Confessions of a Yarn Addict

In the beginning (1972), yarn was purchased only for specific projects and then only when I was ready to start working. My stash fit in my trusty little workbasket. Leftover bits and pieces were carefully wound and stored in a small basket, which over time grew to a bigger basket and then to a full size wicker laundry basket.

Later I discovered yarn sales and the deep joy of scoring a really good find. No longer confined by the project at hand, my stash grew to a drawer in one of those three-drawer roll around carts (the large sized one of course). Soon it took all three drawers, but was so neatly divided by type and color-way that, for a while, I was content.

It came to past in the summer of 2009 that a local fabric shop decided to discontinue the yarn side of their business. It was really, really nice yarn and so my stash grew.

Yarn was in baskets; yarn was in shopping bags; little piles of yarn dotted the landscape. Clearly I was in trouble. But the yarn fairies were with me and in my greatest hour of need the six-drawer dresser my husband had built in college returned to his hands (briefly). My stash had found a home at last.

Life was good.

And then in March 2012 the owner of my local yarn shop decided she had to close.

Gulp! Not to mention a few carefully hidden tears.

Because the owner was struggling with personal issues as well as the poor economy I volunteered, along with another loyal customer, to inventory and pack up the shop. It took an entire month of 8 hour days; all of this with no pay.

About two weeks in to the project the owner said “I don’t have any money, but I am rich in yarn.” And then she offered both of us $200 in the yarn of our choice. We accepted, but also realized she had no idea just how many hours we had worked or how hard the work was. About a week later we proposed that in addition to the $200 free yarn based of full retail price, she allow us to purchase as much as we wanted at wholesale cost. She accepted and boy, oh boy, did I purchase!

And my stash grew accordingly. Uh boy…….now where do I put it?

Fortunately, there was still a little room in the dresser and that did hold most of it, but not quite all. Hmmm, now what?

To the rescue a bookcase not quite full of books; a little re-arranging and soon about 12 more skeins had found a home, but not quite all. Hmmmm, now what?

In the end a three-drawer cart (the large one from the beginning) saved the day. It too was somewhat full, but with a little re-arranging I was able to fit all the remaining skeins into the three drawers. Ok, I may not be able to easily open the drawers, but they did fit so it counts.

God’s grace can be found everywhere.

Life really is good.