A New Week

I do have to admit that a new work week has begun.  I am going to be busy today for most of the day until this afternoon after 3 PM or so.  Today, or should I say most days, while I am trying to do some work on my computer, Bing Crosby the cat is right here practically right on top of me allowing me not to work.  I have awakened to the quietness of my home without the TV and Bing right here by me being a typical kitty cat.  Yesterday morning until 2 PM we watched the Kitten Bowl III and it was awesome.  Even Bing was interested in seeing the kittens play with their toys.  It was awesome.  No, I did not watch Superbowl 50 last night.  I was into the movies on HMM 88.  I went to bed before 9 PM to listen to some Christian music.

This week I have to go and get labs drawn for my kidney counts along with an UA done to see how the new medication is working to relieve the elevated protein level that is found in the protein/creatinine level in urine tests.  I have to do an UA every week after that started tomorrow until further notice.  I am up for that.  Getting out of the house is a plus for me for the most part,

I am looking forward to a new week.  When the shower gal comes and goes, I will be just fine,

Farewell to a Neighbor

A gentleman was in the hospital for several days.  This gentleman was a neighbor and friend to many of us here in the building.  I had gotten a call tonight that he had passed away this morning while at St. Mary’s in Madison, Wisconsin.  He loved Jesus very much so his heart was right with the Lord and he is going to be greatly missed by me and neighbors who got to know him in the time he was living here.  I feel a loss of a dear neighbor.  His wife, who rarely leaves her home with Aiden the dog is now alone without her spouse.  I am feeling sad but yet I am in shock.

Going Through DD Withdrawal

www.deardiary.net seems to be down and it is driving me crazy.  I am having withdrawal symptoms here and I foo have a lot to say.  Yesterday was a long day for me but it was all worth it because the doctor wanted to find out why my kidney has been dumping protein into my urine and the biopsy proved that I have yet a very good kidney after 28 1/2  years with no rejection from the test.  I am impressed and happy.  I have a great reason to praise God for such a wonderful gift of life my mother gave me 28 1/2 years ago.  I could not ask for more from my mom who has given me life twice.  Starting today, this afternoon, I began taking medicine called Lisinopril at 5mg to relieve the elevated protein level of the kidney so it does not damage it and begin to reject after all these years.  Once DD is up and running again, I will be firing up my laptop more often to catch up on my journaling.  I need to take it easy for the rest of the week anyway.

Kidney Biopsy

I have been gone all day from 5:30 AM to 6:30 PM because I was in Madison, Wisconsin at the UW Hospital and Clinics for a kidney biopsy right in the transplant clinic.  The biopsy was scheduled for today back in December 2015 for this day because I did not want any other unknown doctor taking care of me as I have trust and understanding of Dr. D and his students and doctors he works with.  Dr. D makes me smile and is very sweet.  He has a bedside manner that I wish all doctors had but that is not ever going to happen.  Anyway, the preliminary results of the biopsy was very good and there is no sign of rejection of the transplanted kidney after 28 1/2 years although the elevated protein could have been a sign of rejection because I have had other tests done to prove rejection is not happening.  I have normal scar tissue of the kidney and no rejection.  The doctor decided to put me on a medication called Lisinopril 5mg to start out with and ordered me to have UA tests done every week until further notice, and on February 9, the doctor wants me to have a workup on my kidney counts as well to see how the biopsy handled the kidney for precautionary measures.  I am willing to do this because I do not play with my health,

Resting This Weekend

I am taking the weekend to relax because I am expecting my biopsy procedure Monday morning.  I do plan on going to church Saturday morning but not Sunday this weekend.  I am glad the weekend has arrived.  Going to watch TV and relax, and snuggle with Bing Crosby the cat all weekend.  I do not have a shower Saturday afternoon so the rest of the day will be all mine and Bing’s.  I am nervous about Monday, I do not like the idea of getting up so early but since it is necessary, I will do that, and determined or wanting to find out what is going to happen after the biopsy.


Okay… to be very honest here, I am not about to chew anyone out here but my inbox is constantly full of emails from those who are soliciting the party or from the President of the United States.  I get them and I do not read them.  I do nothing about them.  They get trashed immediately.  I know where i stand politically and I wish not to ever stir trouble among family, friends, and neighbors about politics because we all have our belief systems and know what side we are on.  Whoever wins the next election to become President of the United States wins.  There are going to be scoffers, people who dislike the next President in office, or like and love.  There is going to always be a two-sided system until the 2nd coming of Christ.  Now, I have said my peace and thank goodness i have Jesus in my life or I would have gone insane a long time ago.

