It has been a very busy day here and I can finally see a bit of progress. I have added friends, learned how to approve comments, installed spam protection and added a bit of color to what was a very boring decor. Oh, and I got my green beans canned!

All of this sounds like it should have been quite simple, but it has taken me all afternoon and given me a headache.

In all fairness, I can’t blame the headache entirely on diary set up… TMJ has been acting up lately so the headache was already coming on when I sat down to the computer. But it was the tensing of my jaw muscles as I concentrated that sent it over the top.

Now that I have the main roadways figured out I’m hoping things will be less stressful the next time I venture forth.  For the moment I am content with my progress. Time now to treat myself to some yarn therapy and then some wine therapy…….. with any luck at all one or the other will send this headache packing.

Oh Dear, Now What?


Well, I”m here, but I have no idea where here is…… and like all who have come here before me I am confused, flustered and totally lost.


I suppose this too shall pass, but in the mean time might I just say this *****


Hmmm, I probably shouldn’t say that. How about *#%*!!??


Nope, might get you banned.


Ok then, for tonight I’ll just say “I’ll think about it tomorrow when I’m home in Tara.” and leave it at that.


Goodnight Miss Scarlett…….I promise things will look better in the morning.