The Dangers Of Online Diaries

I've noticed a trend with personal online diaries that's actually a little bit disturbing. The problem with personal online diaries (and bearing in mind I run a site dedicated to personal online diaries!) is that very often people only write in them when they're depressed or have some 'large' drama … [Read more...]

Things Looking Up In The Open Source World

[Professional Review] I've just installed Log4J into a seperate project I'm working on at home (details of which will be forthcoming in the fullness of time!) and although I have a little bit of experience with setting it up at work, I don't have a huge amount. But, this is one open source project … [Read more...]

Tesco Reply…

Dear Pauline,Thank you for your e-mail.The reason I am so angry and eventually wrote such a 'tirade' is because I have been passed from pillar to post by Tesco on this matter for close to a year now. The cards are still in the name of myself and my ex-wife despite me requesting otherwise on no less … [Read more...]