I do have to admit that my first night back home from the hospital has been delightful as I slept well in my own bed after almost two weeks.  Today I had my first outpatient hemodialysis treatment around 10:30 AM even though I was there ready for dialysis at 8:45 AM scheduled to start at 9:15 AM.  I was on the dialysis machine for 3.5 hours and that is the going time for everyone who has dialysis.  I did not have time to watch any television this morning and feel that I have watched plenty of TV while hospitalized.  I  have to admit that I am one of those people who would like to run things efficiently and the dialysis center does have its quirks and timely issues today.  I did not get home from dialysis until 3PM this afternoon.

There are some things I have to get used to and ask questions when necessary in order to get used to a new routine in my life that has been added to weekly schedule now as my new normal until further notice.  Yes, my transplanted kidney has declined enough now that I have to be on dialysis three times a week.  I will not be going to church on Sabbath for a long time and that disappoints me a great deal right now.  My heart aches that I will not see my church family for a while.  I just want to cry.  I will not give in to crying today.   It is not a setback.   It is a medical need.

Home From the Hospital

Let me take a moment here to say that I am here.  I got home from the hospital this evening after having been there 10 days this time around – April 24 – May 6.  My stay was to be a routine stay of 4 days, but it ended up a little longer because I was toxic to a medication for BP (blood pressure) and had an UTI.  I am ended up hallucinating until the doctors and nurses got me back to reality with the right medication combination before the weekend, I was finally able to be discharged with a good bill of health this evening when my ride was able to come and get me.  I was on dialysis while I was in the hospital as planned, but tomorrow I go to the dialysis center near the hospital as an outpatient for the first time.  I am glad to be home and as the week continues, I will share my thoughts and feelings, and life with others when I can.  With dialysis starting three times a week now, I have to arrange my schedule accordingly.