Wildlife Extravaganza

The last week has brought some of the coldest temperatures we have ever seen. It also brought  a few surprises not all of which were welcome. Really, who expects their furnace to go all Klingon on them and decide that “Today is a good day to die.” on the coldest day in well over thirty years? Certainly not us, but it did….. and that left us a trifle on the chilly side (even with a wood stove) when the temps dropped to single digits. Fortunately, we had power so we had the oven and, after a trip to town, we had a space heater. We didn’t freeze and neither did the pipes and I am happy to say we have warmed considerably over the last two days.

Among the more pleasant surprises were the visits from the local wildlife, some of whom are seldom seen in the open during daylight hours. Take for instance this fellow. He spent nearly thirty minutes out in the open most of which was spent looking for mice. He found at least one so did not go entirely hungry that day, but it was pretty scant rations against the cold. Perhaps that’s why he came back three times that morning.



But the best part was this……..


Waking to a whole herd of Elk grazing in the neighbor’s pasture.

They stayed for an hour and a half and then returned the next morning for another hour.

Truly amazing.



  1. I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure a herd of elk trumps a fox, even if he IS up a tree.


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