My Day

My day has not been totally bad – not bad at all actually.  I went grocery shopping at Pick-N-Save today instead of having D drive across town to Woodman’s this morning.  I did not have to go grocery shopping really.  I had some items I needed.   I needed baby wipes, toothpaste and toothbrush, and got a couple of bags of popcorn, orange juice, and Gatoraade/Powerade water.   After going to the store, D did the laundry, cleaned, and then left.  Today, C could not make it because she had the day off to visit with family from out of town.  C will be back next Monday.  I have had my shower at 9 AM after not having my shower at 3 PM yesterday afternoon.

Anyway, after D had left for the day, I got comfortable and set up my ROKU system using the modem from the office until I get my new modem on Thursday from AT&T.  So far so good of a day.  Now it is over.  Going to listen to some music and then go to bed.  It has been a fine day.  Good night!

For the Most Part

Even a couple of days later, thanks to modem access, I am able to still get online on the laptop and my old iPhone.  I will have to wait until tomorrow to get the password from management in order for my Samsung Galaxy Note III sometime Monday.  It is understandable about me being able to get online on my computer just fine but I really do miss playing my games on the phone.  It is horrible at the way I think about material things sometimes.

On the Frontside

What can I say?  Well… I can say a lot but I will not take a long time to do so because I have other things I want to do today yet.  I have napped all day and I cancelled my shower for today.  Also, it’s Murder. She Wrote marathon day on HMMHD.  So much has happened this week.  Okay, here it goes…

I have major allergies gong on or have gotten a cold-like thing going on again for the 3rd time this year.  I have no idea but cough syrup is doing the trick.  So,, either I have a cold virus or allergies.  We shall wait and see.  On Monday, I could not go grocery shopping because my body was achy and tired, and just feeling everything but wonderful.  But I believe, for now, I am on the mend.

I went grocery shopping on Thursday instead because of not feeling so hot.  Today I am still not feeling so great but a little better.  After shopping, my IDS worker D made a couple of meals and then when time was up, she left.  We cleaned a little bit on Monday instead of going grocery shopping.  Anyway, Thursday was a relaxing day for me for the most part after D left for the week.

Friday came to something I did not really expect but knew that things were going awry with my modem.  My modem from AT&T decided to quit working entirely.  I had enough thought to call AT&T and let them know of my problem and the representative did a modem check and found that my modem does definitely have a power failure,  I will be getting a new modem on Thursday, July 30th in the afternoon.

So, life in the forefront, is moving right along despite what has gone on in my world … understanding it or not.  I did not even ask myself questions to figure things out for the first time in my entire life.  I have been able, with all that has gone on this past week, to make sense of what was going on around me when making phone calls and taking care of the problem(s) at hand at the moment.  Anxiety did not play its ugly card too long this week.  Yay!

A Birthday Memory

Today is MEE’s birthday.  A former friend I met in college when I attended Blackhawk Technical College.  The reason why I say MEE is a former friend is because we are no longer in contact.  Do i miss the friendship?  I did at first for a while but in the past two years, I have found myself remembering what we had as friends but that is about it.

What Is A Diary?

A diary is a place where you can write your feelings down and whatnot.  There is a world to explore and a place to write your thoughts down rather it is paper or on computer.  A diary is not a diary if you do not use it.  It is just a piece of paper or just a commuter.  Why do have a diary?  It is there when I need to write.  Not everyday do I write now-a-days but I write when I can and do have the time and need.

Will This Be Her Last Birthday?

With our manager, SB dealing with cancer and having treatment, I wonder if this going to be her last birthday if only three cancer cells are shrinking out of four.  Today is SB’s birthday and I wish her the best birthday possible.

Dear God,

Please watch over SB today and always!

Love, Kristi

A New Week Has Begun

A new “work week” has begun.  No appointments this week so Tuesday and Wednesday are relaxing days for me.  I have had my shower at 9 AM this morning and got dressed for the day and then had to grocery shopping.  After grocery shopping was cleaning and laundry but I had some time to relax and get comfortable before my IDS worker got here.  After that, I spent the rest of the day here at home for the most part.  With Bing going to the vet on Thursday I took his papers to the manager’s office to prove that he had gotten his rabies shot taken care of for the next three years.

The Weekend Has Arrived

My weekend really began yesterday but this weekend I can now say has arrived.  Woo hoo!  I cannot really ask for more because the calmness has not left me.  It is an amazing feeling to feel so calm for so long – hours/days.  I still understand!

Yesterday I was talking to one of my best friends from high school and church – Bethel Baptist – and for a few minutes I had a fear come into play but it did not last very long.  I told my friend what was happening at the moment and she told me that “in Jesus we have no fear” and I took those words and felt so much better because it is true – AMEN!

Today is Sabbath and so I will be going to church.  I will be attending Woodland Community Church in Janesville this morning.  My ride will be here at 9:30 AM today.