Be Back Tomorrow

I had awakened between 3 AM and 4 AM with a sharp jab at my left side.  I actually winced from the jabbing pain.  My plans for going to church this morning ended up being out for the day.  The sharp jab has left to some extent.  I am keeping tabs on how things are going from this point on.  I have no fever, no severe abdomen pain, and no tenderness and bloating.  I believe I pulled a muscle somewhere!

Saturday Before 4 PM

Ahhhhh, now with VBS/VBX is over for the week, I am glad the kids had a great time.  I know I did.  Today we showed the parents and grandparents who knew their kids/grandchildren were at VBS/VBX but were not there during the week.  We did share Day #4 with everyone at church today and it was awesome.  After church and during potluck the kids got rowdy and running around all over the building they could get themselves into, lol. By the time I had gotten home from church I was ready to sit down and relax with Bing Crosby the cat but I saw NMS and her daughter SS in the community room looking at the free stuff on the free table.  I did not go home right away.  I stayed and visited with them while NMS and her daughter sang songs to piano music.  NMS can play the piano by ear and does not read music.  Pretty awesome.  I have known that for a long time, though.


A Busy Thursday

Today was my usual food prep day but DB and I had time to work on some cleaning as well.  I have once again moved my laptop computer back to the living room and now using it at the desk I have.  I disconnected my desktop computer keyboard from the desktop computer (iMac) and now using it for another purpose momentarily.  My laptop (MacBook Air) has found its permit home now.  I am using the keyboard drawer for my laptop now.  The iMac keyboard is serving a fine purpose as a lap keyboard and USB port for things that will work fine.

I am so grateful that Thursday has come and will be leaving soon.  I have been going to VBX every night since Monday and really enjoying myself and tonight, unfortunately, ended on a stormy and rainy night during VBX and when I had finally gotten home.  I thought the stormy weather, including thunder and lightning was not going to end anytime soon.  It was such a very hot day all day long.  Although the temperature for Wisconsin was 94 degrees, it felt like 108 degrees according the heat index.  It felt awful walking out in that horrid heat tonight just to get into a car to get to church tonight.   I had gotten home in the rain with Pastor Van making sure that nothing got soaked.  I was not worried about me getting wet, though.  It would have probably cooled me off some until the rain settled into my bones in a chilling manner as rain always does when you are soaked to the bone.

VBX was awesome tonight!  It has been awesome ever since it begun.  It started on May 18 and ends tomorrow night at 8:15 PM and we have a special program to show Saturday morning during worship service.

I had talked to Pastor Van and CV about what the one person said for the second time now about how much I post and that I should tone it down and how it has upset me for since it happened the night before.  I was so glad to get it off my chest and I will continue to post what I want to post on Facebook whenever I can without having any more worries.

Another Busy Day

Another fine day has come and gone here.  Yes, another fine day indeed.  How could I have slept away most of it?  I was tired and could not keep awake.  It is amazing how bodies rejuvenate themselves so they can be at least functional.  All I did do today was watch Law & Order on channel 19 ION and slept.  I even tried reading but that failed miserably as I could not really concentrate to keep my eyes open.  The book I am now reading is not boring, though.  I started a new book today.  “Evensong”.  I guess a nap was needed before I left at 5 PM to VBX (Vacation Bible Experience).

I am really enjoying myself at VBX.  I am not just enjoying the kids learning.  I am learning as well.  I cannot ask for more when I go to church now-a-days because I am always learning something new and amazing.  Since VBX is happening this week at the Woodland Community Church, I have been happy getting out and being with others.  I cannot ask for more…seriously.

Why Does It Bother Someone So Badly?

Okay, the evening did end just fine as far as VBX was concerned but it did not seem to end on a good feeling for me when it came to someone who was telling me to tone it down on posting things on Facebook.  This someone I really like as a person in the Christian realm of life and as a fellow Christian who is an Adventist like me.  It can be so frustrating at times that I thought I would be crying as soon as I hit home and not with anyone but my good ol’ snuggling cat Bing Crosby.

I will NOT stop posting things on my Facebook page just because one person, who has told me twice, to limit how many postings I post, since it is MY Facebook page.  Everyone posts for different reasons and I know some of my friends and family on Facebook post more than I do.  I am going to keep going the way I have been going despite what this one person stated twice.  If he later deletes me as a friend on Facebook, it is his loss and not mine.  I am kind of saying this in an unsavory tone of voice at the moment because this popped up again.  I need to calm down now.


A Monday of Thought

Today was a very busy day.  In fact, it was busy until almost 9 PM.  On Mondays, I always go grocery shopping (non-holiday), cleaning and laundry.  This week at the Woodland Community Church (Janesville Church) we are having VBS (Vacation Bible School).  Instead of calling it VBS this year we are calling it VBX (Vacation Bible Experience).  Yes, kids are learning like they’re in school but they are also experiencing what God is all about. As for an adult that I am, I have really enjoyed myself for the first night watching the kids learn songs, watch the skit roles, sign language with the songs, and listen to what the children learned each night after VBX was over.  I got the songs and some of the sign language motions but do you think I could keep up?  Oh no!


A Quickie

Oh, my goodness gracious another day has gone by … not as quickly as I hoped thankfully but quick enough.  Where did my day go?  I can definitely say that it was not exactly 100% lazy but lazy enough, lol.  I did some organizing on my computer to better organize myself in hopes that doing so on my computer can get me to organize better in my home.  I did sleep 12 hours and 30 minutes.  That is a first in a long time.  I was ready to get going by between 8:45 AM – 9 PM.  I did not want to really sleep my day away.

With some of my organization done on my computer…not done yet…I will be taking my evening meds shortly and going to bed soon after.  I watched – or listened – to TV all day long and finally shut it off for the night.

I have had my afternoon shower at 2 PM, got in some comfortable pajamas, and talked to my mom on the phone for a while.  Yes, every Sunday I talk to my mom unless we plan something different.  Tomorrow is another day and I am, for the most part, looking forward to it.

A Busy Thursday

1:57 PM CST

My kidney creatinine is 2.46 today and my BUN is 62..  I called my kidney transplant coordinator a little bit ago asking her to call me back.  I am concerned but not worried per se….just concerned and hoping she will call me back.

2:30 PM CST

My kidney coordinator did call me back and she told me that my creatinine could be up due to the medication I am taking for the protein/creatinine ratio to be where it is, dehydration due to the hot and humid weather, or it could be that my protein/creatinine ratio went up a little again.  Yes, I had a slight panic, and yes, I was embarrassed about it.  My kidney coordinator KF and I ended our conversation on the same page – wait and see what my other counts that we are waiting for tomorrow (Friday).

The Rest Of My Day

I do have to admit the rest of my day was pretty much roaming about the building (before my tests results came in and after getting home from running my errand(s)).  I saw RS and Sport helping her reconnect her Kindle Fire to the internet because she was confused on what happened to the connection to the internet.  I got her set up on my wireless network. Then I came home to relax and feel nervous about my protein/creatinine ratio until I decided to go to bed a little after 8 PM to get some rest with hope of not having a worrisome night of sleep.