Changes Needed To International Aviation Law

One thing that this case highlights is the safety of air travel is once again in question. If you lock your case and wrap it up to avoid tampering you could be in breach of anti terrorism legislation in some countries that requires that your baggage be inspectable. On the other hand, leaving it … [Read more...]

International Miscarriage Of Justice

Recent news regarding an Australian tourist arrested in Bali for carrying 4.1 kilos of marijuana into the country has concluded with her being given a 20 year jail term.I don't believe this is fair, just or even the right verdict. However, putting aside whether we believe she's innocent or not … [Read more...]

Customer Relations?

It seems that most of my entries in here relate to shocking customer service in England these days. I wonder how long it is before the fabric of this country collapses as people realise they'd be better off spending a few bob and buy from abroad instead.Here's my latest rant to a company that's let … [Read more...]