Here is the scoop…

Surgery was Monday and it went well.  In fact, it went better than the doctor had anticipated after finding only 2 parathyroid glands overactive and removed them and leaving the other two alone.  I did find myself in an mental battle about being put under anesthetic and did tell the anesthesiologist about my fear of being put under and not waking up.  With that said out loud and taking time with the right people, the idea was calmed down in my head and the surgery went on its way to the finish line with those who believed in God just as I did and the surgery was a success and I had awakened from the anesthetic without a hitch. The anesthesiologist told me she was going to be there for me when I was put under and when the surgery was over and I was being taken out of anesthesia.  A doctor who keeps her word is what I say is a good person.  After I was out of the recovery room and she came in to my cubby room before I was discharged, I had asked her what I her denomination was as far as her Christian faith was concerned.  I was not surprised to hear what her denomination was even though my face may have expressed it.  I was genuinely a very happy 43 years old having found such a wonderful team of medical workers taking care of me while i was preparing, having, and being discharged.

Unfortunately, I do not remember a whole lot of what i did or said during the first two days – Monday and Tuesday – LOL.  I am still wondering.  LOL.  After the pain medication wore off, i did feel the stiffness in my neck and when the doctor and the staff told me that my neck was going to be sore they were not fooling me and I was not impressed with the stiffness at all.  I hurt for the first two days badly enough that I was glad to have medicine for pain.  I did not baby my neck and I did take my pain medication at least once on Tuesday morning because it was unbearable and uncomfortable.  I did have my friend CD sleep over Monday night and she slept over Tuesday night as well.  By Wednesday the stiffness was gone and I was functioning fine.  I just notice the bandage/dressing over the incision below my neck is all now.  I was able to sleep well Wednesday night without a hitch and I had to take my pain medication one time Tuesday morning.

My post op appointment is on Tuesday at 315 pm with Dr. C.


I know it has been a while since I have last written in my diary but I have been very busy.  Tomorrow I am having parathyroid surgery at UW-Hospital & Clinics so I am going to away from writing for the day.  I will be home sometime after 2 pm resting and having company overnight because the doctor and the nurse, and the anesthesiologist do not me home alone after being under general anesthesia.

Pre Op Appointment

Appointment in Madison went well.  All set for the procedure to be done on Monday.  I do not feel too bad about it but some thoughts have come and gone into my mind regarding the surgery and what it is going entail.  I have to learn that God will take care of me and I needn’t be afraid of what is going to happen when He’s in the picture but ever since my appointment this afternoon, I have been going back and forth in my mind the worst possible thoughts a Christian who loves her Lord very much.  Surgery is scheduled for 930 am Monday morning at UW-Hospital & Clinics with Dr. C and his fine and wonderful, caring crew.

My Life on the 3rd of Month

Okay… yesterday was a very good day for me.  I had my shower at 1015 am to 1130 am this morning, and then I went to Bible study at 7 pm.  We had a small detour to pick up Grandpa Van Arsdale who wanted to go.  I was able to see Grandma Van Arsdale as well but she was lying in bed when we all go there to pick up Grandpa V.  All good, though.  After Bible study, we dropped off Grandpa V, and then we dropped off K who has gotten a ride to Bible study the past three Wednesdays because her ride has not been available due to being out of the state in Michigan.  So today was a fairly good day!  I cannot argue about how today went.

My checks from Social Security were deposited into the bank sometime between 12 midnight to the time I checked my financial status and paid my bills: rent, electricity, phone and internet, and cable.  I was impressed with the phone bill as well as the cable bill.  I did not have anything over $200 this month except for my rent payment for April.  I was very happy all day long.  I am happy to have my bills paid.  Life moves on.

April 1st is Over With!

It seems that April Fools Day is finally over.  Yay!  No jokes or pranks were played or found here.  I am glad the day is over myself and we can go on to living in a normal world instead of a world of pranks and jokes.  Anyway, the day must go on past the 1st of April now since this is the 2nd day of the month of April now.

I have no major plans today except to go Bible study at Woodland Community Church on Bingham Road between Janesville and Milton, Wisconsin.  My shower time is always from 1015 am to 1130 am with RK.

My Quick Thought April Fool’s Day

No April 1st pranksters here.  I do not like to prank and I do not like to be pranked.  I have heard of some doozies of pranks throughout the years but I do not bother with jokes of sorts now-a-days.  Whoever came up with April Fool’s Day was clever but some people take the day too seriously and can cause emotions to flare.

More Thoughts


Today, Monday being my grocery shopping day, we had an extra stop to make and that was to the Salvation Army for food.  I got a full chicken, muffins, bread, two pizzas, chips and candy, doughnuts, brats, sausages, and other things.  Then MJ and I went to Woodman’s grocery store in Janesville, Wisconsin.  After grocery shopping, we went to her bank quickly and then we came back and put my groceries away.  After that MJ left, then I had company for a while, then my laundry and cleaning began with C, another worker from IDS.  At 2:45 pm this afternoon, then my IDS worker was done doing laundry and left, and my shower gal left at 4 pm.  Today was a very busy day.  For a Monday it was the busiest day I have ever had in a long time.

