Another Cold Virus Has Been Looming

Another Cold Virus Has Been Looming

Yep, another cold virus is looming about here in the Karnopp household.  I am not as miserable as I have been over the weekend and Monday but I did talk to my doctor’s nurse and learned that there is a virus going around with all the symptoms I have.  I feel like I got hit by a truck but I am living from day to day the best I can here at home not ever wanting anyone else to get the yucky cold I have myself.  It is awful stuff!

When Not Feeling Very Well Time Seem To Go By Slowly!

When I do not feel  very good, with a cold or the flu, or just feeling very good, i do have to admit that time seems to go by very slowly.  I cannot believe that it is only going to be 12 noon in about half an hour and believe me I feel it is later that that!  UUGGHH!  Oh well.  I have watched an hour of Murder, She Wrote TV show now in syndication for years, watched a Murder She Wrote movie at 8 AM and again I am watching another Murder, She Wrote Movie titled Murder, She Wrote: To Die For.  It is mystery movie day,  I will also be watching two Gourmet Detective movies this afternoon with an interruption called a shower at 2 PM.  UUGGHH…RK will not be here for an about two and a half hours!  I think I am going to go and relax a bit before she comes and get some more sleep.

I Wish People Would Stay Home Sometimes

On Monday my shower gal BS came to work.  She did not look like she was feeling very good.  She told me she was not feeling very good and her body was achy.  She was coughing on Friday and now, this weekend, I do not feel very good and I am coughing up a storm and achy myself.  I also have my period and that does not help much either.  I will be okay but it is going to be a while before I feel better.  I am not getting prescription medications for this cold at this time because I have heard some scary stories yesterday about someone who was given medication and died a couple of days later.  So i am taking Mucinex DM cough syrup at this time to keep my dratted cough at bay.  Otherwise I am doing okay.  I have my shower gal RK coming here at 2 PM to help with my shower and believe me…I WANT a shower today.  No shower gal yesterday.

The Days Are Flying By So Quickly

The Days Are Flying By So Quickly

I cannot get over the fact that this month is going by so quickly. The days are flying by. I would have taken time to write in my journal yesterday but I had other things to do before journaling and before sundown. I have been trying something new for the past couple of days that my Word program does have. It has dictation built in the program so I am actually talking as I am writing. It is a nice feature to have. Now when I pray to God and write my letters to him I can talk instead of typing my words. I am using it right now just to test it. Sometimes it doesn’t understand what I am saying so I have to type it in then but that is okay. It is a nice feature to have so everything is hands-free.

I know I just kind a got off the subject A little bit because I was talking about how the days are flying by so quickly. With it being April 23, 2016 I wonder where half the month. It pays to be busy and doing other things instead of sitting on your bottom all day. Since it is early in the morning at 7:08 AM I have to say that this is not the only entry I’m going have at the moment. I have to have to church a little bit before 9 AM as my ride will be here. My alarm clock will go off at 7:15 AM. LOL… I will be back later when I get home from church this afternoon. Goodbye for now.

A Little Sad Today

Good afternoon. I have my period so I am feeling a little sad today. I will be okay, though. At least I am not bored or tired. I just feel sad. So it is best that I stay home instead of walking about the building. I can read, Watch TV, play games on my computer, and be on Facebook. I won’t be bored. That won’t happen.

Not Much Happened Today

I am going to keep this short and sweet today. Nothing much happened today except my normal shower and food prep for the week, and relaxation. I rarely watched TV today until later in the afternoon and evening before falling asleep in my recliner for the night after 8 PM around 10 PM. I have been reading the first three books titled “Firemancer”. It is a story I find hard to put down. I have 2 hours worth of reading of the story left. It is real good even though I know that there are people out there who do not enjoy the same genre of reading I do. I did not have to take a nap today…at least I do not think so anyway.


Can I Really Do This?, Has Spring Arrived?, A Semi-Busy Day, My Thought About My Diary Sometimes, and What Happened Monday

Can I Really Do This?

I, on the 17th, have vented a little about this one friend as well as for the past three days have taken my concerns, frustration and confusion, and thoughts to God in prayer. I have finally had it with this friend, I love her dearly, and I am definitely walking away from her this time but my concern is following through with it to the end. I have taken the time, before 7 AM, to go to AT&T Smart Limits and blocked my friend’s phone number for good. Now, because I cannot block numbers that are unknown or private, I will NEVER answer those and allow them to go right to my voicemail system on my phone. I already do not answer calls with phone numbers I do not already recognize for my safety and comfort zone. I just do not want anything more to do with this friend as long as her ex-husband is in her life again. Her ex-husband is married to a fine woman but he does not want anything to do with me nor does she, which is fine with me. I do not trust this ex-husband period. Whenever this friend calls blocking her number I will not answer it and let her message go to voicemail and delete as soon as I recognize her voice. I do not need the reminder of her actions; everything goes her way or no way at all. I have seen how fast she can turn on someone if she does not get what she wants or deserves. I am here doing my best at preserving what emotional, physical, mental, and my kidney’s health as long as I can. This friend is not a friend any longer but as a Christian I will not stop praying for her health and well-being she needs and deserves.

