Robbie Burns dinner

We went to the Robbie Burns dinner along with Win, M and kids. A and his dad got there before us and sat at a table with the girls and some other people so we got the table next to them In the corner and the girls just bounced back and forth between the 2 tables which was fine as they were off dancing and stuff too. Mikes kids were good. They had a kids menu of Mac and cheese, hotdogs, meatballs etc so that was good. The roast beef was good, the lamb was a bit dry, the mashed pots were really good. The haggis was very peppery and hot, which E told me isn’t normal, usually it is very bland with oatmeal in it. It was too hot for me. The cochileekie soup was really good, like homemade chicken noodle with leeks instead of noodles and lots of stringy chicken. Sticky toffee pudding and apple crisp and shortbread for dessert.

church and then a refugee meeting tomorrow.

Gluttony and Grouting

On Wednesday night we went out for our auction Christmas dinner at a local Italian restaurant. I ate way too much. I had a raspberry samosa, then a sangria which was really good, then he bought us all a creme de menthe with baileys and chocolate shots. I had a skor cheesecake with whipped cream for dessert.  They were awesome! Friday night we had a snow storm with freezing rain. Today was nice and sunny but cold. I went to the rental and finished the grouting on the backsplash. Then I went to see mom in the afternoon. I have parish council after church tomorrow.

Sunday by the fire

I worked yesterday and then visited Mom. I took her Christmas tree down. Went to church today but we were all late. My car wouldn’t start. It’s on the charger. And there was a baptism so we sat upstairs in the balcony. Puddin is so funny. She didn’t want to go up, she is afraid of heights. But then after awhile being up there she was fine. It’s like she has to psych herself up to it. We were going to go skating but didn’t. Took the Xmas tree etc down and vacuumed. Did some church books. Played password. Had a fire. Hubby made a stuffed pork tenderloin, green beans, pots, gravy. Donuts and cookies for dessert(from Norma). It was SO good!

New Year

Mon. Jan 1/18- Very very cold today again. We babysat Clive last night and this morning. I took him to the local park and met Win and the girls and her friend P and his son and we all went tobogganing this afternoon.   It was sheltered from the wind so wasn’t too bad. Came back and had hot chocolate. I cooked a leg of lamb and turnip and Brussel sprouts from our garden for supper. I gave #1son some to take home for their supper.

Thur. Jan 4/18 – I went and played euchre at the church last night. We had 13 people out, then this morning I went to the dentist just for a cleaning but it took forever as my dentist retired and a new young girl took his place. So they were updating all the records and doing everything very thoroughly, it took forever! I work Fri and Sat. Went to Goobers hockey game after work at a tournament at Jordan arena. It was tied 1/1 but then his team scored I. The last 23 seconds. He is in the semi final tomorrow morning at 10 so I can go as it is my late day. Hubby might even go.

Christmas, hockey, grouting

Monday, Dec 25/17 – Christmas Day. Hubby and I had hot cross buns and grapefruit for breakfast by the fire. Everyone came over about 11 or 12. Dinner was ready about 5. We didn’t pick up mom because it is very cold and snowy. We opened gifts before we ate. Because M and his kids and Wins girls weren’t here, we ate in the dining room.

Tuesday, Dec 26- Boxing Day. I made meatballs and coleslaw to take to
Hubbys sisters for our family get together there. We got there about 2:30 and left about 8:30. Kevin brought some feathers from a turkey they shot. Back to work tomorrow and Thursday.

Friday Dec 29/17- I took Sophie to the vet for 8:15 to get a shot. Returned home and had my tea. I was going to do grouting at Flower st but was too tired. I vacuumed and cleaned up instead.  Win and M went to the first ever outdoor hockey game between Canada and the USA in Buffalo. It was snowing and freezing cold there. I sat and watched the game on TV.

Today, I did some laundry and then went to Flower St and did some grouting on the backsplash.  Then I went to visit mom.  Her friend, our old neighbour died this morning.  She was 96.

Christmas Eve

Hubby was feeling quite sick 5is morning. Win and girls and M and kids came and We had a nice sit down breakfast. They got here earlier than I expected. Kids all helped. Ethan cooked the sausages, Sugarplum and Kim tore up the bread for tomorrow’s stuffing. Puddin scrambled the eggs and made the orange juice. And they cleared the table after. Then we opened presents. And then went tobogganing at The local Park, then back here to toast English muffins and hot cross buns on the fire and have hot chocolate. M and kids left about 1.  Win took the girls to a little party at her work.  #1 Son and kids came later as he had to shovel snow at his old house.  They stayed for supper (lasagna) and then we all went to church.

