Settling In

Moving days are so stressful; all that packing and unpacking and trying to sort out what goes where. Everything feels foreign; like it will never be as home-like as the place you’ve just moved out of. And then you start missing all your old spaces….even to the drippy faucets or squeaky door. There is a certain comfort in the known no matter how irritating it seemed at the time.

As it turns out cyber-moving day is no less difficult…… less emotional.

In the blink of an eye you are dropped into a whole new town where everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, looks and feels and works differently. For a moment…… ok, maybe more like three moments….. panic sets in and the inevitable question “WHY DID I DO THIS?” can be heard by neighbors far, far away….. even to the other side of the ocean. Apparently cyber-walls are not very thick.

That first night feels strange and uncomfortable. But then morning dawns and you start to unpack and place a few familiar thing around the room and things start to feel a little less forbidding. But it isn’t until you’ve decorated…… hung a picture or thrown some pillows on the sofa for color……. that it starts to feel a little more like home.

Such is where I am at the moment……feeling a little less at odds with this new space now that there is a bit of color and personality. It matters not that this decor is temporary……thrown together from odd bits. It serves a purpose.

I can’t say I feel at home yet……… turning a space into a home takes time…….. but at least now I find it a bit more hospitable and that helps a great deal.