Bitter Cold

Schools closed for the day and the temperature today is below zero and the windchill is even worse than the actual temperature.  This is what we get for us Wisconsin natives I guess.  I did not go outside at all today.  My IDS worker DB went to the grocery store for me today and I stayed inside where it warm all day.  Grocery shopping was a little different today bit it was done.  C came and she did the cleaning and laundry this afternoon and then left to other clients or to the office.  I did have company with a friend for a while – a Jehovah’s Witness – and she told me what has been going on for the past several months since I have seen her.  No, I do not allow any religion to sway my beliefs from my own.  I just have friends who are Jehovah’s Witnesses.  I used to get their literature and i did get a Watchtower and Awake magazine today, but I will not read them except the title of the magazine.  I have my beliefs and my beliefs is with the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

As for the rest of my day, I have hardly done anything.  Bing Crosby the cat and I scramble or fight for the desk chair so after a certain time from now on and I go to the living room to watch TV or read.

On My Mind

Ever since yesterday I have had something on my mind about what someone at church said to me.  I talk too much about the kidney biopsy I have coming up.  I need to stop worrying about it.  Having kidney biopsies in the clinic is a common occurrence at UW-Madison Hospital and Clinics.  What this church member said is very true no doubt and she is 100% right.  She would not have said anything to me if she did not care about me.  I did talk to Pastor Van about it tonight before going to bed because it was eating me up inside.

The Weekend Has Arrived


The weekend has finally arrived.  Woo hoo!  Apparently we have church only tomorrow and not Sunday because there is a transportation issue going on once again.  My friends who pick me up for church on Sundays have a rental car until further notice and there is a broken seat belt, and my friends have protection.  So next week I will have to see about SW and her husband to take me with them,  My other friends do not foresee another car outside their rental for a while.  Anyway, that is okay with me.  I have other things to do this weekend that I can do anyway.  I plan to go to church tomorrow.

I have done something that I believe would have been somewhat of a shock and yet something to laugh about later but NOT at the time it happened.  My desk chair has decided to dump me out of it forward and I was sitting in semi-midair when it happened.  I was stuck in the chair when it tipped forward with my legs straight and I could not even move the chair.  I had to wiggle my bottom out of the chair.  Don’t worry.  I was able to get up with power that I mustered from within me and got to my feet within fifteen minutes or so.  I was also able to get the desk chair back on its wheels and allowed Bing to sit in the chair for the rest of the day.

I had an appointment and while i was out and about I have decided to take time to move the desk chair back to the living room for a couple of days and get back into the program on Monday.  With my body a little stiff for some reason or another and not stiff from the fall or even more stiff from my fall, I will take it easy this weekend and just go to church tomorrow.  I won’t have a shower until Sunday afternoon at 2 PM so  will take advantage of relaxing.  I will have more thoughts tomorrow.  I have to get to bed early tonight.

Tipped Forward

I can not lie about being tipped forward.  I was rolling my desk chair towards the bathroom because Bing Crosby the cat and I always fight for the desk chair once I get out of it, LOL…  As I was rolling towards the bathroom, the chair must have hit a cord on the floor and all of a sudden I had lost all ability to prevent from tipping over or in this case tipping forward.  After I tipped forward I had found myself in midair because the chair had not dumped me out completely.  I was stuck in the chair.  I did find myself thinking of what to do and one of those things was how was I going to get out of the chair!  I had to wiggle my bottom out of the chair and once I did, the chair moved backwards a bit and my bottom landed on the floor and my head bumped the seat of the chair instead of the floor thank goodness.  I then laid on the floor on my back, I looked up at the ceiling of my apartment wondering how I was going to get up into sitting position as heavy as I am at over 200 lbs.  I had to do something one way or another because I did not have my phone with me and the chair was still in the way of my sliding to the table where the phone was.  I have an appointment at 2:30 PM and my ride was picking me up within the hour so I had time to get off the floor and back on my feet.  I have to do something for myself for the first time in a long time without assistance.  I have to do something by myself since we no longer have emergency pull cords.  I finally mustered the strength to put myself in siting position by doing some sit ups and grabbing the bathroom door jamb on the left side until I got into sitting position.  By that time I had found myself breathing as if I worked out.  I sat there for a few seconds or minutes wondering how I was going to get up on my feet since my knees do not like hard flooring or the carpet in my apartment.  The carpet being indoor-outdoor carpeting has made it rough feeling but easy to clean stains and such.  It is easy to vacuum (or broom when necessary) most of the time.  After scooting my bottom toward the toilet I had decided to grab the toilet seat and put my weight towards my left side which is the strongest and that was on the wastebasket I put my disposable underwear in and other trash that is not recyclables.  After I got up far enough, using my left knee to push up on, I grabbed the bar on the wall and pulled my 200+ pounds up to my feet.  I was shaking when I got to my feet but I managed.