A Quick Morning

Today was a busy morning but not as busy as I thought I was going to be.  I went to the TCC unit to have my last iron infusion of 3 for 3 weeks and it only took only 30 minutes and then I had lunch downstairs in the cafeteria and saw my friend JM from church at the sandwich shoppe of the cafeteria.  After lunch I went upstairs to wait for my ride and called them and was able to get home early.  I thought it was going to take an 1 1/2 to have my infusion but today I was wrong.  Even JM was surprised to see me so early.  I was shocked myself to be very honest with myself.  It was a quick morning.  I was able to get home earlier than planned and very glad of that.

What Do You Expect?

Well, good morning to me I guess.  I had posted something regarding Hillary Clinton.  I will share that post with others if I could but I won’t because politics is one of three subjects that get people riled up and pretty upset now-a-days.  With this year’s Presidential candidates I do have to admit that it seems to be a farce and a horrible play of candidates.  I understand the freedom of speech and all that goes with it but it does get annoying and irritating to see two grown and adult people battle axe one another in “I approve this message” commercials.  It makes both Presidential candidates look bad and shows how childish adults can be when they want to win something as big as being the President of United States.  This friend, someone a little dark in life, I have to admit that what he said was not pleasant or pleasing calling me a Christian that isn’t what he thought I was.  Now I wish I would have saved his words before unfriending and blocking him on Facebook to show how mean this man could be … a man who writes dark stories and sad.  I do not believe his love for God is genuine or precise, not a Christian of the truth but of darkness.  This man has a dark side that does seem to be a little creepy and I have come to find him accusatory and not nice.  He blames the conservatives for Hillary’s demise when in reality I believe she has dug her own hole with what is happening to her.  Many people want Hillary in and many people want Trump in.  There is ALWAYS going to be two sides of things for the rest of our lives and days.  There is still problems between men and women of color with the people who are white.  Now, to be very honest here, I have no problems with men and women of color because I am not prejudice in that way although I am pre-judging right now about the man I had unfriended and blocked on Facebook.  I just do not trust him anymore.

Sabbath Afternoon Thoughts

This afternoon, getting home before 12:30 PM I have decided to take the rest of the day and relax.  I let my shower gal MP come but I did not have a shower.  I just wanted to relax and be comfortable and wait until tomorrow to have my afternoon shower.  Law & Order: SVU was on all day long so I decided to watch that and just be comfortable in pajamas.  I feel I have had a very busy week once again without the grocery shopping on Monday.  I have had plenty of food!  Now, come Monday, I will be going grocery shopping for the first time this month.

Sabbath Morning Thoughts

The past 4 days have been days I have been either too busy or just did not feel like writing.  No, I have not been down in the dumps or depressed…tired and having nothing to say is what happened the past 4 days is all.  Anyway, with this being my first entry of the day (in the morning) I have to admit that I have to get my brace and shoes on and get ready to go to church.  My ride is with JM this morning.  I am going to Beloit SDA church this morning because I have an obligation to read today’s mission story this morning before Sabbath School class and then our last Prophecy Seminar meeting.   I wonder if we will have a last seminar meeting potluck or not but we will find out when I get there with JM.  I have to go for now.

My Voice Will Be Heard and Maybe Not Understood At Times

Okay, I have been thinking and have been thinking about a lot of things that are political and that does bother me very much.  I just want to scream at how people are so Democratic and people are so Republican.  This year’s political happenings have been nothing but a total joke that caused so many people to be angry, upset, and showing their true side of who they are as Democrats and Republicans are.  People are for Hillary and people are for Trump.  At the rate things are going I am not for neither the way they act towards each other and battle for the Presidency of the White House.  It is just a farce this time around.  Even social media is having their field days right when they would love to be.  It is that bad.  What has happened to morals and the freedom of speech seems to have gone so far.

Hillary has painted a picture so far from her perfect image that her words do not seem true to me and Donald Trump, a supposed good business man, has his problems with his mouth and money management at this time according to social media and news reports.  I have told myself to stay away from the debates they are having because of them both being childish and just grasping at straws just to get in the White House.

