now – a days.

I plan to try being here tomorrow, Monday – which is not too far away for me now. I hope all my on line friends at DD have a good week all week long.

Time is Disappearing

I don’t know if it has something to do with age or the fact that things are looked at differently as we grow up, but lately, this past month, time has gone by so quickly. Last year about this time, I’ve noticed that time just went by so slowly that anxiety played a major role in my life. This year, anxiety is playing a smaller role in my life – thankfully – and time is just going by so quickly. Does age have something to do with time? Does just growing and maturing have something to do with time? Both? Can someone help me find an answer? Does anyone know? I am baffled, yet amazed how things come and go in my life, and yet knowing that I am not the only person looking for answers.