Getting Back On Track Here… I think?

Life here at my place is pretty much back on track … I think anyway.  I am not totally sure, though,  I feel a little out of sorts yet but that is a given … cyst removal on Wednesday and I have stitches – four of them – that will be removed on Wednesday. April 15th.  I cannot wait.

I am going to church in about a half an hour so I really do not have a whole lot of time to write at the moment but thought I would say hi.  I have other entries yet to put into place and that’ll be done later.  If I do not have a cat on my lap, I will be working on my computer here.  Bing does come first and I do have my shower at 2 PM this afternoon.

I have to run for now.  I will do my best at writing more later,

Back on Schedule?

I am not totally sure but I believe I am back on schedule with grocery shopping, cleaning and laundry, and food prep this week.  I have an appointment in two days with my doctor, Dr. K.  I am having the cyst pn my forehead removed after two years of growth.  It is a bigger and causing me to feel conscious of it.

I went grocery shopping this morning.  Today I met someone new who is going to be working for IDS.  Her name is D.  Then D came with C when it was time for cleaning and laundry time.  After C and D left, I called MM and we talked for a while when she returned my call.

I had a long but productive day today.

Birthday Wishes!!


Other than it being Easter Sunday, this year’s Easter Sunday also has a birthday wish I would like to make and share.  My dad turns 73 today and from talking to him this morning before church started he and his wife already went out for breakfast and was getting ready for church – going to 11 AM worship service for Easter and his birthday.  I do not hear about my parents going to church anymore but today I did.  I found it refreshing to know.  Dad said he was having a good start of his day and I was glad to hear it as a good day.

The Need To Get Back On Track Here

I am one of those people who loves to write and write and write more.  In most recent months, though, I have taken my writing to the back burner of my mind.  I have a memory of ninth grade where our English teacher had us write in a journal for 5 minutes before class began and some of the topics were amazing and other topics were not so but the English teacher, Mrs. I, had some wonderful ideas.  If I would take five minutes each day to write like that, then I will get something done every day.  I need to get back on track here and journaling is one of those things.  With this said I do have to admit that my Bing Crosby kitty does come first and he loves to lay in my lap more than I have a laptop in my lap these days.  He does get lots of love from me and we snuggle and cuddle daily.  I WANT to get back on track with my journaling though.  We will see if that will happen this month or not as I hope.

I have to finish getting ready for church now so I have to go for now.  I will see if I have time to write more later.  My shower gal will not be here until 4 PM to help with my shower from now on every other Saturday.

Good Friday Thoughts

I went to pay rent this morning after my shower gal left and did see that the office was closed for the day due to an emergency.  I hope that the manager is okay or her world is okay.  I am praying for her and her family – whatever her emergency is.  I have not seen her for the past two weeks because I have been sick with a cold virus and I did not want others to get sick so I stayed home.  I do know that she knows that I am still around because she sees and hears people come and go to my place like clockwork.  (((hehehe))) I was hoping to see her today but the note stated the “office is closed on April 3rd because of an emergency”  … My heart goes out to her.

I was able to text back and forth with JSL for a little bit today but not much because she has a busy weekend.  I do not blame her for taking time off from texting from time to time to be very honest here.  She wished me a good day, a happy Easter, and a good weekend, and will talk to me again on Monday.  Her stepson is visiting for the week since it was Spring Break for the kids in school so her stepson stay last weekend and the entire week, and will be returning home to his mom’s on Sunday.  I do not have any major plans this weekend except church tomorrow and Sunday.  My dad’s 73rd birthday is Sunday this year – on Easter Sunday – and I will be calling him to wish him a “happy birthday” and “happy Easter” unless he calls first.

Not much going on today.  A snuggle here and there with Bing Crosby the cat, watching Law & Order: SVU, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, and some of 19 Kids & Counting.  Jessa Duggar got married on Tuesday’s episode to a gentleman named Ben Seawald (sp??)  Now the oldest son, Jill, and Jessa are married out of 19 kids from Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar.  Yes, I am a Duggar fan.  For the rest of the week, before today, I watched some Columbo movies I had recorded on my DVR box.  I am also a Peter Falk fan.

It has been a fine week.  Somewhat boring of course. (((SMILE))) Next week I plan on getting back on track with my schedule.

A Different Kind of Week

have no plans for the rest of the week except for church on Sunday, Bible study was Wednesday night after being away for two weeks due to a cold virus I had and was not going to infect others with it. I have learned that when someone is sick in a place like Burbank Plaza some people do not stay inside their own place but spread the illness around.

Despite that being said – somewhat a vent possibly – I do have to say that this week is a different kind of week. Every Thursday I have food prep but this week MJ is not coming today because tomorrow – Friday, April 3rd is Good Friday. I do not know if the onsite manager will be in but I know that IDS, Catholic Charities, and some businesses will be closed to observe the holiday. So I am here today, shower gal coming only, is all that is happening. The next outing will be Saturday – going to church.

I have a semi-relaxing week here.  I just have my shower gals coming in and my next busy day this week is Saturday.  It does feel strange that i have no one coming Thursday but it is something I can deal with.  I am looking forward to having Monday start like it should – back on schedule!  I understand that businesses and companies observing holidays and are closed but it does cause some havoc on schedules.  (((SMILE))))

Life Today, April Fool’s Day?, A Birthday Thought

Life Today

Nothing happened today as planned except shower at 10:15 AM, watching television and playing games on my phone. I have to find a different strategy when it comes to writing in my journal/diary because I have Bing Crosby kitty who wants my lap too and Bing Crosby kitty does come first. Now that I am over the nasty cold virus that I had for a week and mossed two Bible study nights until tonight. I snuggled with Bing Crosby kitty most of the day. When it was time for me to go to Bible study this evening, Bing Crosby was being a typical cat not wanting me to get up. Even getting a treat or two was not going to get him to jump down from my lap right away, lol. We did finally get up and ready to go and Bing still got his treats as I left for church for Bible study.

April Fool’s Day?

I have been pranked and tricked when I was a child but I do not like April Fool’s Day anymore. I dislike being pranked and do not wish to prank anyone myself. I have been asked if I have been pranked yet today and my answer was no. I think of the 1st of April as an ordinary day and someone’s birthday.

A Birthday Thought

Someone I know has a birthday today.  I have not seen or heard from this tenant or neighbor for a while now.  I do wish her a happy birthday — a good day anyway.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today is my mom’s 71st birthday.  I live in Wisconsin and she lives in New Mexico but yet I sent her a “happy birthday” text this morning.  As I surfed the web a little bit (via phone) I saw on Facebook that my mom got a new computer for her birthday from her husband.  She got a Mac Mini!  What a wonderful gift!  Awesome!


27 years ago my mother donated a kidney on March 12, 1988 and celebrated her 44th birthday in Wisconsin because she stayed with me during my three week stay in the hospital.  Today I am 44 years old until July 3rd.

I talked to my mom a little while ago and she is doing great!