According to the Calendar

I do not take what is said on the calendar that Spring is now official — not just yet anyway. Yes, Spring is officially here according to the calendar but the weather tells me differently at this time.  It is still chilly out as if winter has yet a part in the play.  It is no big deal really but that is what I have noticed in my world the past few days to be very honest.  Yes, Spring is  here officially!

Casper the Ghost (Uncles Came For a Quick Visit) LOL

Sometime during the night/early morning hours while Bing and I were relaxing and sitting in the recliner paper from my desk went flowing to the floor.  Every piece of scratch paper that was given to me a few years ago by my brother’s wife had fallen to the floor.  I guess Casper’s uncles decided to reek some havoc in my apartment.  I have to wait until my shower gal RK comes overs to help me pick up the paper on the floor or I will have a hazard on my floor until tomorrow morning.  In the meantime, my walker is a few inches away from me so I will not slip/fall on the floor because of the slippery paper underfoot.

New Shower Gal

Rescare has found someone to help me with my showers every other Saturday now.  Woo hoo!  She starts today at 2 pm and her name Doris!  We will call her D.  I do not know who she is other than her name that was given to me on Monday when I ha gotten the good news.  I have waited for a month for this one Saturday every other week to be filled after they had lost the girl who was working for them.  I am a little nervous because I have no idea who this person is other than by name.  I will find out when I get home from church, though.  Yes, I am going to church this morning and I am going to be picked up about 845 AM and that will be in a little while.  Yay! I get to go to church tomorrow, too.  Woo hoo!

Words 2

It seems totally impossible that it is already (almost) the middle of March.  All day today I thought it was the 10th when it really was the 9th!  I really dislike it I get ahead of myself like that because I find myself dealing with a little stress then.  I am doing my best at not getting into stressful situations now because i find myself less agitated and confused or lost and upset.

I feel real bad for my worker MJ!  She got into an accident this morning and so the driver’s side of the car has a dent in it.  He front door does not shut, the back door does not open, the car light does not shut off.  She and I are both glad that the car is drivable but yet I can understand she is not happy and is very upset about it.  It was not her fault but the other driver’s fault for sideswiping her on the driver’s side.  The other driver got a ticket and she didn’t because it was not MJ’s fault.  I feel bad for her and I am glad she did not get injured.  MJ was not having a good start of her day at all.  She wants a day off and I do not blame her.

As for the rest of the day, I had my laundry and cleaning gal C over.  After she left I had the rest of the day to myself after talking to MM.

I talked to my IDS worker MM at 3 PM today and she helped me make an appointment to get the cyst removed from my forehead. The appointment is on April 8th and MM is taking going to be with me during that procedure.  Yay!  I am glad that the cyst will be gone.  At least I hope it will be gone by then!


Words 1

Once again I have a lot to say but right now I have very little time to sit down and write.  I have to wait until later today to take the time to write.  I will be going grocery shopping shortly and then I will be busy with laundry and cleaning.  Monday is my busiest day of the week.  Tomorrow I have an appointment in the afternoon and Friday I have another appointment.  I have a fairly busy week this week and I am going to be able to get some fresh air and some exercise.

Diagnosis Murder Marathon and Hart To Hart Day

  1. It has been a very lazy day for me all long.  I have had my shower gal RK here at 2 PM to 3:15 PM this afternoon.  I have some noise from the neighbor above me but it is okay.  I can handle it today and have been lately.  I did not go to church today but intend on going next Sunday.  I do miss going to Bethel Baptist Church.  Today is Diagnosis Murder marathon day and I am also watching Hart to Hart recordings as well on my DVR.  I am having a very good day for the most part.  I am having chili for supper.

My Day Today 2/24/15 1

I have had my shower at 8:30 AM this morning, got dressed for the day.  I have an appointment at 1 PM this afternoon with my psychiatrist/counselor today.  I have not been able to see her most of the winter because of weather and the cold.  I am not saying it is not cold out today because it is cold out today.  Anyway, I have an appointment this afternoon and MM is going to meet me there this afternoon.  MM comes to my counseling appointments every other time but since it has been about five to six months since my last appointment with SW.

My Morning Was Good

I went grocery shopping at 10:30 AM this morning at Woodman’s.  I can never go anywhere without knowing someone personally or seeing someone I know who does work there.  Today I saw my IDS worker MM with a couple of clients while they went grocery shopping themselves.  So my morning was a good one.  Now it is cleaning and laundry time.  Bing is napping on the futon while I am watching ID (Investigative Discoveries) TV programming.  I have decided to record the program that is on ID and watch a Dr. Phil episode.