Something happened over on my Facebook page today that truly disturbed me. So much so, I haven’t been able to let go of it all day. Therefore, I decided I needed a good vent to get it out of my system. I apologize in advance to my friends here.

All it was really was two responses to my posting of a news article that was critical of President Obama. For different reasons both comments struck a nerve that apparently runs deep.

I was chastised by one and basically called hateful, ignorant racist by the other. Oh she didn’t call me that directly mind you; she directed those comments at the person who wrote the article, but since I agreed 100% with the writer of said article I can only surmise she must think the same of me.

The first comment stems from my preface of the article; I said and I quote “Truth well stated for those with courage to think.”

To the one who chastised, I will concede that I could have stated my intent better and that my choice of words does tend to cast upon the reader the idea that if they do not agree they are not thinking. My intent was not to cast such aspersions; it was more my reaction to a general feeling I have long had that many people in this country don’t take the time to consider the implications of political rhetoric and policy. Words have meaning and ideology can have devastating consequences. History proves this time and time again so thinking is important and sometimes it really does take courage to take a stand contrary to the status quo.

To the other commentator I am not sure what to say. Am I angry? Yes. I found President Obama’s statement arrogant and absolutely out of line. Am I filled with hate? I guess I am guilty as charged on that one as I absolutely hate that this man and his party have us on the fast track to Socialism.

Am I ignorant? Only God can truly answer that one, but I don’t think so. I pay attention, I study the issues and do my best to relate them to the principles upon which our nation was founded. I did not find Socialism listed. In fact, our founders wanted quite the opposite. Read our founding documents; the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution (links below). Both equate limited government with freedom of the individual; concepts not truly possible under a socialist system because financial freedom is a major factor in individual freedom. Consider: If the government can mandate how you spend the money you earn are you really free?

As to the last indictment, how does one defend against the charge of racism?

In total shock I went back and re-read the article thinking I had missed something. Other than the author disagreeing with and chastising Mr. Obama’s policies it was pretty tame. The only reference pertaining to race was to point out that the unemployment rate in the black population was a whopping 14%. How is it racist to point that out? It’s true. Or is it just racist when one criticizes Mr. Obama? If that’s the case then color me guilty as charged. I consider it a badge of honor to stand strong against those whose policies harm us as a nation and as individuals.

All this said though the thing that bothered me most about the whole kerfuffle was that I could not be myself without push back. Political correctness reigned supreme and the very souls who claim to be the most tolerant among us could not tolerate anything contrary to their worldview for even a moment.

I stand corrected and duly chastised.

I hope tonight’s offering was more pleasing.