Yes, politics are important and yes, I am affected by the political choices the government has laid upon us…helpful or not as much of any help.  I am disabled to a point with a condition call cerebral palsy but my mind is sharp and I have observational skills that let me know when red flags are rising or have been raised, and I do become fearful of outcomes at times when I feel so alone in my thinking and do not rely on God for comfort and support just to get rid of the loneliness I sometimes feel.  I was born with feelings like everyone else who are not disabled.

I am a silent speaker for animals who cannot speak for themselves and I do sign petitions to alert powers to be who take a look at petitions and do something about the petitions signed by me and many other people.  I will also make my voice heard in hearings for other disabled friends and for those who are disabled I do not know personally.  I am not as politically inclined as I would like to be but I will take a stand where my stand will make a big difference in an area that is important to for non-profit organizations that need an extra hand someone.  My voice will be heard.

Despite How I Feel I Am Living My Life

No matter how I am feeling today I am living my life and moving ahead by doing what I have to do for myself and my health, and of course, my doctors are included.  I would not get this far without God watching over me and I accepting what is going on.  Yes, I have feelings of confusion right now when it comes to family but whatever is negative should be out of my life and it may make me feel sad and hurt leaving my heart broken at times.  I am here and my life is moving ahead with God guiding me all the way, and I am glad that God is guiding me every step of the way even though I may not understand entirely what is going on right away.

This is How I Feel Today

Right now for some reason my brother, his wife, and their three kids are on my mind this month a lot.  I’d prefer not to let them know how I do not want anyone of them in my life to their faces because of what my brother’s wife has done to break the ties between them and other Karnopp’s within the Karnopp family.  They make me sick to my stomach and yet things pop up in my life that remind me of all of them.  With this month, an anniversary, the eldest daughter’s birthday, my brother’s birthday, and yes that is a lot of activity for one month.  What I am going through this month myself is a lot of activity of my life.  Personally, U am managing but I do feel things are going very fast right now and I am busier than I have ever been.

Praying For MP

My heart goes out to my shower gal MP right now.  She came to work this afternoon even though I was not in the mood to have a shower and didn’t have one.  I had learned that MP’s brother is in the hospital, the youngest of 9 children, and is not doing very well.  As soon as I heard that her brother was in the hospital I had asked her if she would like to be with her brother at the hospital and she told me she would like to be there.  I told her to go and be with her brother so she stayed to make my bed, take trash out, and do the dishes, and then she left. I let her go practically as soon as she got here.  I will see about Monday from Almost Family.

Looking Forward to This Morning.

Life in the Karnopp household here is doing just fine.  I am heading to church this morning and my ride just called to let me know they were picking me up a little later than 8:30 AM this morning – a heads up sort of thing.  Pastor Van and his wife CV are picking me up for church this morning and we are going to the Beloit SDA church this week.  He will be doing the Prophecy seminar there this week.  I am so looking forward to church this morning.

A Look Until My Life

As we get older, and believe me when I say “as we get older” because it is true.  We are not getting any younger.  There is no fountain of youth except in the movies and TV shows that are make believe.  As I am getting older even though I am 46 years old since July 3, 2016, I have to admit that whatever is going on health wise in my own personal life, I have to say I am living my life normally and going with the flow.  Yes, I am going through an overwhelming time right now.  Changes are going on right now health wise with my transplanted kidney after 28 1/2 years and in reality it began 26 years ago but the kidney disease Glomerulonephritis took was founded in February with my 1st kidney biopsy and on October 31, 2016, I will have a 2nd biopsy done that day.  I will be meeting a nephrologist in Janesville here on the 21st of October in regard to my transplanted kidney beginning to leave me. My kidney is beginning to leave my body.  I am not sad or anything because it has definitely served its purpose a little longer than most transplanted kidneys.  The very important this is that I have God on my side, I have faith and understanding of what is going on.  I am doing EVERYTHING the doctors are asking of me.  Sometimes I wonder if things are going too fast but it is working out the way things are because God is working on me and is with me.  God is in control of my life no matter how scared or unsure things are going in my life at the moment.