An Interesting Interview

I've been reading Slashdot for many years, and as a Linux User I've understood some of the things that Richard Stallman has spoken about free software. However, in the interview on ZNet he talks about what he calls 'Treacherous Computing' which Microsoft and Intel name 'Trusted Computing'. Microsoft … [Read more...]

Testing from Mail Poster

This is a test from an e-mail post If it works I shall be a very happy chappy.... … [Read more...]


I've been using Linux on my laptop for about 2 months now, previously with Fedora Core 4 but in the past couple of weeks I've switched to Ubuntu which is proving itself to be rather significantly superior. It's nice to be back on a Debian based system - there's a LOT more pre-compiled packages … [Read more...]

Of Scripts and Hosts

Today I had the dubious pleasure of switching IP addresses on the DD/Kabarty server. That in itself wouldn't be quite so bad if Plesk wasn't quite so retarded in it's approach to IP address aliasing but as a result of the IP Change all the websites started showing the Default Plesk page while the … [Read more...]


test … [Read more...]