My Evening Thoughts For 12/09/16

My Evening Thoughts

Good evening. Sorry, no afternoon thoughts. I got busy making important and necessary phone calls, watching Law & Order on ION on my DVR box I recorded the past two weeks, and reading a book written by John Kellerman titled The Clinic, and it is a very good book despite the first two chapters seemed boring at first but it is now getting good after the third chapter. I am up late tonight. I am usually in bed by this time of 8:56 PM but I did not take any of my sleep or antibiotic for a urine culture coming back this Tuesday with a bacterium I have never had before in my life even though the urine test resulted no UTI in the works. The medication is taking of the bacterium I have in my system. Due to the fact that I have CKD and the bacteria I have does not usually get treated by an antibiotic unless a woman is pregnant, my family doctor Dr. K has decided to treat the bacteria in my urine culture so it will not go rampart and I have other problems. I have been taking my medication faithfully and two times a day as directed. I have taken it before. As far as my CKD and urinary tract history since I have been a child, I am glad my issue is being taken care of seriously and correctly. Believe me, I do not allow my medical health to go downhill if I can help it. As far as I know I never had a kidney infection with my transplanted kidney the moment is put in my body. This kidney was well protected and now it is almost time for it to check out, in a way, stop working. How many more months or weeks do I have this good ol’ kidney of my mother’s? God has given me a wonderful dose of understanding about health. I am forever grateful for the longevity of this ol’ kidney. I am okay with it shutting down when it is ready. I am prepared to do dialysis when it is time to begin that again.

Well, it is after 9 PM now and I have my meds downed. I have church in the morning and I will be back in the morning before church and later in the afternoon when I get home whether it is before or after my shower. Good ol’ Wisconsin is expecting 8 to 10 inches of snow between Saturday and Sunday, this weekend. I am getting prepared just in case. I may not have my Sunday afternoon shower if the weather is bad. My friend JKS set me a package that included a pair of comfy slippers and dark chocolate with almond bits. My feet have been comfortably warm since I have put them on. Anyway, I have shut the lights off for the night, in my pajamas, and I am going to say… … … goodnight. Have a great night and thank you for letting me vent this morning. I was not a very happy camper around 10 AM this morning whatsoever.

My Friday Morning Vent on December 9th

Morning Thoughts

Oh please, not this morning! My upstairs neighbor’s boyfriend is here once again walking about heavily EVEN DURING the day. How RUDE! This guy is nothing but loud and obnoxious around here. I still do not trust or like him at all. If RS loves him that’s fine with me but I DO NOT LIKE the guy. As I am sitting here, after 10 AM Friday morning, I can hear him talking to RS loudly enough that I can hear what he is saying to her. No, he’s not yelling at her or anything. He’s just loud. If they do plan to get married I hope that she does the right thing by letting management know because he has to be approved to live here. I know her health is not good right now but I think her mental health is not well either. She just seems cold and mean to me. I do not trust her anymore and I am glad she is just a neighbor now and not a friend. When I had to walk away from her I was upset for weeks and now today I am okay with it. I just hope she’s happy and stays that way but does she have to make me living here in the apartment below her miserable and uncomfortable? NO, she doesn’t but she has since he’s been here. These walls are so thin here between apartment walls and floors. This building was built cheaply in 1986, I guess. I hope RS moves out of here in 2017. Her presence here has become dark and dreary. I do not like her attitude and behavior lately. She’s been showing her true colors. Just because she has made my life miserable in the apartment below her, I am not moving out of here. This has been my home, Burbank Plaza/Teamster Manor since March 1998.

Yet Another Lazy Day!

Today is just another day with activity. My PCW DB came to do some cooking for me this morning. Woo hoo, even my Christmas tree is up and ready for the Christmas holiday. Not a whole lot going on today once again. I plan to finish decorating my Christmas tree before the weekend ends. I am deciding to get up in the morning and work on my finances to see what I can do to spend for the holiday with my dad, his wife, and my sister KLK. I do not plan to do much today once again. Even though winter has officially begun yet, the snow has already come to Wisconsin. Are we going to have a white Christmas this year? I hope so.

Another Lazy Day For Me

It has been another “not so busy day” in the Karnopp household today. Bing was cuddly and snuggly part of the day, which is seldom. He always sleeps on my desk chair, the futon/couch, or under the table on one of the table chairs. It is not easy coaxing a cat to sit on your lap when he/she does not want to sometimes but I find it nice to see Bing Crosby the cat wanting to sit on my lap. He is such a lap warmer, too. I really think Bing just needs time for himself from time to time. I am definitely okay with that Bing is family and not just a pet.

I am doing okay. My arm is healing up nicely. It was kind of red on Monday and Tuesday for some reason but as it turned out it was nothing to worry about. No drainage or major issues. The thrill and bruit is still strong and doing its job even though dialysis is not happening right this minute.

Time seems to escape me sometimes.  I see that I did not write in my diary yesterday.  That is one day.  No big deal, right?  It was Monday and I went grocery shopping, cleaning and laundry day like most Mondays.  Nothing really major happened on Monday.  Today I had my shower at 8:30 AM, got comfortable, saw my Home Health Nurse JH around 12:30 PM, and pretty much rested all day.  I did much of nothing except watch Law & Order: SVU on ION, and a couple of recorded Law & Order episodes on my DVR box.  I kept my left arm straight while watching TV. 

