Some Quick Thoughts Tonight

I have decided, with the summer being what it is…hot and busy, and some things are changing, I am not going to keep up with journaling/writing in my diary every day like I would like to.  Yes, I have a lot to say and share but time only has twelve hours in a day and I surely do not have all twelve hours to write as much as I wish or would like/love to.  The love of writing and journaling does have its closed times to in my book.

I have started a new regimen of sleep last night and actually fell asleep in the recliner until almost 11 PM and then headed to bed.  I did hear my med alarm go off at 8 PM last night but fell back to sleep until a little after 10:30 PM. As soon as I got up to head to bed for the rest of the night, I took my medication.  I took my medication early tonight since I have to get up early tomorrow to get ready for church and be out the door before 7:30 AM for 8 AM service at Bethel Baptist church with neighbors who live close by my building.  Thank you, IH and DH.

With that said…I do have a lot to say but in time I will write when I can…even if it is another entry tomorrow.  I am going to shut the lights off, get into my pajamas, take my melatonin – as I have taken my 8 PM meds early tonight – to relax before finally going to bed or sleep.  I am working on getting 8 hours of sleep a night that started Thursday evening with little success the first night…6 hrs and 30 minutes of sleep the first night.  So I am going to say good night and God bless.

Been Thinking About Daytime Dramas/Soap Operas

I have nothing against watching a daytime/soap opera from time to time but I cannot watch them every day like I once did years ago.  I used to watch Days of Our Lives, Bold and the Beautiful, and Young and the Restless.  I do not do so every day any longer because my life is a lot like a TV soap opera now…it seems.  Last night I watched the Haves and Have Nots soap opera and wondered why I even bothered beginning watching it last season when it was on  for a couple of years now.  I have watched all the seasons of Pretty Little Liars and I feel that is my weekly soap opera I cannot miss or record it and watch it later.  I really love the show and gotten to know and like the actors and actresses from the very beginning even though now it has become a real good cliff hanger type of show and I have to wait until the next time the show airs the following week.  As my real life continues to play its role as myself I love the idea of escaping the real world and watch TV or read a book.  Getting involved in a book  has become an escape for me from the real world of stress, constant reminders of plans, appointments, chores, and wonders of what is going to happen.  Some days I feel like I live such a boring life because I rarely visit other neighbors in Burbank Plaza or outside the building but then again if I feel bored from time to time it’s definitely my own fault.  I do not live a boring life and I do visit my neighbors from time to time in our community room.  I just like to be alone and throw in a planned get together with a friend outside the building from time to time.  I love my life…soap opera/daytime drama feeling or not.

No Time Tonight

It is going on 9 PM and I have been staying up later now that it is summer and places to go the next day.  I still go to bed early the night before church so I am rested and fully awake to hear the sermon(s) or message(s) without falling asleep in church.  I snore, lol.  I am not kidding.  Anyway, I do not have no time tonight to write about my day or thoughts.  It will have to wait until tomorrow now after my shower at 8:30 AM when RK is gone.  Bing Crosby the cat wants some “mommy” time with me.


Okay, I understand that the President of the United States is not my parents’ favorite person right now (or never has been).  I am talking about my New Mexico parents (I have two sets).  I am talking about my mom and her husband who I love very much.  Don’t worry, I love my AR parents as well (Dad and his wife) very much, too.  Okay…politics is one of the worst subjects to talk about when it comes to many people in the country BECAUSE IT BRINGS OUT THE WORST IN PEOPLE.  I am learning that secondhandedly and VERY fast when it comes to my mother and her husband.  Never will I ever talk politics with both of them ever again.  They have NOTHING nice to say about President Obama whereas I have not decided if I do or not (like him).  My take on politics is neutral…I won’t share my feelings with anyone.  I cannot hate or dislike easily.  I do not take to change easily if it is sprung onto me but I can ease into it as time continues to go forward. Honestly? I am feeling sick right now so I have taken my meds early and going to see if I can relax my stomach from the political talk I had with my mom or heard her distaste of President Obama, Hilary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders.  This is why I find voting so hard to do now compared to when I voted years ago when I first started voting.  Why bother?  HELP!

A Birthday Shout Out

I would like to wish my cousin JJ a happy birthday!  She is 46 years old and two sundays from now will be my 46th birthday, then in August will be my friend JKS’s 46th birthday.  It is amazing how two wonderful people have been born in the summer and same year as me.  I have a wonderful cousin and wonderful friend.

Eye Appointment News

I was impressed with how fast time went when it came to my appointment.  I got in on time and saw Dr. K saw me come in and said hello to me as I walked in.  After I walked in, I was taken into a room within minutes, had my eye exam, glaucoma pressure checked (great result on both eyes), and then the exam (no prescription change again for the 2nd time) so I will have the same glasses again for another year or two.  I had gotten my eyes dilated so the doctor can check the back of the eye as all is (boring) and I have a 2nd cataract forming on the left eye but it is not necessary to get rid of at this time.  The cells are beginning to form is all.   I saw 20/25 with the left eye two years ago and 20/20 this year and 20/40 with the right eye two years ago and again this year.  There is no need to change my prescription even if the change was slight with the left eye.  Woo hoo!

The Past Three Days

I have not forgotten to write in my journal the past three days or anything.  I have been very busy since Sunday and today is going to be another busy day.  That was explained in more detail in my first entry so I am not going to repeat myself or at least try not to anyway. I am so looking forward to the evening when it arrives and here I am waiting patiently for it. I do not even remember much of Monday except for my schedule and an appointment yesterday.   It has been a good week to some extent.  I do remember having a heart to heart talk with my Aunt JK the other day.  I just took the past three days – until today – to do what was necessary for myself.  I have been quiet and home whenever possible.  I can say that I have not hidden in my apartment the past three days and I have heard what happened over the weekend and have seen neighbors sitting outside when it has been pretty decent.  It rained last night so the ground is a little wet or it proves that it has rained. I had awakened to it raining and I did see lightning far off in the distance – not as bright as I saw lightning last Thursday night.

Thoughts About My Week So Far…

With this week being filled with appointments (yesterday and today), I consider this week has been busy so far and after tomorrow, I will be looking forward to some time for myself to relax and get caught up with myself…I hope.  I have an eye appointment today (this afternoon).  Am I nervous about it?  No, not really.  I just wonder how well it will go is all.  Spending an hour and a half in a doctor’s office is something I do not like doing all the time and today is one of those days.  I have not seen the eye doctor for two years so it is actually time and long overdue.  With it being the middle of the month, I have to say that this month is going by very quickly.  I am feeling very emotional this week and I have every right to be a little emotional. Once it passes, I will be very happy for sure.  I am looking forward to Saturday Sabbath even though there is no church right now in Beloit (maybe in Janesville) but I won’t go.  I am going to advantage this Sabbath and next Sabbath at home.  I will go to church Sunday, though.  There is Camp Meeting 2016 from June 18 – June 25 and so there is some free time.  I am going to have my own – one on one church right here at home for the next two Sabbaths.  If there is church in Janesville and I do wish to go, I can see if JM is going or not and maybe go with her if she decides to go.

I feel I have had very little sleep the past few days but last night to this morning I slept a little over 9 hours.  Thank goodness.  I am all ready for today for my eye appointment for the most part as far as enough sleep is concerned.  I thought I was losing it or something by becoming an insomniac or something but I have learned that I do not fair to well when it is humid out and it has been very humid out the past few days.  I am not going crazy.  Yay!  I am feeling okay today even though things have come to an emotional time for me.  I am going to be okay.  I am a woman for goodness sakes.