I Walk The Line

I don't normally post song lyrics, because there's just not much point really. But this one is so good and it sums everything up so well that I just think I will this once :)Incidentally, if you've not seen the movie, hire it or it buy but definitely watch it - it's great.I Walk The LineI keep a … [Read more...]

Setting up a Draytek Router to use QoS for a VPN Connection

I looked everywhere for this on Google, and couldn't find a sensible answer, until I stumbled across the Draytek support forums at http://www.draytek.co.uk/forum and did a fairly lengthy search on there.With any luck, Google might index this page for other poor souls who are trying to find this … [Read more...]

Environ MENTAL

I hear on the news that a committee of MPs has once again decided that the only way to curb environmental pollution is to increase taxes. The BBC News Story suggests that taxes be increased on 4x4's and air travel.The report criticizes the Government for not taking decisive action to shift the … [Read more...]

One more for luck!

Heh … [Read more...]


Yet Another Test Notify … [Read more...]