65th Birthday

On Wednesday night, Oct 17, I took everyone in the family including Bro and wife and Sis In Law and spouse out to the Mandarin to celebrate my 65th Birthday.  The only ones who weren’t there were #2 Son and the Pencil as they had gone to Dominican this week.  We are babysitting their dog Ramsey.  Win is babysitting Maddy.  It was a fun night, the kids loved it.  

On Friday night Janet came for the weekend as she said she had a memorial service to go to on Sunday.  I was supposed to work but switched Saturdays.  It poured rain most of the day so we couldnt go on a hike.   Hubby found a place that had a box for his truck and install it for a good price, so we stopped and took Ramsey home and then we were to follow him to the place and give him a ride home but J and I were yakking and started following the wrong black truck.  By the time we realized, we had no idea where Hubby was!   We turned around and followed our noses and finally found him.   Then we went to see First Man about Neil Armstrong going to the moon at the matinee show.  Then we went out for supper at Swiss Chalet.  

On Sunday, I went to church then parish council.  I went home and some firewood had fallen over in the driveway so I started restocking it when Hubby came running out and said we have to go! T. fell and might have broken her leg.  We drove to #1 Sons house and I rushed in and SURPRISE!  It was a surprise birthday party for me!!  I couldnt believe it!! I had no idea!!  Janet was there, she had no memorial to go to! And so were Min and Linda, and all the family and some people from church.  M had made pasta and garlic bread, they had cabbage rolls and Caesar salad and a really nice cake.  Even the girls were there even though it wasnt their week with Win.  It was really good.

Mon Oct 23, I worked at an auction on site.  i got home about 3 pm.  Tuesday I had off as well.  We took 2 big riding mowers to the dump.  I played around with the cemetery website.  On Wednesday,  we took 2 loads to the dump.  We cleaned up all the old bits of wood around here and we cleaned out the garage attic ready to put the patio furniture away.  We were exhausted.  I went back to work on Thursday

Dog sitting etc

Thursday night #2 Son brought his Rottweiler over for us to babysit as he and the Pencil are going to Dominican on Friday.  Yesterday, Hubby and I pruned a bunch of trees and shrubs and filled the trailer.  It was lovely here today.  I went to church, then we worked outside for a couple of hours.  We were just having a nice quiet coffee break when Win and M and the 6 kids pulled in, then there was nothing but noise, dogs barking, kids yelling lol.  They just dropped off the canoe they had got from Bev’s.  Win isn’t feeling good, has a bad cold. 

They left and I went to visit mom.  The home had called to say she needed some new clothes because her other ones are too small.  I went to Walmart last night and got a couple of tops, some pants and a sweater in XL.  So the worker there had a look and thought they would fit and she helped me sort through and bag up a bunch of small stuff to take to Value Village.  BBQ’d peameal bacon, baked pots, green beans from the garden for supper.

Fencing and Sludge

On Saturday, We drove to Pt Colb.  to pick up some fencing we saw on kijiji cheap to fix the neighbours fence that got burned in the motorbike fire.  We stopped where W bought her Sienna and had a look at the trucks for sale but they were all too high mileage.  He had quite a few though. Then we stopped at Tim Hortons on the way home and I got a pumpkin latte which I didn’t really like.  It was disappointing.  Brought my geraniums inside.  The rain has stopped but now it is really muggy, still cloudy but humid.  BLTs for supper.  I was too tired to go to the photo club meeting last week, I went out to dinner with the stewarship group instead.  I was also too tired to go to euchre this week too.  Last Monday we stacked firewood that Hubby got off Kijiji, good hard oak, a good deal

Sunday, I went to church.  One of the men at church turned 98 today so we had cake after.  W went too and M and kids came about 2.  I went to see mom as they had a Thanksgiving coffee hour.  Diane and Bro showed up so we stayed til 4, chatting.  Drizzly and cool and cloudy today.  Everyone at church was saying how they were glad that they didn’t have to work on the holy grill this weekend, especially with all the rain.  

Sunday night We had a bad night.  I woke up at 1, well don’t think I I had really slept much, with pains in my back…gall bladder sludge.  I woke Hubby  up because I couldn’t stand it, then I threw up, and threw up and threw up.  He got me a hot water bottle for my back ( I need to remember to take this with us on trips from now on!) and some aspirin.  About 4 it finally abated and I went to sleep.  No more cake or donuts!! ☹️

Birthday, sludge, etc.

