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Screenshot of New DD View Entry

In case anyone is interested, and thought that the work on the new DD had stalled, here's a screenshot of the ViewEntry page (although it's not yet complete, it's missing navigation buttons and such things) as it stands at the moment...All the data you see is derived from the database, including the … [Read more...]

Religious Debate

I wonder if there's anyone that can satisfactorily answer a question I've been pondering? To be honest, I'm not sure that such an answer exists, and everyone will no doubt say that such the answer to such a question is very personal. But anyway, Rose and I have been reading the bible recently, and … [Read more...]

Dying In A Dream

I'd heard somewhere that one could not die in one's dreams, however I can now confirm that isn't entirely true. Having said that, during this dream where I died, I did wake up momentarily, just at the point of death, and then once I slept again I began the dream at the point I left off. The state of … [Read more...]