NoNoNoNo Day 2

Remember what I was saying about saving pictures for a rainy day? Guess what – it was raining this morning. But it had cleared up a bit by the afternoon, so after work I walked home via the university’s wonderful Ilam Gardens, which feature one of the largest collections of rhododendrons in the southern hemisphere, and at this time of year are what the cliche “riot of colour” was made for.

I reckon I took enough photos of pretty flowers that I could declare NoNoNoNo finished right now, but I’ll restrain myself to just one:


Of the non-rhododendron photos I took in the garden, I couldn’t choose just one as my favourite, so I’m breaking the two-a-day rule already to post two.

Spring is coming to the end, but there were still a few bluebells lurking under the trees:


And in the midst of the very English gardens, a very New Zealand shape – a fern unfurling in a classic koru: