This Week Is Going Okay So Far

I do have to admit that this week is going by okay so far for a Wednesday morning.  I have an appointment to see the gynocologist this afternoon at 1:45 PM.  Someone new at the Dean Clinic.  It is just a meet and great sort of appointment to see if Dr. K can help me with my tightness due to cerebral palsy or not.  The idea of be sedated or put under does not sound comfortable to me but if Dr. K does say so, as another gynocologist requested, I will probably consider it but the last gynocologist was from Mercy.  I have an issue with Mercy doctors now-a-days because of what happened in 2012.  The only portion of Mercy I have great respect for is the psychiatric lockdown.  I also have great respect for Dr. H, Dr. TK, Dr. O, and Dr. M who was in the ER the day I had gone to the hospital for the fifth time and heard what I needed and wanted done and got me admitted.  I also have great respect for Dr. A who was doing her 3 year residency at Mercy South clinic. I am about to go all Dean/St. Mary’s Hospital despite my respect for the doctors mentioned.  I have yet to talk to my transplant coordinator.about that.

Anyway, so far so good!  Today I have my shower at 10:15 AM to 11:15 AM then I have an my appointment, then the rest of the day is all mine and Bing Crosby the cat’s.  I had planned on getting up early but I had gotten up around 9:30 AM this morning that was not early enough to get some things done before my shower gal RK came.  Oh well.  I have some time, before 1:15 PM to do what needs to be done before I leave for my appointment and after I get back.

Mondays, Fridays, and Every Other Weekend

Once again things are not going so well with one of my shower gals.  I have had enough and practically dread this shower gal coming but if I ask Rescare to drop her, I will have no showers four days one week and every Monday and Friday.  I have enough when it comes to having no shower every other Saturday because they do not have anyone yet.  I feel bad for Rescare not having enough workers.  Healthcare in companies like Rescare is hard to find because the pay is not very good and nurses and care workers are going where the pay is higher.

Another Week Has Come

Let’s see what this week will bring.  It started yesterday after 9 am when my shower gal asked me earlier in the “last” week if she could come earlier than at 2 pm because she had to take her son to Easter Seals Camp at Camp Waubeek.  Ever since I have been told that Easter Seals Camp was mentioned, I have been thinking about going to Camp Waubeek as a child myself.  I remember the fun I had with other kids with handicaps and disabilities similar or not as me.  I even remember a school colleague going to camp at the same time I did.  Well, another week has come and so it starts my “work week” today.

Monday (Today) – Rescare, grocery shopping, and cleaning/laundry … never changes unless it is a holiday with IDS.

Tuesday – I do not have anything except Rescare.

Wednesday – Rescare and doctor appointment

Thursday – Rescare and food preparation

Friday – Rescare

Saturday – Church & Rescare

My Soap Opera World

My soap opera days are back again!   Today I began watching “Days Of Our Lives” …

I guess my summer is NOT going to be as busy as I would like to be but I believe it’s more a choice than a disappointment.  I still have “things” to do to deter myself from harm and dangers of the outside world beyond God.  My choice to hang around certain people today is because trust has been lost and those I have lost trust with is because of their choices they have made that have had me turn away from some people.  My personal life matters to me and that is one good reason why I have not written in my diary lately.  I am even very careful about what goes on my Facebook page and I am cautious at what I share.  I already feel i live a soap opera life and the TV is one way I find escape from the reality of the world.  Whether it be watching another soap opera, I will watch it.  “Days of Our Lives” is one show I find rather interesting.  My favorite actresses and actors are on this show.

Diary Time

I have done it again.  I have taken no time to write in my diary once again.  It is sad.  I am not sad and my life is not that horribly busy.  My life is not boring either because I do not allow it if I can help it.  Well, I am finding diary time now.

My Saturday

For the first time in a long time I was able to sleep in and slept in until 9 AM!  No church today as the Pastor and CV had to go to Delavan, Wisconsin.  Now, starting Friday, the Pastor and his wife CV will be going to Camp meeting about a couple of hours away so I will not be attending church for the next two weeks,  There is no more Bible study/Prayer meetings on Wednesday evenings until September so my next two weeks will be at home.

With the idea of sleeping in, I felt rested for the most part.  I am glad the weekend has arrived.  Since I did not go to church today, I will be going to Bethel Baptist tomorrow.  I enjoy going to church very much and learning about God and what we are to expect in our lives today and tomorrow.  I do know we are living in the last days.  I have enjoyed a day of leisure watching TV, relaxing with Bing Crosby the cat, and having a short cat nap in the living room.  No shower today and can not wait until tomorrow afternoon because I will have a shower.  Yes, no shower gal today.  The gal Delores no longer works for Rescare.

Around 6:30 PM, Pastor and his wife CV stopped by to drop off some yummy rhubarb from their garden.  I love rhubarb!  They came home from church and dropped off the rhubarb after dinner sometime.  I can not wait to eat some!  Yum!  After they left, time seemed to go by quickly and bed was looming closer and closer.

As time has come, bed has arrived, so I am going to say good night,  I have to get up early and get ready for church.  God bless!

Life On This Thursday

Today I had a shower at 8:30 AM and then D came over at 9:00 AM to do the food prep and then head to her next client.  I did not do a whole lot today after everyone left except cuddle with Bing Crosby kitty, watch Netflix and Hulu Plus for a while, and then watched regular television – recorded programs.  It was semi-quiet around here today after everyone left for the day.  It has been a very relaxing day!

A Semi-Busy Day

Wednesday is the only day out of the “work” week I can sleep in since I do not have my shower until 10:15 AM.  I have an errand to run that is related to medical need for a doctor in Madison, then the rest of the day is all mine and Bing Crosby kitty time.

A Memorial

Today was my first cat’s adoption day.  We call it “Gotcha Day” after I had adopted Emilee Marie Cuddles.  I still think about her often and no cat can replace her even though I have a cat named Bing Noel Crosby now who is going to be 10 years old this month.