Ramsey, Party’s, Show

Sunday, Nov. 18 – I put up the rest of the Christmas lights outside and then went to church.  I read the recap of the Synod but I was so hot and nervous, the sweat was dripping down my face. Geez!  We had parish council after.  Then I watched part of the eastern final CFL game between Ticats and red blacks.  Ticats lost so went out and picked up brush etc and loaded trailer.  

Tues we had a stewardship meeting at the harbour restaurant and Wednesday we had a Staff meeting after work.  Thurs I worked late, I put the Christmas tree up and will let the girls decorate it on Sunday.  Friday, I had the day off so I vacuumed and we put the outdoor carpet away then we cleaned up the workshop.  You couldn’t even move in there but you can now.   We are both exhausted.  We went to Walmart and got a new heating pad.  Saturday I am going to make 2 quiches and a ham and scalloped potatoes for Sunday when everyone comes for Wins birthday.  Then we are going to the Copacabana for our work Christmas party.

Hubby didn’t go to the Copa, he stayed home.  So I had to drive. I picked up carol who wasn’t ready so we got away late.  I drove to the restaurant and as we pulled up out front, a shuttle was pulling out from behind it. I told Carol to roll her window down and ask where they came from.  He said follow me. So we let him in and followed him.  He took us to a big private gate that Carol thought looked like a cemetery!  Anyway we left the car and he took us to the restaurant and gave us a phone # to call when ready to go home.  After he left, Carol said, I hope he comes when we call I don’t know where your car is! And I said me either!  But it was fine, we had dinner and called and he came and got us.  

Sunday, Nov 25 – I went to church, and we had stewardship Meeting afterward,  it was over about 1:30.  I went home and had a rest before everyone came for dinner for Wins birthday.  The girls decorated our Christmas tree.

Monday, Nov 26 – After work, I went to the dentist and had a permanent crown put on, then I went to #2 sons to say goodbye to his dog, a beautiful Rottweiler Ramsey, who was cancer and has to be put down on Tuesday.  #2 Son and I went to the Goobers hockey game.

Saturday, Dec 1st – on Wednesday I went to a seminar about astrophotography.  It was interesting but too complicated for me.  Friday, I had the day off.  I took Sophie to the vet for her shots.  She will be 4 in a couple of weeks and weighs 96 lbs.  I did some washing and the dishes, then we took a load to the scrap yard.  We had 500 lbs so got $50.  I worked an auction at the church at night.  Today I went to work, then visited Mom, then we went out to dinner at Swiss Chalet and then saw Bohemian Rhapsody at the show.  It was good.

Come From Away, Baseboard, Dentist

Sunday, Nov 11 – Remembrance Day – it is the 100th Anniversary of the end of WW1.  All the church bells across Canada were to be rung at 4 pm.  Pretty cool.

I worked yesterday.  Today Diane and I went on a CAA trip to see Come From Away in Toronto.  It is about the Newfoundlanders and 911.  We had lunch at Quinn’s Irish pub first.  I had the salmon.  The show was at the Royal Alex and was really good.  We got home about 6 pm.  

Tuesday, Nov 13  I had yesterday off.  We had bought the baseboard for Rose St and we borrowed a saw from our nephew.  Win helped us too as Hubby has bronchitis and wasn’t feeling good.  We got it all on though.  I had to race to the dentist at 3 pm where I had a crown put in and a wisdom tooth pulled.  We babysat the boys overnight as it was # 1 Sons 7th Anniversary.  It rained on Tuesday and we were both tired so didn’t do much.  Win dyed my hair Wed. Night

Saturday, Nov17 – I went to the barber yesterday morning but she was late so they said to come back today.  I went shopping instead and bought 2 pairs of boots.  I went today and got my hair cut.  Then went to a potluck lunch for the new Canadian family.  We all brought a dish from our ancestry, somhere was lasagna, pierogies, meat pies, baklava, trifle. Butter tarts. I took shepherds pie that Hubby made for me.  He didn’t want to go.  And we had wine, punch, ice wine and coffee.  On the way home I stopped at the Pen and bought a new winter coat st the Bay as they had a big sale.  Put some of the Xmas lights up outside. Hoping to go for a skate after supper.  My face has been hurting the last couple of days because of the wisdom tooth/ crown.  Have to keep taking Tylenol.


Last night there was a very strong wind.  When Hubby went into the garage this morning to measure the arbor on the chop saw so he could buy a new blade to cut Wins baseboard, the saw was gone! He looked all over for it to no avail.  He thought maybe someone borrowed it but don’t think so.  Also the old motorbike was knocked over.  At first he thought it was the wind, but it’s too heavy and he thinks whoever took the saw knocked it over.  We do t think they took anything else.  It’s weird.  When Hubby went to bed last night there was a car sitting with its lights on next 3 doors down for the longest time.  