Friday by the Fire

We are getting our snow now. It’s nasty out there, picked a good day to stay home. Slept in until 7:50. Ken thinks he has a touch of pneumonia and I have a tickle in my throat. A girl at work got a terrible cold 2 days ago, hope I’m not getting it. A good day to sit by the fire and read! Ken just caught his 11th mouse. Ugh I wish I knew where they are getting in!

I will bake the squash and get the table ready for Christmas and finish wrapping gifts as I have to work tomorrow.  Win wants to bring her BF and kids here for breakfast on .sunday, Christmas Eve as they won’t be here for Christmas Day but will be back for the extended family Boxing Day get together,  we will be able to fit Christmas dinner in the dining room this year,  we are hoping to bring mom out too.

Scottish dancing, skating, sledding

Yesterday Hubby and I shovelled #1 sons driveway and sidewalks etc. And then we went and got groceries. We had a little rest before it was time to go to the Christmas Scottish dancing show in Well city. It was quite a long show but I got a lot of good pictures. A and his girlfriend was there with his parents. They came and said Merry Christmas to us afterward like nothing was happening. I was hoping to go to Goobers hockey game after but it was too late. We went home and had supper. Then about 6:30 I went to Wins to babysit while she went to a show with her friend. I took the girls skating at the arena. Then we went home and had hot chocolate and they went to bed. Win was home about 11.

Today after church I went to the swimming pool where they were having a birthday party for Sugarplum who just turned 6. They were all in the water swimming except for me and As GF. The chlorine was giving me a headache so I left. #1 Son and fam came and got the sleds to go tobogganing. I went back to the pool in time to have cake and then went to the park to take pics of them to tobogganing. I went down with M. They were having fun. They came back to our house for supper, then Hubby and I went to the Carol service at church at 7 pm.

Wheelchair and a Flat Tire

I was off. Hubby and I had to take mom to the wound specialist. Hubby had got a second hand wheel chair from a friend so we thought we would try it out. Well it’s so heavy I can’t fold it up and put it in my trunk by myself. Anyway we were a bit late leaving home to go get her. We got her down and in the car and were pulling away and a guy knocked on the window and said we had a flat tire. Ugh! We decided to drive to a gas station as there is one close and we filled it with air. But because of that we were late getting to the appointment. Then when Hubby was unfolding the wheelchair, he cut his finger, quite badly. It wouldn’t stop bleeding. I said at least we were in the right place lol. They finally looked at her and said it was fine and we don’t have to go back. Then there were no parking spaces when we took her home and we had to get the wheelchair out again etc. By the time we got home it was lunch time and we were exhausted! Lol.

I did some laundry and cleaning and then worked an auction at the church. It was snowing a lot when I left but has stopped now. Not having everyone here for their birthdays because they have the dance thing tomorrow and they are having a party at the swimming pool with school kids on Sunday, and Goober is going to Mexico on Sunday too and it’s so close to Christmas.

Heat, dinner

Sat. Dec 9/17 – I took Sophie to the vet on Thurs morning. I went to a new vet that E used to go to. They were super nice there! Easy parking, not too expensive. I was very pleased. Sophie weighs 90 pounds. She shouldn’t get much bigger.
The concert on Sunday is a Christmas in Europe theme given by one of the parishioners daughters and her friends that are opera singers. And then there is wine and cheese after. Win went Thurs night to decorate. she had her worm .Christmas party last night and A was being a jerk.  His girlfriend is here and they are taking the girls to TO for the weekend to see some show.

We now have heat in ALL the rads!! Hubby thinks the guys who put it In Originally didn’t hook it up right with the circulation pump. Seems okay now. Fingers crossed! He also punplugged the bathtub drain this morning so that is good. I went to Costco as mom needed more depends. I was afraid it would be a zoo but it wasn’t bad! They had lots of staff manning the checkouts. I’m going to wrap some presents and then go and see mom for a bit and hopefully go for a skate after supper. We had a nice dinner out with #2 Son and B and Maddy.   #2 Son has cut way down on his meat eating, almost a vegetarian. He says his eczema and migraines are way better since doing this,