Life In General

No matter what goes on in life, I find my world still spinning one way or another despite how it goes.  Lately i have been finding myself going through a lot of emotions and not understanding them entirely which finds confusion among the mix.  I have come to not trust that certain people in the past three weeks and that is not very good and it is cut and dry with no moisture to it whatsoever.  I have been sick with a nasty cold for the past several days – a week – and Wednesday and Thursday I began to feel better and get back out and about Thursday grocery shopping at Woodman’s for a while.  Today and tomorrow I will be going to church.  Today i will be going to the Beloit SDA church with our Pastor and his family and tomorrow morning I will be going to the Cafe service with my friends SW and her husband MW.  I am so looking forward to it greatly.  My world is still my world one way or another.  Today it just has one less person in it once more.

Still Here

I just wanted to say that I am still here but have been either busy, sick, or just not as available as I would like to be.  I have been home a lot the past several days with a bad cold, sleeping, and coughing/hacking, and with some discomfort throughout my illness/cold.  I have had a cat who has been very cuddly while I have been yucky and definitely no company.  I do not like to have company while I am sick but I did have my showers and workers here when it was feasible.  I did not go grocery shopping on Monday so I will be going today after my shower.


What can I really say about the title “Life”?  Life goes on one way or another no matter what goes on in one’s world.  I have had a rough few weeks again emotionally as one thing after another has taken place.  It has caused great anxiety and last night is the first night in a while I was able to get some decent sleep even though I took melatonin to help me relax.

Getting Back On Track Here… I think?

Life here at my place is pretty much back on track … I think anyway.  I am not totally sure, though,  I feel a little out of sorts yet but that is a given … cyst removal on Wednesday and I have stitches – four of them – that will be removed on Wednesday. April 15th.  I cannot wait.

I am going to church in about a half an hour so I really do not have a whole lot of time to write at the moment but thought I would say hi.  I have other entries yet to put into place and that’ll be done later.  If I do not have a cat on my lap, I will be working on my computer here.  Bing does come first and I do have my shower at 2 PM this afternoon.

I have to run for now.  I will do my best at writing more later,