Taking a Garden Stroll

It was such a beautiful day my camera and I went for a stroll through the garden just before sunset.

We saw all sorts of wonderful things like these “Prairie Sun” Gloriosa Daisies…..

And these beautiful dahlias. This one is called “Hot Rod”.

Then we wandered out to the vegetable garden which is a bit like walking through Jurassic Park. Everything is scary big.

But all sorts of delightful surprises are just waiting to be found.

Like these beautiful beets……..

And a tomato finally showing signs that it might ripen before the first frost.

Reason enough to return again soon.


Yetzirah Did Ask

After my last post I was gently chastised for not posting any pictures. I am here this day to remedy my oversight.

Keep in mind the drawers do not give up their secrets all at once…….

They prefer to tease…….

Add a little mystery…….

Before they show it all.

And then they get kinky and invite friends……….egad it’s getting hot in here.

And before you know it there is an all out strip tease going on!

Where is the  bump and grind music when you need it?

Confessions of a Yarn Addict

In the beginning (1972), yarn was purchased only for specific projects and then only when I was ready to start working. My stash fit in my trusty little workbasket. Leftover bits and pieces were carefully wound and stored in a small basket, which over time grew to a bigger basket and then to a full size wicker laundry basket.

Later I discovered yarn sales and the deep joy of scoring a really good find. No longer confined by the project at hand, my stash grew to a drawer in one of those three-drawer roll around carts (the large sized one of course). Soon it took all three drawers, but was so neatly divided by type and color-way that, for a while, I was content.

It came to past in the summer of 2009 that a local fabric shop decided to discontinue the yarn side of their business. It was really, really nice yarn and so my stash grew.

Yarn was in baskets; yarn was in shopping bags; little piles of yarn dotted the landscape. Clearly I was in trouble. But the yarn fairies were with me and in my greatest hour of need the six-drawer dresser my husband had built in college returned to his hands (briefly). My stash had found a home at last.

Life was good.

And then in March 2012 the owner of my local yarn shop decided she had to close.

Gulp! Not to mention a few carefully hidden tears.

Because the owner was struggling with personal issues as well as the poor economy I volunteered, along with another loyal customer, to inventory and pack up the shop. It took an entire month of 8 hour days; all of this with no pay.

About two weeks in to the project the owner said “I don’t have any money, but I am rich in yarn.” And then she offered both of us $200 in the yarn of our choice. We accepted, but also realized she had no idea just how many hours we had worked or how hard the work was. About a week later we proposed that in addition to the $200 free yarn based of full retail price, she allow us to purchase as much as we wanted at wholesale cost. She accepted and boy, oh boy, did I purchase!

And my stash grew accordingly. Uh boy…….now where do I put it?

Fortunately, there was still a little room in the dresser and that did hold most of it, but not quite all. Hmmm, now what?

To the rescue a bookcase not quite full of books; a little re-arranging and soon about 12 more skeins had found a home, but not quite all. Hmmmm, now what?

In the end a three-drawer cart (the large one from the beginning) saved the day. It too was somewhat full, but with a little re-arranging I was able to fit all the remaining skeins into the three drawers. Ok, I may not be able to easily open the drawers, but they did fit so it counts.

God’s grace can be found everywhere.

Life really is good.


Summer Stitching

One of my daughters got married this summer. We held the entire event here in our back yard.

Most of my Spring and Summer was spent freshening up various rooms in the house and doing yard work. The later consumed most of my time and energy as the yard needed a complete makeover.

All of this work left little time for my normal activities, but still, I did manage to carve out a little time to sew a dress and to continue a tradition I started about ten years ago……. crocheting a doily for the Bride.

The pattern I chose was designed by Elizabeth Hiddleson, a very talented designer from the mid-20th century; this one published in 1989. She called it “Cultivated Buttercup”, but I have renamed it “Summer Wedding” because the center reminds me of a flower and the patterning of the inner border is known as spider web……. both of which we have in abundance in our garden.

It was a beautiful wedding and our lovely bride was quite pleased that I remembered tradition and found time to make her this.

Summer Wedding


Settling In

Moving days are so stressful; all that packing and unpacking and trying to sort out what goes where. Everything feels foreign; like it will never be as home-like as the place you’ve just moved out of. And then you start missing all your old spaces….even to the drippy faucets or squeaky door. There is a certain comfort in the known no matter how irritating it seemed at the time.

As it turns out cyber-moving day is no less difficult……..no less emotional.

In the blink of an eye you are dropped into a whole new town where everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, looks and feels and works differently. For a moment…… ok, maybe more like three moments….. panic sets in and the inevitable question “WHY DID I DO THIS?” can be heard by neighbors far, far away….. even to the other side of the ocean. Apparently cyber-walls are not very thick.

That first night feels strange and uncomfortable. But then morning dawns and you start to unpack and place a few familiar thing around the room and things start to feel a little less forbidding. But it isn’t until you’ve decorated…… hung a picture or thrown some pillows on the sofa for color……. that it starts to feel a little more like home.

Such is where I am at the moment……feeling a little less at odds with this new space now that there is a bit of color and personality. It matters not that this decor is temporary……thrown together from odd bits. It serves a purpose.

I can’t say I feel at home yet……… turning a space into a home takes time…….. but at least now I find it a bit more hospitable and that helps a great deal.