It Isn’t a Curve

My plan was to pop over here for a minute or so to double-check the new address and look around for a bit to make sure all was ship-shape. And to my complete dismay I discovered I¬†have forgotten my way around this new house. Oh, the key opened the front door just fine, but it didn’t turn on the lights or hand me a floor plan directing me to the kitchen and the nearest bathroom. These things are important after a long journey.

Still, I am here. And even if I’m stumbling around in a dark, tripping over things while searching for the light switch, it is better than being locked out entirely. I can just picture it…me ,with my nose pressed up against the window, peering in and thumping on the glass in the hopes of catching someone’s attention.

At least I was spared that pathetic scenario. And I did manage to locate a flashlight so I’m not totally in the dark. And I found a control panel so there is hope of lights again soon though¬†first I must study the manual that’s written in Geek and re-learn how it all works.

I am told it is a Learning Curve, but, in all honesty, I don’t understand why. I mean, is it a curve because you go round in circles or is it a curve because first you go up and then you go down and, if you are lucky, you go up again? If that’s the case, then it isn’t a curve, it’s a freakin’ Roller Coaster……in the dark!

Space Mountain all over again.


  1. Yeah, curve is too nice a word. Cliff is more like it. But if Frodo and Samwise could make it to the top of that one by the gates of Mordor, I think we can figure this out. Especially since we can eat chocolate while we are working.

    Forge ahead!

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