Tuesday Sep 11/18 – Sunday Sep. 23/18. -On Monday morning I went to he doctor and he agreed it sounds like my gall bladder.  He is sending me for an ultrasound.  After work, I went to the dentist.  Today is Hubbys birthday so we went to the Keg for supper.  He had steak and lobster but I just had chicken as I wasn’t up to eating steak.  On Monday, I got my hair cut and then we went to Wins and put Eavestrough back up that had fallen down and Win and I put the caulking stuff around her tub and a few things and then she dyed my hair.  I went for the ultra sound and then went back to the doctor who said it is not gall stones but sludge which gives he same symptoms.  I need to eat a low fat diet and drink more water.  Friday we had an auction at the church and a painting went for $15,000!!  It was exciting.  Saturday we cleaned up and weeded the veggie garden and I dug up the cedar roots by the driveway.  I read my book the rest of the afternoon as I was tired.   Today, I went to church, then Win and M came over and we sorted out the camping stuff and put it away.  They went for a hike but I weeded the garden instead.  

Sick and Can Construction

I have been feeling sick all week, every time I eat I get bad pains in my chest, especially at night.  I searched the internet and am thinking it might be my gall bladder.  I haven’t felt like eating much.  I have a doctors appointment tomorrow.  Wednesday night was so hot so I didn’t go to euchre. Thursday night I went to the grocery store and bought $200 worth of cans for the food drive at work.  I am the leader.  We are making a Skeeball game out of cans for the Can Construction contest.  My trunk was full.  The guys emptied it on Friday morning and in the afternoon me and one of the young girls started to build it.  We will finish it tomorrow.  Hubby fixed the furnace plumbing today and I got the black tarp laid back down in the driveway.  Yesterday I canned 6 more jars of spaghetti sauce and then I went with 4 girls from work to a free wine tasting.  Janet and I are looking into an African safari trip for next year.

Tomatoes and Sick

Monday Aug. 27/18 – to Sunday Sep 2 –  Tomatoes and Sick 

On Monday, I did a couple of loads of laundry and then I canned some diced tomatoes as Hubby had picked a lot from the garden and we were getting fruit flies.  I got 6 quarts.  It had been raining in the morning but the sun came out so I dried the tent and put it away.  On Wednesday we had a refugee meeting and our Syrian refugee family has been approved.  We are e petting them to arrive Sept 26. On Thursday I wasn’t feeling good.  Friday, I felt awful, pains in my stomach and back.  I called in sick, which I have never ever done on my late working day but oh well.  I slept all day and all night and hardly ate anything.  On Saturday I was feeling better so canned some spaghetti sauce as we had more tomatoes from he garden.  And I ate supper but then that night I had terrible heartburn.  I got up at 3 am to eat some icecream which got rid of it but then I felt nauseous.  Not a good night so I did t go to church.  Has been very hot and humid too.  I feel bad because I haven’t been to see mom lately but I don’t want to give her anything.

Algonquin Camping Trip

Saturday, August 18/18- Thursday night I worked late, Friday after work I had an auction at the church.  Saturday we spent the day packing to go camping.  Sugarplum had a soccer tournament.  M and kids came about 2. Wins friend had said he would lend her his trailer but when they went to look at it yesterday, it didn’t have any sides! So that was no good!  So we had to take #2 Sons.  But when Hubby put the ball on Wins new van, it was too close to the bumper so M and ?Hubby went to Princess Auto and got a different one.  Hubby hooked it up and M figured out the canoe and kayak.  E have to leave the big kayak at home, we just can’t get it on.  We had pizza for supper and then when we put the canoe on, there was nowhere to tie the front to except the plastic bumper.  Ugh!  We decided it was okay without it.  We were exhausted and ?Hubby will be so glad to see us go tomorrow morning!!

Sunday August 19/18 – Algonquin Park

We were away by 5:20 am!  Pretty good!  We  stopped for breakfast at a Tim Hortons just before Barrie.  We arrived at Algonquin about 10:30.  They had 2 lakefront campsites available so we drove around and decided they would take #76.  We booked it but can’t get into it u til 2pm.  We would t have got it though if we hadn’t arrived before 11.    We drove to the other electrical campground and found B, C and J.  After driving around a few times checking g to see if the people were out yet, they decided to u load the canoe and kayak on the beach and sit where they. Luke see when they left,  I stayed with BC and J.  We had some lunch, then went to the beach for a swim and to sit in the sun.  I cooked hotdogs and J made kale salad for supper.  Lemon blueberry loaf for dessert.  After looking for Cs car keys for about an hour, and then my IPhone ugh! We walked down to Win and Ms site.  It is nice,  had a fire going.  We walked back and went to bed early.