We had a call night after work so I missed the photo club meeting.  I stopped off at euchre but they had enough players so I didn’t stay.  Tomorrow night I am going to a wealth seminar at a local winery after work.  

Gravel, Synod, Cough

On Friday we went to Flower St and raked and shovelled gravel in the rain.  It was just spitting but I already caught a cold and cough from Moms nursing home!  But we wanted to get the heap spread out.  We worked for 2 hours and got about half done.  Went home for a rest and then we went to the auction at the church.  There was a stainless BBQ for sale but I didn’t get it.  Got home about 9:30.  My cough is bad.

Saturday Pam picked me up at 7:30 am and we drove to Synod in Hammertown.  We got home about 4:30.  Win’s basement had water in it so we had called for a service call thinking it was the hot water tank leaking but when we went over to wait for the guy, Hubby decided that wasnt it, it was a crack in the wall.  So we cancelled the service call and went home.  

On Sunday, I didn’t feel good so I didnt got to church.  Hubby went over and put hydraulic cement in the crack.  He just got home, when they called from the nursing home saying mom wanted to talk to me.  Very strange as she never does this and can’t hear but they put her on.  She was upset, she said she didn’t know how she was going to get home.   I said you are home.  She said, no I’m at the credit union and i cant get home.  So because i have a bad cough, Hubby volunteered to go and see her before supper.  He said she was talking a lot and couldnt hear because her hearing aid was broken so he gave her his…and left it there!  I freaked because I didn’t want him to lose his good hearing aid!  I called Bro and he was going down after supper so I arranged to meet him in the parking lot and he would bring me the hearing aid.  He said she was in good spirits and talking a lot too.  

Today, Monday, Hubby is feeling rotten and has a bad cough now.  Ugh!  And of course it is raining again!  So can’t do much.  We went to Flower St to check the basement and then to Shoppers.  I made a beef stew and some apple muffins.  I dug up the yams and the gladiolus from the garden.  Then we went to Rona and bought the baseboard for Flower St.   

Rainy Day Truck Tires

Last Friday I worked late, so Hubby and I put all the patio furniture away as it was dry.  I worked on Saturday, went to see Mom after, had supper then went for a skate at the arena.  On Sunday I went to church.  We met the new refugee family at coffee hour after church.  The secretary and I worked on the cemetery website.  I did some more photography stuff.  Back to work on Monday.  Wednesday was Halloween so I wore a cat sweater that I had got for mom to work.  The guy came and put new eavesteough up at Flower St.  

I had today, Thursday off.  We had all kinds of things to do but it poured rain all day.  First we went out and Hubbys truck had a flat tire.  He decided he needed to buy new tires so we looked on FB and found some for sale in Welland.  We arranged to go see them but we couldn’t find the right road, we drove around and around  in The pouring rain.  We asked for directions 3 times and finally found it.  But the rims had 6 holes and ours have 5 so we knocked him down and decided to get them and switch the rims,  We crammed them in the car and drove home stopping at Cdn Tire and Walmart to see when they could switch the rims and they told us they couldn’t do it.  So we went home and caledl another tire place and they said to bring it in.  So we drove back the other side of town and dropped it off, then we drove to Costco, went home and unloaded, then drove all the way back to get the truck.  It felt,like all we did all day was drive in the rain!  

65th Birthday

On Wednesday night, Oct 17, I took everyone in the family including Bro and wife and Sis In Law and spouse out to the Mandarin to celebrate my 65th Birthday.  The only ones who weren’t there were #2 Son and the Pencil as they had gone to Dominican this week.  We are babysitting their dog Ramsey.  Win is babysitting Maddy.  It was a fun night, the kids loved it.  

On Friday night Janet came for the weekend as she said she had a memorial service to go to on Sunday.  I was supposed to work but switched Saturdays.  It poured rain most of the day so we couldnt go on a hike.   Hubby found a place that had a box for his truck and install it for a good price, so we stopped and took Ramsey home and then we were to follow him to the place and give him a ride home but J and I were yakking and started following the wrong black truck.  By the time we realized, we had no idea where Hubby was!   We turned around and followed our noses and finally found him.   Then we went to see First Man about Neil Armstrong going to the moon at the matinee show.  Then we went out for supper at Swiss Chalet.  

On Sunday, I went to church then parish council.  I went home and some firewood had fallen over in the driveway so I started restocking it when Hubby came running out and said we have to go! T. fell and might have broken her leg.  We drove to #1 Sons house and I rushed in and SURPRISE!  It was a surprise birthday party for me!!  I couldnt believe it!! I had no idea!!  Janet was there, she had no memorial to go to! And so were Min and Linda, and all the family and some people from church.  M had made pasta and garlic bread, they had cabbage rolls and Caesar salad and a really nice cake.  Even the girls were there even though it wasnt their week with Win.  It was really good.