Has Spring Arrived?

I am wondering if the season we call Spring has finally arrived? If so, will we see nice weather? I do know for a fact that this winter has been a strange one to the extent of what it did. When the first day of Spring arrived I know we have seen some snow, it had gotten cold like winter has returned for a while and this past weekend was beautiful and we have been seeing weather temps hit the 70s and 80s. It was awesome. Yesterday we had some cloudiness and rain spurts and today I have my living room and bedroom windows open and can hear the birds chirping and cawing outside. Every now and then my cat Bing Crosby will sit in the window watching the birds and squirrels in the trees or on the ground. So has Spring arrived? I believe so…finally!

A Semi-Busy Day

I have been up since about 6 AM with 10 hours and 9 minutes of sleep under my belt. I did go to bed early last night – after 7 PM because I knew I was going to have a semi-busy day today. Usually my Wednesdays only consist of my 8:30 AM shower and Bible study/prayer meeting at 7 PM but today I have my IDS worker MM coming for my annual signing of papers and a quick meeting. Sometimes I wish to have more sleep so I can get what is necessary to be done with well-deserved energy and done as quickly as possible. I believe Wednesday is the only day out of the entire week that is the longest day for me. I do not get to bed until 9 PM or 10 PM on Wednesday nights. So today I have a busier day than my usual Wednesday but it is not as busy as my Mondays with DB as on Mondays I go grocery shopping and cleaning and laundry with DB.

A Thought About My Diary Sometimes

I know I have been on and off writing in my diary for the longest time now but I am busy and nothing really has changed much in my life from day to day, week to week, month to month, year to year, and I find that okay. When I have a chance to write in my diary, I will do just that. Why bother with the same old stuff from day to day. Sometimes I feel like I am a broken record more of the time than not anyway. I still love to write in my diary but I feel that my life is the same old stuff coming from the past back into my present, and I worry about my future. I do not even write in my private diary as much as I used to either. I am not losing touch with the world or anything but I have been busy and my health has to come first now. I go see neighbors now across the hall in the community room but I do not very often because I love my space and peace and quiet. Like today – everyday – I take what I call “quiet time” and do my Facebook stuff, letters and prayers to God, devotional(s), and write in my journal if it presents itself. I am doing myself a favor by doing my best at not drudging up past hurts into my future for therapy and my health. In fact, I have my alarm set for 7:15 AM every morning so by 7:30 AM and 8 AM I have had taken my morning medication. Sometimes I get up earlier than that, like today at 6 AM at the beginning of a Columbo movie, and began my day since I had 10 hours and 9 minutes of sleep from going to bed last night. I had awakened to Bing Crosby ready to eat his breakfast and there was hardly a morsel of food left in his dish so I fed him, and the birds were chirping and cawing their Spring morning hellos outside my windows. So, in reality my world of thought about my diary sometimes is something I do not do like I used to. No, I am not depressed. I just do not want to repeat myself anymore. I am done with that.

What Happened Monday

Monday was a very good day. Every Monday is my grocery shopping, cleaning and laundry day, and I do have to admit that I love going grocery shopping with DB. Now that C is no longer working for IDS DB has taken over Monday afternoons for the time being and she does the cleaning and laundry now. Since I have MM coming today at 1 PM to sign my annual paperwork and have a brief meeting with her, DB and I both worked on a couple of areas of clutter. I started on my computer desk the moment we got back from grocery shopping and then I worked on the kitchen table. When DB took my laundry upstairs to the get ready for wash, she had come back telling me that all the washers and driers were being used so she would have to take my laundry to the nearby laundromat and do my laundry there. I did not go with her because I was working on my kitchen table so there was less clutter at one end of the table since now I use the kitchen table as my laptop desk. It is a little bit easier sitting at a table instead of my computer desk or recliner. That is one change I had made sometime last year before 2016.

Poor DB… Her car has an issue of not turning off today so we were managing that quite a bit Monday morning and it drove her crazy. She said that a friend of hers would take care of the car later Monday afternoon so I will find out tomorrow when DB comes for food preparation at 9 AM to 10:30 AM after my 8:30 AM shower. I sure do feel for her. After DB got back from the laundromat I had the kitchen table taken care of and I was already working on my finances, journaling, and getting ready to relax for the day once DB left.

One Last Thought

I know I may not be done writing in my diary just yet since it is only going on 8:30 AM and my shower gal will be here in a few minutes, I do have one more last thought before beginning my day with a shower. When it comes to my diary and what my thought about my diary today I want other people to understand that I have nothing against diaries or want to offend others with my thoughts. Sometimes I just do not write in my diary like I used to when I first began writing my thoughts publicly. I am just getting tired of repeating myself, finding myself venting about the same thing over and over again, and what else we diarists write about.