Two Weeks from Today

On March 25th parathyroid gland removal surgery was scheduled for two weeks from today.  Before Dr. P retired he looked at my calcium levels and said it was time to take care of my parathyroid glands.  He recommended Dr. C and I do have to admit that, at the time seeing Dr. P, I was a little uncomfortable with another surgery/procedure.  Well, since I have learned about Dr. C, after getting the phone call I have been waiting for more than two months, I have met Dr. C, learned of the procedure he wants to do and he has answered my questions at the time of the appointment.  It is just those questions AFTER the appointment that pop up before a procedure and all that goes along with meeting with a doctor.  I am finding myself in a whirlwind of thought and need of answers before April 10th and April 14th at this time.  Life in itself is a school and classroom with questions and answers.

Been Thinking

My world is moving slowly but surely and I do have to say it is moving.  I am still not happy with RS and I am going to take the weekend without her and concentrate on what needs to be done in my world in the days ahead.  I have to take of me right now and be healthy emotionally.  I have to take care of me for now.  It is almost the end of the month and April will be here.  Saturday is my mom’s 70th birthday and then April 5th, another Saturday a week from Saturday will be my dad’s 72nd birthday.  I have to have a lot of me time right now and get things under control.  Two days ago I handled my appointment very well emotionally and I am looking forward to a fine recovery after surgery on April 14th.  I cannot worry about what other people are jabbering about that has nothing to do with me anyway.  If RS is not happy with me, let her be unhappy with me.  I do not need her attitude about what is supposedly going on around here when I myself do not see or hear anything out of the ordinary.  I am a very observant person and what I am supposed to see will be shown to me through God and I will go from there.  My emotions have been both enlightening and raw at the same time because I no longer have anxiety and panic attacks.  I have found myself many times and the past couple of days questioning whether I am having an anxiety attack or dealing with normal emotion.  What a wonder I find myself in with that after 2 years.

The Day After What I Came Home To

Yesterday was fine until I talked to RS.  My appointment in Madison went well and the doctor has a plan to take care of my overactive parathyroid glands but after explaining all that to RS, the fact of what is going on in the building according to RS was mentioned.  After talking to my caseworker at Catholic Charities and with MM at IDS, I realized that I was angry and not happy with RS at all.  The emotions I have had trouble distinguishing more than a year ago are now coming and going without anxiety being involved.  I am, at this time, going to stick to myself and not bother RS for a while since three tenants are moving out in a few days.  She may be feeling upset about two of her friends moving out and what is going on in the building that she sees and I do not see what is going on.  She will have to deal with her emotions on her own for the time being while I prepare for my upcoming surgery and recovery.  I need to be calm and ready for things that deal with my health all around.

What I Came Home To

Oh my goodness!  I wish my friend RS would make up her mind about moving to another place like this or moving to Illinois!  I also wish she would stop finding way to get herself in trouble where the manager has to site her for breaking a rule or causing trouble with other tenants.  I just got home from my doctor’s appointment in Madison regarding my parathyroid glands that are overactive and need to be removed – wanted by my former doctor regarding kidney transplants.  I was giving RS an update on what the doctor had to say and what his plans were, and why his plans were going to go the way they will, and when my surgery will take place.  Once that was talked about, she talked about how DQ will be calling HUD and reporting elder abuse against the manager and the management, and that an action suit will take place.  My thoughts on what I was hearing were absolutely going wild but I could not get a word out without sounding angry or upset.  I was told to take a stand for what is right and that made me feel that I had to take a side.  I cannot take any side because there is going to be consequences.  I straddle a fence and do not wish to ever take sides of anything that does not involve me and what RS was talking about DOES NOT involve me.  I just got back from the doctor’s office and had an earful of RS’s talk about how she is going to laugh at all of us here at the building having to find new places to live because the building is going to have to be shut down because the manager and management is not doing what they are supposed to be doing.

Okay… here is my take on EVERYTHING…  What is going on is the manager is going by the book on how to handle issues that are personal and for the safety of all of the tenants who live here – including me.  I have two workers from IDS who come to help with grocery shopping, laundry and cleaning, and preparing food for the week who see the manager running a tight ship by the book the way it should be.  If the building is going to be closed there has to be other reasons that endangers the tenants or residents of the building and we have electricity, maintenance coming in to fix or make things right in the building, the manager is here every day working Monday – Friday even though the office is closed on Wednesdays to the tenants.  We have an onsite manager here as what is necessary.  It goes that tenants like the manager or do not like the manager.  That is normal but what is not normal is bashing someone and lying about certain activities that are not going on.  I believe a certain tenant who lives on the 1st floor on the same end I do has been lying or if her mental state isn’t stable is seeing and believing certain things are going on.  Now, if there is something going on and the manager is doing something she should not be doing, she will be let go and replaced by someone else.  I am, to be very honest and truthful here, I do not venture out of my apartment much anymore and I do keep to myself.  I still have places to go and things to do outside the building but I keep to myself.  After what RS has said today, I am going to have to sit tight and back off a bit from her because she some raw emotions going on as well as a decision to make.  A decision to walk away from her for good has not come up yet but I am praying for the situation right now.  I am going to give this to God.  I am, since it is late in the day and IDS is closed for the night, will be talking to MM about what happened tonight as soon as I can.