Getting Out For A While

I got out for a while today.   I went to the grocery store to pick up Mart.  I have been using this service for three months.  It helps for the winter months that are coming.  From what my dad mentioned several weeks ago, Wal-Mart in AR has been doing it for a while now along with grocery delivery. Janesville, Wisconsin does not have delivery yet – pickup only.   I believe it is a great service for those who do not get out much or have trouble walking the store when there are no electric carts left, and there were times when there were no electric carts left for me to use when I had trouble walking. Anyway, getting off track from the actual subject at hand.  My order pick up was between 8 and 9 AM.

After picking up the groceries, between 830 – 8:45 AM, we went to my DKF’s bank to cash a check for quarters and money I owe for pickles and a small chicken from HC: The Pickle Man.  I owe HC $19.00.  I have the money for him, and he hasn’t been here yet to get his money today. He will get it when he is ready. As far as the quarters go, I only get $10 worth every month or when I need them because the way DKF does my laundry saves me money whereas I used to get $30 worth of quarters a month.  I have no idea how DB was using my quarters at the laundromat when we started, but now I am not wasting money at the laundromat with DKF.  We used to do laundry here in the building, but the machines are smaller, and it costs $1.50 – $1.75 to wash and dry, and the dryers do not always get clothes completely drive here.  I have found going to the laundromat easier and convenient even though DKF needs to drive to get there.

I got my nails done today with green for Christmas holiday season.  I have not used all the colors that Grand Nails and Spa have yet, but I really do enjoy using the dip colors that change color in cold, warm, and hot temperature(s).

As the wintry weather begins, I am not going out as often during the week as I would in spring, fall, and summer months.  I will be making my appointments accordingly to weather conditions.

Healing In Process

I have come to the point in my life that now my dad is going to have to start calling and I will stop calling him for a while.  He gets angry and raises his voice at me because I ask stupid questions and I do not think before I speak.  What person does not do that?  Now, knowing this, I can now begin to heal and move on in my life. I will have to be careful what I say to my dad from now on and the calling idea at my end is changing for now.  I do not want to deal with his anger outbursts ever again.

I have talked to my aunt this afternoon.  All seems to be going smoothly for her at this point.  We talked about another aunt who happens to be in a nursing home now.   In fact, this aunt is the only sister my dad has, and the rest are brothers.  The aunt I talked to today was married into the family and my uncle she was married to passed away in 1997.

Yay! I can now heal from all that has happened to me and move on in my life.  I am going to continue live independently the best I can from this day forward and be happy with what I do. Tomorrow is going to be a semi-busy morning, and what I do once a month makes me very happy.