Hair Color, Feeling Pretty Good, A Little Frustrated and Confused

Hair Color

Okay, I had to do something – a change I have control of. I changed my natural dirty dishwater blonde to a reddish brown. I love it and I feel pretty good with the change. I had to get my mother’s approval, though. Even though I am an adult now, I did want my mother’s approval of the hair color change from my natural color to a brown with red in it. I did not expect a welcome change from friends and family but it was definitely what happened. After I got my mother’s approval, I shared my new hair color in a selfie on Facebook. I got some likes, loves, and comments I did not expect. I love my hair color change. It pays to go bold from time to time.

Feeling Pretty Good

The idea of 500mg of Cellcept/Micophenolate two times a day decided to bring havoc to my body. I ended up getting the oozy doozies and a stomachache on the dosage I was given so Dr. S decreased the medication to 250mg two times a day. The oozy doozies stopped within 24 hours, and I am feeling pretty good. With that said, I do have to admit that I am a little frustrated and confused about something I have going on in my life right now and I hope it does not affect my health to the point of other problems creeping up.

A Little Frustrated and Confused

I know that a friend needs help but she isn’t getting the help she needs. I do feel bad for her but I cannot help her anymore or my health will decline into something worse than what I have already experienced in the past 8 months now. I have been taking care of myself and doing what my doctors up in Madison, Wisconsin want me to do in order to help myself and keep the health I have left with my transplanted kidney. I have cried many tears in regard to this one friend and have felt the anger seep through my body because I feel I have been used by someone who does not care about other people’s feelings. Earlier in the week I had a visitor come unannounced and I told her that I was not feeling very well and could not have visitors at the moment. I know it was a fib – justified or not to God – I did not want this visitor in my home because all she would do would complain about what my friend has done while she was living with this person. Now, I hate turning people away or lying to them like I did with my visitor, but in reality I would have gotten literally sick by the time she had left so I never let her in.

I am frustrated and confused because my friend who needs help with her mental capacity but her family will have nothing to do with my friend because of some things she has done during some changes in her life in the past several years when she was married and later divorced. Her ex-husband has married her, cheated on her, divorced her and married another friend of mine I rarely have contact with now-a-days, and now is married to another. At this time her situation is not good and I am frustrated with this friend because she never listens to me about when I have told her I do not accept calls between 8pm – 8:59am every night and morning unless it is an emergency and she has called after 8pm one time now since I have told her my needs for quiet time. It happened earlier this week around the same time as when her friend tried to visit me but was unsuccessful or I did not let her in. I just couldn’t. When my friend called after 8pm at 8:38pm, she had blocked the number she was calling from so I did not answer the phone. I do not answer to calls I do not recognize or are blocked/private/unknown. She left a message and the message was ready for review, I found out it was her calling. Once she said her name, I stopped the message from continuing and deleted it immediately. I have told her I do not accept calls after 8pm to 8:59am every night and morning and I will not answer to calls I do not recognize or are blocked/private/unknown. I get frustrated every time my friend does this and I know she needs help. Her friend who tried to visit me the other day had gotten worn out from my friend’s behavior, actions, and what else comes along with what is not right.

My Dad’s Birthday Today, At Dean Laboratory and One Pins and Needles

My Dad’s Birthday Today

One of the things I remember with my heart and mind is one’s birthday. Today is my dad’s 74th birthday and after my shower I called to wish him a “happy birthday”. Apparently I was not the only one who called him to wish him a good day. By the time I have called he had chuckled a little bit and said “no more happy birthdays”. I chuckled a little myself and knew deep down that I would not have been the only one calling him to wish him a happy birthday but his comment sort of took me off guard until he chuckled. I was relieved to the extent to be able to say at least your two daughters will not forget his birthday and he couldn’t ignore it from both of us. He chuckled at my thought as well as I did and said that I was right in so many words. We conversed for a couple of minutes more until we hung up with him telling me that he had a plant to water.

At Dean Laboratory & On Pins and Needles

Today I went to Dean clinic to get my labs and UA done. I have been complaining about discomfort and was not sure if I was harboring an urinary tract infection or a yeast infection so I had an additional UA test done to check for a possible UTI. As my day continued, I felt like I was on pins and needles until I talked to my kidney coordinator KF in Madison. I found out that I do not have a possible UTI and we talked for a while about the discomfort I was having…itching and such. A little while later I ended up having a lot of yeast come from my private area! UUGGHH… A yeast infection has similar symptoms from time to time. I ended up calling my primary doctor in Janesville to talk to the nurse about prescribing me some yeast medication and cream. As it turned out, things began to relax a bit for me, and the pins and needles feeling I had began to dissipate.