Monday, Aug. 20-Rock Lake, Algonquin Park

We got up about 8.  It was foggy at first but then cleared up.  We had breakfast and sat around talking until 11:30.  We packed a lunch to take to the beach but it was really windy down at the beach.  We swam and then came back to the campsite. We were all sitting quietly reading when Win and girls paddled over in the canoe for a visit.  We had rice, zucchini, corn and tinned roast beef for supper.

Tuesday, Aug. 21 – Rock Lake

it was dull and cloudy when we got up.  We had breakfast, drove around to see what Win was doing but they weren’t there.  We went to the visitor centre, saw a little movie and then went to the Art Gallery.  By now it was raining.  We thought we would see Win but they weren’t there.  We returned to the campsite and had cream of asparagus soup for lunch (except Min who can’t eat anything hot).  We read and dozed all afternoon as it was pouring rain.  We had chilli for supper and then drove around to check on Wins group.

Wed. Aug 22 – Algonquin

It rained most of the night but it had stopped raining this morning and it is windy. We went on the easy Railroad trail, came back and had lunch.  

I decided to go to the Fungi Amongst Us talk at the Art Centre so I drove Janet’s car there,  A tree had fallen on a hydro line so the hydro was put from there to Huntsville.  The ranger, Basil, said he had been in the agazebo behind the staff house and decided to go to bed about .12:30 and he just happened to,shine his light around and there were 4 moose lying down in the grass, 2 Mother’s and 2 babies.  He had walked about 5 feet away from them and they didn’t move.  He just saw the shine of their eyes.  Moose get upset stomachs when it rains maybe because of the change in air pressure so they always lie down.  

The fungus walk proceeded on a trail that isn’t public behind the art centre.  It was quite rugged.  Basil told us there are 1000 species of fungi in Algonquin, 10,000 in Ontario and 4 million in the world.   He told us about the Destroying Angel mushroom that is deadly poisonous.  It is tall and white with a flat white cap a d a basket at the root.  If you eat a quarter of one cap, you will get sick, then feel a bit better but 24 hours later you will be dead.  There is no antedote, no cure.  The Risouli mushroom is concave reddish on top and is eaten by animals, squirrels etc.  The Antimini? Mushrooms are either yellow or red with white spots are poisonous but not to animals.  The red varnish fungi growing out of dead hemlock trees feeds a certain type of beetle.  It grows that large in one season and will die and grow again the next year.  The mycelium are a big root system underneath the bark.  Ghost pipes aren’t fungi they’re plants with no chlorophyll.  After about an hour, Basil said we could either continue on around the lake or go back the way we came.  However, the trail disappears if you continue on, just keep going left around the lake, and you will come out on the highway and go left back to the art centre.  I carried on but the trail did disappear at one point and I was by myself!  I didn’t know which way to go somwaited for the group behind me to catch up and we figured it out. When I got back Min, Cindy and Jan were just leaving for a canoe ride.  I sat and had a rest and then we made omelet and fried potatoes for supper.  Bev And I went to Wins campsite After supper and sang songs around the campfire.  The kids enjoy this so much especially Puddin and Sugarplum.

Thursday, Aug. 23 – Whitefish Lake 

I went down to the beach at 9 and Win was already there, exchanging there big unruly canoe for a smaller one.  It was a nice sunny day again so we all decided to go out in the canoes, travelling down the little river to Whitefish Lake.  We stopped on a little beach and had something to eat, then paddled to the other side where there were some big rocks.  Mike was feeling uncomfortable in the rented canoe, he felt it was tippy but he is used to a kayak and he can’t kneel because he has bad knees.  We all paddled back to Rock lake and went swimming.  Mike and his kids paddled our yellow canoe back to heir campsite and Win drove her and the girls back.  

We had spaghetti for supper, the pasta was gluten free but was very good.  The. We all went to Wins campsite and sang around the campfire.  The kids love the bear song, Down by the Bay song and the Spectacle song.  After we were in bed, the ranger came and told us she was glad to see we were back as we had parked at the Booth trail parking and not put our camping receipt on the dash.  

