Summer Stitching

One of my daughters got married this summer. We held the entire event here in our back yard.

Most of my Spring and Summer was spent freshening up various rooms in the house and doing yard work. The later consumed most of my time and energy as the yard needed a complete makeover.

All of this work left little time for my normal activities, but still, I did manage to carve out a little time to sew a dress and to continue a tradition I started about ten years ago……. crocheting a doily for the Bride.

The pattern I chose was designed by Elizabeth Hiddleson, a very talented designer from the mid-20th century; this one published in 1989. She called it “Cultivated Buttercup”, but I have renamed it “Summer Wedding” because the center reminds me of a flower and the patterning of the inner border is known as spider web……. both of which we have in abundance in our garden.

It was a beautiful wedding and our lovely bride was quite pleased that I remembered tradition and found time to make her this.

Summer Wedding