Aerosmith just saved my soul

Or rather, it just saved my soul from being saved, which is even better in my book.  As is usual on a Saturday morning, I’ve got on some very loud music while I clean the house – this morning’s choice is Aerosmith.  And I just had a visit from some Jehovah’s Witnesses.  They were starting to go into their usual spiel, which is always so difficult to extricate yourself politely from (and somehow extricating yourself rudely never feels like an option), when the song changed to one with rather sexually explicit lyrics (‘Pink’, from the Nine Lives album, if anyone wants to try replicating the experiment – the verse about “I want to wrap you in rubber” seemed to have the strongest effect).  And the words could be very clearly heard from where they were standing on the front doorstep.  It was amazing how quickly the conversation suddenly came to an end as they realised what they were listening to – it was basically, “Here, have some literature,” then they took off down the driveway, not quite at a sprint, but I’m sure they were thinking about it!

So there’s your answer if you’re plagued with religious people trying to convert you: just play them a little music! 😉


Music from the past

The International Film Festival is on at the moment, so I went last night to see one of the films on offer, Pulp: a Film about Life, Death & Supermarkets, a documentary about Pulp’s last concert, in their home town of Sheffield.

As well as being a great documentary (made by a NZ film-maker – it was weird hearing a Kiwi accent in the midst of all those Northerners), the music brought back a lot of memories of a fun time in my life.  I arrived in the UK pretty much at the height of Brit Pop, so my memories of that time have a definite soundtrack of bands like Pulp, Blur and Oasis running through them, but especially Pulp, because they were one of the very few bands on which my and H’s musical tastes overlapped.  We even went to see them in concert, at a music festival in Finsbury Park (25 July 1998 – I only know the date because I’ve still got the sketchbook I was using to sketch pictures of people in the crowd, to entertain myself while the lesser acts were on earlier in the day, and I’d written the date at the top of the page).

It’s nice to have those memories brought back, to remind me that the years I spent with H weren’t all wasted – we had a lot of adventures and fun times together.  It was only in the final few years where the bad stuff started outweighing the good.

But SO MANY ear worms!!!

I decided to have another go at Tartankiwi’s Butterfly Challenge.  The rules of the challenge allow two entries per person, and I’ve had a few ideas floating around in my head for something very different than the Catterfly (thanks Sherlockfan for the perfect name!).  So yesterday afternoon I had fun selecting fabrics and attempting to narrow down my ideas into just one.

I had to reject so many wonderful possibilities (though I may yet resurrect them – I can still make butterflies, even if they’re not for the challenge):

Decision made?

The Beast all set up and ready to go (I’ll probably set it up permanently in the study, but it’s too cold to work in there at the moment, so it has a temporary home in the warmth of the lounge):

Finding the nicest parts of the fabric to use for the wings:

Starting the paper-piecing:

For this one, I’ve simplified the original pattern quite a bit for the actual patchwork bit, but don’t worry, I have plans to complicate it again in the next stage. Watch this space :-)

The Tartankiwi