Friday, Aug. 24- Logging Exhibit, Algonquin

We got up and had breakfast and drove to the logging exhibit hike where we met Win etc.  We all watched an interesting film and then the screen rose and we walked out to the trail.  It had lots of interactive and fun things for kids to climb on.  It was a really nice trail.  Janet and I had Win take a picture of us next to a 1953 International logging truck, the same age as us.  There was a nice steam engine for them to climb on too.  He 4 of us carried on into Whitney to buy some bread and look in the gift shop. 

Win and crew drove back to their campsite as they had to leave about 3 to drive Puddin and Sugarplum to Huntsville where A was picking them up because he wouldn’t agree time extend the hand off for 2 days or trade 2 days.  Kim was very upset about them having to go, we all were.  He doesn’t think about what is best for the girls, just what he wants.   

We sat and read in the sun after getting back to the campsite and then Min, Jan and I went for a swim.  We saw an Immature bald eagle flying over the lake.  We had Mac and cheese and tomatoes for supper. Win and M and his kids canoed over and came by to say hello.  A had arrived in Huntsville early but they told him they were having supper and made him wait as the agreed upon time was 6pm.  

Sat. Aug. 25/18- Rock Lake

We slept in a bit today.   Min and I went out for a canoe ride over to the petroglyphs on Rock Lake.  We found them and then paddled back.  It was spitting a bit.  We had cream of asparagus soup for lunch and it started to thunder and rain a lot.  We had planned to go on the Beaver Pond hike.  We sat and read while it rained.  Win and M stopped by and we all decided to go  the Opeongo store and got ice cream cones.  We had pancakes for supper

Sunday, Aug 26 – Home

We got up and everything was wet as it had rained during the night.  Ugh!  We were all packed and left by 11:30.  We made one stop at a special burger place off the highway for lunch and got home about 5:30.  The traffic was good.  Win and I have tomorrow off but M has to go to work.  

Clyde’s Birthday and a Movie

Sunday August 12 –  I went to church and when I came home Hubby was experiencing shortness of breath, no pain.  Just couldn’t get his breath.  I made him lie down and he went to sleep,for,a,couple of hours.  Then we went to Bros to celebrate Clyde’s birthday.  We all got there about 2 pm and went swimming and had a bbq and cake and icecream.  

Wednesday, Aug 15/18 – After work 5 of us from work went to the Pen, had some Asian food for supper from the food court and then went to see the movie, Crazy Rich Asian’s.  It was good.  Now we all want to learn how to play Mahjong! 

Long Weekend Fun

Friday morning, I called to arrange to have CAA pick up Hubbys bike but the collision place said it was totalled.  Hubby had thought it would be okay.  I was glad, he won’t be getting another one!  #1 Son and kids came over to see Hubby.  I called the insurance and made a claim, then I got his prescription and went in to work.

Janet arrived Friday night about 8:30 pm as the traffic was good.  Saturday, we met Bro and his wife at the Albright BBQ.  We had a hamburger and strawberry shortcake with mom.  Then Janet and I went to Bros for a swim.  The pool was great.  Next we drove to Swiss Chalet for supper and then to see the movie, Mama Mia Here we Go Again which was good.  We were.

Sunday we got things ready for our high School friends BBQ and then went shopping at Costco and Freshco.  Norm and Rose came for a visit and brought Hubby some Boost to drink as he is starving.  He has to drink everything through a straw.  Our high school friends came about 2 pm.  It was terribly hot and humid.  About 4:30 Bill BBQd the burgers. CH made a salad and a peach pie.  We put 4 candles on the cake and blew them out.  They left about 7.  We went down he basement to cool off and watch my pbs shows.  

Janet left about 7:30 on Monday morning.  I weed whipped the front yard and cut the grass in the ditch and did some weeding.  It was very hot again.  I had a rest and then picked some thimble berries and tomatoes.  #2 Son came over to see Hubby and he made a bee box while here.  It started to thunder and rain.  Hubbys foot is all black and now his bottom lip gum has a bump in it.  He goes to the ortho clinic at the hospital tomorrow.  

Motorcycle Accident

Ken had a motorcycle accident today.  He was coming off the qew at our exit and hit some sand or gravel and slid out of control.  His face hit the curb and guardrail.  No one else was involved.  The bike is totalled (glad because he’s not getting another one!). He’s lucky he had got a new helmet the day before.  His chin was sliced open right through. He had to have about 12stitches on the inside and then more on the outside.  He won’t be eating solid food for a while.  He also has 4 broken toes and many abrasions.  We got home from the hospital about 11 last night.