Church  was cancelled today because of the ice storm. It has been freezing rain all night.  The roads are bad.  Court was set for ‪tomorrow morning at 10‬.  The lawyers have been working all weekend back and forth.  Andrew has finally agreed to joint custody, 50/50 time, spousal and child support, everything she wanted and deserved.  He signed this afternoon including the divorce papers. They have to appear in court for the judge to give it a stamp of approval.  SO happy.  She can move into Rose ‪next Monday‬. M and the kids were here.  He made homemade chicken soup.  I had cold meat and buns and apple pie to go with it.

Yesterday I met a painter friend of the realtor at the condo and she gave us quotes. We have decided to get the whole thing painted. They can start next Thursday

Praying! And Full Moon?

Wins lawyer thinks we can settle before court. So we are hoping! I think A is running out of money. And he had a long list of witnesses and none of them have been called by his lawyer. Our lawyer called ours and talked to them to prepare them. I think it was all a bluff to scare her hoping she would back down. We are all praying hard that he will settle.
We went to visit Sis and Bro inLaws last night. He is looking much better and is back to work on a desk job, so that is good.
I wore my old Golden Girls jersey today to work in support of the Humbolt tragedy.
Going to the passport office today and then meeting the real estate lady at moms condo. I switched my late day as I have an auction Friday night.

Geez is it a full moon?
Had a lady in my office wanting me to fix her cell phone!  I couldn’t get rid of her. Then a whole line up of Mexicans and a really annoying guy wanting to transfer his rsps to stocks. Then a young guy just fainted and threw up all over the carpet.  Ambulance is on it’s way. What a night!

Lawyer and Bad Cold

I had an appointment to see Wins Lawyer Friday morning to prepare for court.  It went well.  He thinks I brought Win up very well and am very supportive of her.  I worked the auction yesterday, was in a really nice house in Fhill. Then I went to a wine and cheese at a friends to meet a refugee family and ask them questions. They were a really nice young couple with a 9 year old boy. My cold was really bad so I didn’t stay too long. I didn’t go to church today either as I felt rotten. I stayed home and did church books. W is meeting her lawyer tonight. Last ditch effort to agree on some of it before court. If he would only SIGN!

New house, kaleidoscopes

Last night I worked on photos for the Niagara Anglican paper. They are doing a full page spread about St.Js and wanted photos from me to print. #1 Son got their new house on Tuesday but didn’t get the key until late. Ken still has a bad cough and runny nose but he worked all day yesterday moving them. They got most of it done. Just the freezer and a few smaller things left to move today. They also emptied Moms place of furniture too.

I have to go get groceries for Easter this morning. Working late today. Don’t know if I should get turkey, ham or lamb. Tomorrow is Good Friday and then I have to work an auction on Saturday at a farm near here.

I went to the photo group meeting last night. It was all about software and SD cards and storage. It was quite interesting. Some of them are very knowledgeable. I stayed and asked a guy questions after so didn’t get home until 9:45. The FB photo group were doing kaleidoscope photos this week. I downloaded a free app. It is so much fun.

Saturday truck fix

We were going to go shopping for a grad dress for Maddy today but Brandy found out about a thing in April where they have all kinds of prom dresses etc for cheap and I had to babysit the boys. Brandy and Maddy came over and watched them while I went and saw mom. Hubby has been outside for the last 2 days trying to fix the starter on his truck. He finally got it done but it was so cold out and he already has a cough. Will make him rest tomorrow. Will go to church tomorrow and then babysit the boys after just til T wakes up at 3. Then we have another migrant worker service and dinner at night. Thursday night we went out to dinner at RJs with #2 Son and fam for Maddys birthday. Wednesday night we had s strengths seminar thing in Bville after work.

Birthday Pasta and Mom

I uploaded photos this morning. We all had a good time last night e en though A didn’t let the girls stay for supper. We celebrated Maddys birthday today. MB made rigatoni with homemade sauce, sausages and homemade meatballs. And garlic bread. I made Caesar salad. D and B brought the cake. #1 Son was working and T was sleeping. Again, I am so full.

Bro and Di went to see mom today and she was the exact opposite from yesterday, she kept falling asleep, they couldn’t keep her awake. It’s like she was on a high yesterday and a low today. I’m going to call tomorrow and see what they are giving her.

Moms Move & St. Paddy’s day dinner

Sat. March 17 – on Monday I did income tax and uploaded photos for the new church website all day.  Then I went to the dentist after supper. It was another hour and a half in the chair!!  Geez.

On Tuesday we got a call that we can move Mom into long term care at the retirement home in Btown. We are happy as their will be more staff to look after her better and it is cheaper and she can write it off her income tax. So on Thursday morning we met Bro and moved her and her clothes. It is a nice place with a big window and nice views. There is so much more going on, and they will take her to do stuff like bingo or whatever. At the other place she was stuck in her room by herself all day except when they came to take her to a meal.

On Thursdaythe sale of #1 sons house went through and their purchase of new house is March 27.  It was also Maddys birthday, she turned 14.

I got my prepaid visas yesterday so can go get my new phone. We are taking a chair, small table and a couple of lamps to moms todayand check on her. Win got a small pretty pink hydrangea in a pot to take up to her. And we got a small bouquet for the staff at the Old retirement place as a couple of them were really upset to see her go. The one was crying as she has looked after her for a long time, even when she was over In the condo.

