Hello, my name is Kae Smiley. I am a young woman who loves to write in a journal/diary as often as she can. My life, although not always filled with activity and things to do some days, I always have something to write about. I have loved to write stories and write in a journal since I was eight years old and the love of writing grew along with me as I got older into my teens and adult years. I find writing in a personal journal/diary not as much fun as it used to for personal reasons, but I have found sharing what I write most fun. I would like to give this Dear Diary a chance for a bit before passing judgment. I am glad to have found other people who have the same interest in journaling I do…whether it is private or public. Look out, my journalings can be very lengthy…just ask my church/email buddies! LOL

I don’t even know what in the world I am going to do today. Maybe today will be fairly quiet and relaxing for me. Last night I actually slept well and woke up this morning to a stuffy nose. I wake up with a stuffy nose almost every morning and have to take Clariton at night before I go to bed. Last night I failed to take it. Oh well…not every night do I have to. Now that it is Monday, wonder how my week is going to be like. Busy? Relaxing? Fun filled? I have no clue. Sometimes I don’t know what is going to happen on my days until it happens. I did have a dentist appointment this afternoon but had to cancel it last week until April 5th…a month away! So now my appointment cancelled, I have nothing major planned today. Maybe I will read a good book and watch television and take a little nap. Oh…the naps come naturally sometimes. I don’t force napping.