Mon Oct 23, I worked at an auction on site.  i got home about 3 pm.  Tuesday I had off as well.  We took 2 big riding mowers to the dump.  I played around with the cemetery website.  On Wednesday,  we took 2 loads to the dump.  We cleaned up all the old bits of wood around here and we cleaned out the garage attic ready to put the patio furniture away.  We were exhausted.  I went back to work on Thursday

Dog sitting etc

Thursday night #2 Son brought his Rottweiler over for us to babysit as he and the Pencil are going to Dominican on Friday.  Yesterday, Hubby and I pruned a bunch of trees and shrubs and filled the trailer.  It was lovely here today.  I went to church, then we worked outside for a couple of hours.  We were just having a nice quiet coffee break when Win and M and the 6 kids pulled in, then there was nothing but noise, dogs barking, kids yelling lol.  They just dropped off the canoe they had got from Bev’s.  Win isn’t feeling good, has a bad cold. 

They left and I went to visit mom.  The home had called to say she needed some new clothes because her other ones are too small.  I went to Walmart last night and got a couple of tops, some pants and a sweater in XL.  So the worker there had a look and thought they would fit and she helped me sort through and bag up a bunch of small stuff to take to Value Village.  BBQ’d peameal bacon, baked pots, green beans from the garden for supper.

Fencing and Sludge

On Saturday, We drove to Pt Colb.  to pick up some fencing we saw on kijiji cheap to fix the neighbours fence that got burned in the motorbike fire.  We stopped where W bought her Sienna and had a look at the trucks for sale but they were all too high mileage.  He had quite a few though. Then we stopped at Tim Hortons on the way home and I got a pumpkin latte which I didn’t really like.  It was disappointing.  Brought my geraniums inside.  The rain has stopped but now it is really muggy, still cloudy but humid.  BLTs for supper.  I was too tired to go to the photo club meeting last week, I went out to dinner with the stewarship group instead.  I was also too tired to go to euchre this week too.  Last Monday we stacked firewood that Hubby got off Kijiji, good hard oak, a good deal

Sunday, I went to church.  One of the men at church turned 98 today so we had cake after.  W went too and M and kids came about 2.  I went to see mom as they had a Thanksgiving coffee hour.  Diane and Bro showed up so we stayed til 4, chatting.  Drizzly and cool and cloudy today.  Everyone at church was saying how they were glad that they didn’t have to work on the holy grill this weekend, especially with all the rain.  

Sunday night We had a bad night.  I woke up at 1, well don’t think I I had really slept much, with pains in my back…gall bladder sludge.  I woke Hubby  up because I couldn’t stand it, then I threw up, and threw up and threw up.  He got me a hot water bottle for my back ( I need to remember to take this with us on trips from now on!) and some aspirin.  About 4 it finally abated and I went to sleep.  No more cake or donuts!! ☹️

Birthday, sludge, etc.

Tuesday Sep 11/18 – Sunday Sep. 23/18. -On Monday morning I went to he doctor and he agreed it sounds like my gall bladder.  He is sending me for an ultrasound.  After work, I went to the dentist.  Today is Hubbys birthday so we went to the Keg for supper.  He had steak and lobster but I just had chicken as I wasn’t up to eating steak.  On Monday, I got my hair cut and then we went to Wins and put Eavestrough back up that had fallen down and Win and I put the caulking stuff around her tub and a few things and then she dyed my hair.  I went for the ultra sound and then went back to the doctor who said it is not gall stones but sludge which gives he same symptoms.  I need to eat a low fat diet and drink more water.  Friday we had an auction at the church and a painting went for $15,000!!  It was exciting.  Saturday we cleaned up and weeded the veggie garden and I dug up the cedar roots by the driveway.  I read my book the rest of the afternoon as I was tired.   Today, I went to church, then Win and M came over and we sorted out the camping stuff and put it away.  They went for a hike but I weeded the garden instead.  

Sick and Can Construction

I have been feeling sick all week, every time I eat I get bad pains in my chest, especially at night.  I searched the internet and am thinking it might be my gall bladder.  I haven’t felt like eating much.  I have a doctors appointment tomorrow.  Wednesday night was so hot so I didn’t go to euchre. Thursday night I went to the grocery store and bought $200 worth of cans for the food drive at work.  I am the leader.  We are making a Skeeball game out of cans for the Can Construction contest.  My trunk was full.  The guys emptied it on Friday morning and in the afternoon me and one of the young girls started to build it.  We will finish it tomorrow.  Hubby fixed the furnace plumbing today and I got the black tarp laid back down in the driveway.  Yesterday I canned 6 more jars of spaghetti sauce and then I went with 4 girls from work to a free wine tasting.  Janet and I are looking into an African safari trip for next year.