My Day Today 2/24/15 1

I have had my shower at 8:30 AM this morning, got dressed for the day.  I have an appointment at 1 PM this afternoon with my psychiatrist/counselor today.  I have not been able to see her most of the winter because of weather and the cold.  I am not saying it is not cold out today because it is cold out today.  Anyway, I have an appointment this afternoon and MM is going to meet me there this afternoon.  MM comes to my counseling appointments every other time but since it has been about five to six months since my last appointment with SW.

My Morning Was Good

I went grocery shopping at 10:30 AM this morning at Woodman’s.  I can never go anywhere without knowing someone personally or seeing someone I know who does work there.  Today I saw my IDS worker MM with a couple of clients while they went grocery shopping themselves.  So my morning was a good one.  Now it is cleaning and laundry time.  Bing is napping on the futon while I am watching ID (Investigative Discoveries) TV programming.  I have decided to record the program that is on ID and watch a Dr. Phil episode.

A Weekend Gone

Another weekend has passed with nothing much done except church Saturday.  Yesterday Bing and I snuggled and cuddled a lot while watching TV movies Hart to Hart, Diagnosis Murder, Columbo, and Perry Mason all day long.  I did not get any journaling done as I had planned after getting home and after my shower.  Bing Crosby kitty has been such a loving little boy the past few days and he always comes first when it comes to days like that.  I suffer from depression and knows what it is like to have a down day from time to time and maybe my little man is having some down time and wants his “Mommy”. That is when Bing and I have our time and he was very loving last night.  When my mother called last night I had to put her on speaker phone because Bing was really cuddly and snuggly by my face and ear.

Now, Monday has arrived and a new week has come into play.

Words 5

Here i am, once again, yet with a lot of words to express and write.  After church yesterday I did not do anything except relax, have my shower, play games on my phone, and relax more.  I did not want to do anything after getting home as I had first planned.  Bing Crosby kitty took priority and never will he be second fiddle in this house.  Either I have a laptop or a cat on my lap and when it comes to have a cat on my lap, my writing, Facebook, and computer is considered second fiddle and Bing is first fiddle ALWAYS!  On some days I wish to have time to write but Bing does come first and everything else can wait.  He knows when and why I have to get up most of the time.  He is a very smart kitty.

Words 4

So many words to express yet!  I have not finished!  I am so glad that Friday is finally here and the weekend has come.  It has been a very busy week for me from Tuesday through yesterday.  Today is a more relaxing day for me and I am looking forward to church tomorrow and relaxing Sunday.  Ever since I lost my shower gal every other Saturday, I have found going to church on Saturdays and Sundays a little more difficult and that is frustrating.  Although this weekend is the opposite, I am not going to church tomorrow.  The weather has been arctic cold, snowy, and winter is not done playing its season just yet.

Anyway, I do have to admit that even though I have not been writing everyday I have been thinking about it.  I have not taken the time write more of my book but with the time outside my scheduled time, my world is spinning elsewhere in my head.  I do not think of bad things but I have been thinking a lot about what has been happening in politics, on the other side of the world in other countries, and religion.  Now, politics, sex, and religion are three topics I find difficult to talk about with other people as other people find it difficult to talk about those three topics as well.  The need to write is there but the words are so hard to find right now.  So I have been writing less lately.  I am doing my best at writing everyday but my Bing Crosby kitty does come first before computer time.

Tomorrow, before/after church and shower, I plan on writing as much as I can before Bing Crosby kitty time.

Words 3

I still have a lot to say and yet not enough time to write my thoughts down.  With only 12 hrs in a day, so much of my time is practically on FB, Bible study/reading, playing games in FB and my phone!  It is almost a waste of my time.  Since I do not work outside the home (or inside the home) some of my days are just plain and ordinary.  I have my scheduled showers and people coming and going but outside of that my days are spent doing what I love doing since the internet is available and I do have friends and family.  With that said, I am working on my health and writing often as I can.  I have not been working on my book lately either!  I have to get back to writing more of my book.  That is why I have so much to say and I just do not have the time and sometimes I do not have the right way to say what needs to be said.  UUGGHH!  I know I am okay, though.

