Monday, July 8, 2019

What an awesome day it has been so far.  Here I am writing in my diary for the first time today this evening while during my quiet time.  The fan is running to keep me cool while in my bedroom doing my best at getting some things done before going to bed for the night.  I have to do my time for God yet today as I have not done so this morning. I decided to sleep in a little bit and get up before 6:30 AM after retiring to bed a little before 11 PM last night.  Sleeping in can be sweet at times since I was up at 4 AM yesterday morning until I went to bed at 11 PM.  Sleep is nice to when it is possible.  Anyway, today was an awesome day.  Why?  I had personal cares, got dressed for the day, dry shampooed my hair with help from DKF, ate breakfast, and went for a walk in the hallway with DKF in tow, and watched Perry Mason, Matlock, Diagnosis Murder on MeTV and Snapped on Oxygen, and Judge Joe Mathis, People’s Court, and the first half of Judge Judy on Fox.  Then I decided to go to my bedroom for the rest of the evening where I am now until bedtime.  Bing Crosby the Cat is coming and going as he pleases.  His favorite spot is under the bed now.

As I close for the night now, even though it is early, I am going to head off and do other things that need to be done before I go to bed. It is the best time to do it and now it is time for my departure for the day.  I hope everyone else at Dear Diary has had a good day as well.  God bless and good night.

The Program and Another Milestone

I got back from the Aqua Jay Ski Show with DKF and SF.  The theme for this summer is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory/Willy Wonka.  I found it awesome and refreshing, and I enjoyed every minute of it.  To be very honest, I have always enjoyed time with DKF and SF, or with one or the other when it is possible.  Today I was able to enjoy myself, with them, at the city’s Rock County, ski show that happens every Wednesday and Sunday evenings.  Some people go to the ski every week or once in a while and to be very honest, it has been a long time I have been to a ski show.  I believe it has been a few years.  Anyway, I enjoyed myself, and I got back a little while ago. The weather has been fantastic this weekend of July 6 and 7.  Not hot out. 80-degree weather.

            I feel I have made another milestone in my walking ability today.  I do not get that may steps in while walking in my apartment to and from room to room, but today I made 1,196 steps while walking about in my home and from the parking lot of Traxler Park in Janesville, Wisconsin to the ski show and back from the ski show to the parking lot this evening.  I did it without stopping or feeling short of breath.  It was a great pleasure to keep moving and the 80-degree weather was perfect enough to walk a good, longer distance than I have gotten used to in the past few years.  It felt good and I am feeling I have accomplished something that I wanted to do for so long. DKF parked her van out of the way of other vehicles.  I was worried that it was going to take me a while to get to where we were going to sit but walking until I got to my destination both ways was an accomplishment in my book of endeavors.

            Now that I am home, I am going to take the rest of the evening to rest.  I will go to bed shortly.  I am staying up a little later than usual since I got home shortly before 9 PM and decided to watch a little bit of Remington Steele on the Decades channel. It is a little after 10 PM now and bed is looming close.  I am going to head off here for the night and come back sometime tomorrow.  It has been a great day.