My Sunday At Home Today

It is Sunday and we have our first snowfall today.  I do not know how many inches yet because it is supposed to snow all day long until late evening.  Wisconsin has a very white ground at this time.  No big deal.  This is our first snowfall this winter, and I am glad to see snow now even though I do not like wintry cold days as much as the next person does.  I have had my shower at 2 PM today with RK and tomorrow I will have another shower at 9 AM with MP.  It was a great day to stay indoors and watch TV and relax allowing others to go outside and do their stuff.  No, I did not step outside at all today.

I talked to my mom this afternoon after my shower gal RK left.  We talked about things that were bothering me a bit about my stepfather, and believe it or not, my mom told me if I am have been happy with my phone provider I should stay with them, and I am to ignore my stepfather.  Apparently he has been a stinker all weekend with his attitude with my mom.  My stepfather will never grow up, lol.  Do we not have to grow up sometime?  Oh well, that’s my stepfather 100%, LOL

I feel I had a very good day.  I cannot ask for more.

An Awesome Sabbath Day

So much going on in my world today.  I am feeling much better and have gotten some rest…enough to function.  I was able to go to church this morning and I did not get home until between 4:30 PM – 5:00 PM.  It was a long but productive day.  At church there was Sabbath School, sermon, potluck, and then at 2:30 PM we had two people baptized from the Janesville church, and then after church, Pastor Van and CV took me to see Grandma Van at the nursing home where she lives in Beloit, Wisconsin.  See Grandma Van to end the Sabbath was an awesome ending of the Sabbath.  When I got home, I from my day out, I was able to relax a bit before my shower gal came to help me with my shower at 6 PM.  It was an awesome day! 

A Rough Day

I have had a very rough day today.  I rarely got online today because of the fact the moment I woke up to 4 PM this afternoon I could barely function.  I was so tired and my arms ache, and I could barely move about.  Despite the fact that I could move about I chalked it up to having a one of those days that were not exactly bad but just a time to relax all day.  By 4 PM I have had a nap and felt much better.  It was one of those rough days for me.  

My December 1, 2016 Morning Thoughts

I believe it is a good morning.  I am not sure how much I have slept last night but I did get to bed kind of late last night.  Since I was gone to Bible study from 7 PM – 8 PM, I did not get home until sometime shortly before 9 PM.  My Wednesday evenings are busy unless it is a holiday or close to a holiday.  I did not go the 16th or the Wednesday before Thanksgiving because I was in the hospital for a couple of days from November 15 – November 17.  Pastor Van did not have any Bible studies the week of Thanksgiving because he does Bible studies at three different churches and Thursday, November 24th was Thanksgiving Day and a four day weekend for teachers, school officials, and students.  As far as Bible study goes on Wednesday nights, I enjoy going despite how late it seems at this time of year in Wisconsin, I still want to be with my friends and family of my church.  The church members are my family outside my immediate family, and Pastor Van, his wife CV, and family are my “family by choice” and that is the Van way.

Even though I do not have a friendship with RS now and no plans of rekindling that friendship with her because of her boyfriend, I do have to admit that I do feel bad that she is not well.  Of the years I have known her she has no legs for a long time due to some kind of infection ravaging her body.  Now what leg she has left, without a hip attached to it, is infected once again and the doctors seem to be unable to help her.  I have heard, rumor only, that he kidneys are shutting down.  If that is true I have a wonder what is causing the kidney shut down.  My first two kidneys failed slowly for some reason or another and now my transplanted kidney 28 ½ years is shutting down and dialysis in definitely in my future if I am not a good candidate for another transplant.  I do feel bad for RS and wish her health to be better and not full of worry and pain.  I may not want to be friends with her anymore but I do not wish ill will and bad health.  I do not like her behavior and attitude but I still wish her happiness and good health.  I do not hate her, I just do not like her behavior and attitude.  I saw her boyfriend yesterday and I still do not like him.   He told me that he and RS were planning on getting married in a week or two.  A red flag went up on that one.  They just met two to three months ago.  I was thinking “what the heck is wrong with you two” in my head and shocked with the idea of him living here with RS.  That idea does not sit well with me at all.  Is she that sick or something?  I am not saying she is mentally sick but physically sick.  Her leg is not doing well at all.  I feel bad for her regarding her health.

I am sitting here right now waiting to get into the shower for the morning.  I was hoping to go to the grocery store this morning with DB but it looks like I will not be getting any deposits in my account until tomorrow – Friday, December 2nd.  I do need some food as I have one meal left from Meal Magic (?Magic Meal?) in my freezer.  Oops.  I made a miscalculation on when I get money deposited in my account at the bank for the first time ever in my life.  Another, oops.

Expecting A Lot

I do have to admit that my world is spinning in such a way that I am feeling a little overwhelmed right now.  I have an understanding as to why I feel a little overwhelmed right now but I surely do not like the feeling it gives me – not at all.  I hate it.  It is very annoying and uncomfortable.  I have a lot on my plate right now and that can be why the feeling of being overwhelmed is happening.  I know I will be okay.  I am in good hands medically and physically, and I cannot complain about that.  This year, 2016, on its way out the door in about a month, makes me wonder what I am going to be expecting in 2017 outside the fact that my kidney will completely shut down and I will be on dialysis sometime in 2017.   I do have a lot going on this year.