Face up to it, you WILL get shit service

No matter what it is these days there seems to be only one thing that's guaranteed. Absolutely shit service, from whatever it is you want and where-ever you buy it from.Companies don't give a flying one about keeping customers, it's all about getting new ones. This deal is the best of the century, … [Read more...]

Is it Microsofts fault?

I've just spent the entire day trying to get Quickbooks Pro to send invoices out through e-mail. Initially it brought up Thunderbird which was the default mail client, but that gave the attachments some bizarre name ending with .tmp which of course no-one is going to be able to open.After much … [Read more...]

Customer Service In England

Dear Clubcard, I am utterly disgusted with the level of service I get from Clubcard. In March 2004 I moved house and seperated from my wife. I contacted Clubcard to get my own card with my own details and to seperate them from my wife's. I got a new clubcard number - however Clubcard has decided … [Read more...]

Leading Questions to MPs

Hello [MP name here], I have written to you twice now, before Christmas and have yet to receive any response or indication that you've even received my e-mails.My previous MP, a Conservative MP, when I lived in [where I previously lived] constituency was extremely quick to respond to my messages … [Read more...]