Words 2

Okay, shower taken and dressed for the day.  Ever since I have had my anti-depressant adjusted last month, I have been getting dressed for the day.  I have been wearing my Tweety pajama bottoms for around the house instead of out in public.  It feels good to be dressed for the day.  Anyway, today is a busy day in the morning.  I did not go grocery shopping on Monday because of it being President’s Day – a federal holiday that IDS observed so I am going grocery shopping today and then we will have food preparation for the week.

Every week, when i go grocery shopping, I have to decide on what I want to make for meals on Thursday and every week I can not always decide until I get to the store.  I never know what I want to eat during the week!  Today, before MJ left, I/we decided that we will make chili next Thursday.  The way the weather has been, the past couple of days now – arctic! – the idea of chili sounds real good today.  MJ is an awesome cook because she DOES NOT fry anything.  She bakes everything in the oven or uses the stove top to cook her meals.

After MJ got done cooking we worked on my closet and I gave a few games away, some clothing, and a couple of stuffed animals to the mothers and children of our homeless shelter we have here.  We also hung up some pictures and pieces of art that mean a lot to me.  We hung up a memorial area for my first cat Emilee Marie Cuddles and have an area for my grandparents in the living room.  We also hung up a cross that my mother bought for me for Christmas after a Tour on the Pacos (sp?) River looking at all the Christmas lights one year.   The closet has been cleaned more today.

Now with MJ gone, the afternoon is all mine until 9 AM tomorrow morning and then after 1015 AM, I have Friday all to myself and Bing until Saturday morning when I go to church.

I hope my friends and family had a good day.


Here I am, today, and in a few minutes my shower gal will be here to help me with my shower.  I am not finding the words I need to say very well at this moment but once again I have a lot to say so I might end up breaking it down to bits and pieces as the day goes or wait to write another day as time allows and I have a busy day today.  In fact I have a busy morning and then the afternoon is all mine after lunch.  This morning I am watching an episode on Netflix of Quincy, M.E..  I did not recognize any of the guest stars on the show except for one I do recognize but did not see his name.  John Karlen comes to mind when I hear the voice of one of the actors but I can be wrong.  I am going to watch the names again later today and make sure.  I am not sure myself if the gentleman is John Karlen.  It is an 1978 episode and John Karlen had roles on another show called Dark Shadows.  He also starred on Cagney and Lacey playing Lacey’s husband.

A Weekend Away From the Computer

A new “work week” has begun and today, although frigid outdoors today and have been all weekend long, I am back getting things done on the computer starting today.  IDS is closed today so I do not have anyone coming over this morning to take my grocery shopping until Thursday.  Someone from IDS, which it will be MM, be here tomorrow to do laundry and cleaning.  Today is President’s Day and for some reason my heart is telling me that this day feels like an undeserving holiday.  There are people who are not happy with the President of the United States.  I have heard it. seen it, and feel it but I do not have any idea about the President of the United States because I look at things at a more spiritual aspect in life.  This is God’s country going through good and evil from the very beginning of the time of Adam and Eve and I am in the middle of it like every human alive today.   What I see and hear on the news bothers my heart very much so I rarely watch the news because of my anxiety/panic disorder.  I can not have a lot upset me now-a-days because it upset my whole world and we never know how long.  I do watch the CBS news on Fridays 5 pm a couple of times a month just to watch Este and Llulu – two dogs share their animal picks of the week.  Otherwise I read the news from Yahoo and share some articles via Facebook and Twitter daily along with my spiritual stuff I enjoy sharing on a daily basis.

Today I am having lunch with my Catholic Charities worker TG. I am looking forward to getting out for a while even if it is for about an hour.  I know it is cold outdoors right now but we are dealing with some arctic cold right now.  We have not been hit with large snowstorms this year but the area of the nation has definitely been hit hard with tons of snow and other snow/wintry weather stuff.  I do feel bad for those who have been dealing with real bad stuff.

More later…

My Day Today – Friday

I will be back later but today is going to be a lazier day than i had intended all week long as I had plans today for lunch but they were moved to Monday, February 16th.  As cold as it is supposed be this weekend, it will be nice to be indoors for the most part.  No church this weekend.  I do not have a new shower gal for Saturday yet.