Friday night I picked up a couple,e of ladies from church and we went to a pizza and movie night at the church in Btown. The move was called All Saints and was good. We had a look in the church as we had never been inside before.

We have a ham dinner at church for st. Patrick’s day today and Win helped arrange it and she has the girls dance school coming to perform at 5 and then dinner is at 6. A is saying the girls can’t go because Saturday is “his” night with them. Even though he takes them to every other dance out, they can’t go to this one. He’s such an ass! Win has already told the girls about the dance out and they know M and the kids are coming. She has tomorrow off so I told her to stick like glue to the girls and not let him take them anywhere else and just take them! And let the dance teacher know because she is on his list of witnesses. We’ll see what happens.

OMG! Mom is like a different person! She was talking a blue streak!  She was talking about her friend Mary’s funeral and how she didn’t think she could go because she had nothing to wear and she told me she had a muffin for lunch. As it was ‪10:30‬, I said I think it was breakfast.  I said do you like it here?  She said yes but it’s a bit quiet.  I said but there is lots more people around (we were in the common room and they were all in their wheel chairs).  She said yes, but they all just sleep all the time!  Then she started talking about some news she had seen on TV about a mother killing her 5 children.  She said they are giving her a big green pill that is hard to swallow.  Like she was so much more with it and alert so I think they have her on a new medication but I think maybe the dose is a wee bit too high. Maybe they could lower it just a bit.

i am babysitting the boys and will take them to the ham dinner later.  They played outside and got kind of muddy while I picked up dog poop.

Abstract photos, Icedogs & Peter Rabbit

It has been a busy week. Tuesday night we had an engagement staff meeting after work. Wednesday, #2 Son and the Goober came over with his 4 wheeler thing to fix. I went to Euchre night at the church. Thursday night, I had free Icedog tickets so me, #2 Son, the Goober and his friend went to the game for 6:30. It was good, they won 8-2. Friday night I worked late, Saturday I worked, then went to visit Mom. She wasn’t so good, i had to keep telling her what to do in Triominoes. They have a wheelchair for her now. The girl said she doesn’t eat much. Hubby bought the new carpet for her condo den and #1 Son helped him carry it up. I joined an Abstract Artistic Photography group on facebook. It isn’t open to the public, they have to accept you. There are some really interesting photos. I spend a lot of time looking through it. They had a “challenge” to post something all green. I posted by Costa Rica Canopy picture. It got 4 likes which wasn’t bad for the first time posting on there and there are almost 5000 in the group..

Today, Win and I an the girls went to Coras for breakfast, then went to church. I had parish council. They went to the park with the dog. Then we went to see the Peter Rabbit movie. Hubby had a nice roast beef dinner ready for us when we returned. A nice start to their March break. They are going to the sugar bush tomorrow. I will probably do income tax.

Abstract Photos and electing a new Bishop

Wed. Feb 28/18 – i had Monday off and Win and I went shopping for a new phone for me. I decided I should order prepaid Visa cards with my points from work to go towards it but now I have to wait 3 weeks for them.

I went to an Abstract photography class in Grimsby. It was quite interesting and the people were very friendly. We learned different techniques for lighting and backgrounds etc. After that a man showed his pictures of his trip to Ireland but they weren’t very good.

Sat. Mar 3 – Thursday I worked late and it was the last day for Rsps. Friday night we had an auction in the parish hall. Today, Pam and I went to synod in Hamilton to elect a new bishop as I am the lay delegate for our church. It was quite interesting. It started with registration then a service with Eucharist, then some speeches, then instructions on how to use the voting clickers. There was a break in between each ballot while they tallied the votes etc. There were 5 ballots before a majority in both “houses” (lay and clergy votes are kept separate) was declared. We really wanted Susan to be elected and she was! It was all over by 2pm. Came home and went to visit mom for a bit.

Family Day & stomach scope

Monday, Feb 19/18 Family Day.
Yesterday I went to the new minister, Pam’s induction at church. I took pictures. We had a nice dinner in the gym afterward.

Today we all went to the free skate at the Jordan arena. It was nice, not many there. We came back here and had snacks for lunch, buns and cheese, tomatoes, cukes and carrots, grapes and apples. We sat around the fire while the kids played cards and games. We had lasagna, Caesar salad, meatballs and coleslaw leftover from the induction yesterday, and cake.

Saturday, Feb 24/18. Hubby had a stomach scope done this morning and couldn’t drive afterwards. They said he has acid reflux so I guess that’s not so bad. After I picked him up, I went to see mom before work. Yesterday she fell, twice. The first she just fell on her knees but the second time, she hit her head and has bad bruises on her forehead. I called the doctor and he said he will go see her today. I have to work again as another girl needed to switch.

Sunday Feb 25/28 We have about 100 migrant workers coming for supper at the church. They play soccer or something in the gym about 4, then eat, then have a Spanish service in The church. I made coleslaw again as I still had cabbage left. I’m sad the olympics are over. I so like watching them. They made Feb go by fast. Very windy here today. Wind is cold. Will help dry things up though. Girls are at a birthday party in Welland.  There was a mixup with the times but the migrant workers finally got there about 6, had a beautiful service in Spanish with guitar music and then the meal afterward. We finished the dishes etc about 8:30.