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A 58 year old mother of 3, grandmother of 4 (so far) who likes to travel, sew, knit, garden and read.

Insurance, Dinner and Movie

Yesterday, they came to pick up the burned motorcycle but then decided they couldn’t take it. So Hubby asked the farmer down the road if he would put it in our truck with his forklift which he did and Hubby took it to the scrap yard.  He got $40 for it.  We also got the money from the insurance, so that was good.  I went to work and then went down to see mom after.  She was pretty dozy, couldn’t stay awake.

We went out with D and R to Kelsey’s.   D. and I had the Asian salad but it wasn’t good at all, they have changed it. No oranges or almonds and we had to ask where the chicken was.  The waitress was brand new and ordered us the lunch salad instead of dinner or something.  There was only lettuce and Dried cranberries and sauce for $15!  We complained and they brought us grilled chicken to add to it and gave us 2 free desserts and then they just charged $12 not $15.  Anyway the movie, Skuscraoer with Dwayne Johnson was okay but a lot of fire which wasn’t good for Hubby. 

New Motorcycle

Hubby is driving me crazy looking for a new motorcycle.  He found one in Bville and the owner is a girl who works at the home where mom lives. He ended up buying it for $4500.  It is 2005 Suzuki Boulevard 800 cc.  Hubby drove it home with no license plate or insurance, I followed close behind him.

We had an employee appreciation day at work so had pizza and popcorn and watched a movie on our lunch.  The restaurant on the corner burnt down.  On Saturday, at the lavender festival in NOTL 34 cars caught fire that were parked in a field.  

Babysitting and Panic Attack

On Saturday, I babysat the girls.  We were supposed to go to a strawberry social at the old folks home but it was cancelled because of an outbreak.  We picked mullberries and Bro and wife came and picked some by putting a tarp under the tree and shaking it.  Much faster but you get a lot of twigs etc with the berries.  The girls painted,and then I took Puddings to her guitar lesson uptown.  A showed ten minutes before it was over, so annoying.  We went home and they had a tea party on the deck with their dolls.  Win came home and took them shopping, then came back for supper.  After supper we went on a hike.  A nice day, beautiful weather.

On Sunday Win messaged me that she had a leak and the kitchen ceiling had a water mark on it.  I told Hubby who is so tired of all the work over there as there is always something.  When I came home from church, he was having a meltdown, he was crying and depressed and started having a panic attack.  I think the business with the motorcycle and everything just got to him.  I called the Pencil and she came over and talked to him for about an hour and he calmed down.  He seems okay today.

New Freezer and Rotten Meat

Bro didn’t have his usual Canada Day pool party this year as they are in the middle of renovating their kitchen so we just stayed home.  I didn’t go to church on Sunday, it was very hot and humid so I got up early and worked in the garden until it became unbearable.  I saw a bunny in the veg garden so we weed whipped the edges looking for it and fixed the fence so it can’t get back in.  Then in the afternoon Hubby saw a freezer for sale on FB so we messaged and they said we could go see it.  It was only 3 years old and nice so we bought it for $100., a good deal!  One of the photos I put on the photo page got 43 likes, the most I’ve ever had!!  

On Monday, I did some more weeding first thing and then we cleaned out all of the freezers.  #2 Son came and helped carry it down the cellar and later we filled it.  We had some old soup bones that didn’t look so good so we put them in he green bin which was a big mistake because now they stink to high heaven and are full of maggots im sure.  Ew!  I had nightmares about rotten meat!  It was terribly hot so we sat in the basement and slept down there too. I visited Mom and thenWin came over and we talked Hubby into going for Chinese food for supper.

the insurance adjuster still hasn’t come.  Hubby and Norma went to get chicken wings for supper last night and she fell of the stool in the restaurant.  She is ok, she hurt her back though.  The neighbour on the other side is in hospital too.

Very Hot and Tick?

Cleaned out all 3 freezers.  Had to go and buy a new garbage can and green bin as all ours were burnt.  Geez they are expensive.  I got 3 green bins at the auction last year for a dollar each.  Had to pay $30 for a new one.  The whole side of Kens truck is burnt, anywhere there was plastic.  The tail lights on the trailer are melted but the trailer is ok.  He was afraid the tires might blow but they didn’t.  The fire fighters said it is lucky our garage is metal otherwise it would have gone up too.  Can’t clean any of it up until the insurance adjuster sees it on Tuesday.  Sat inside watching blue jay game and photoshopping pictures of our trip.  BBQ steaks, baked pots, squash and green beans for supper.  

Had a message from A and W that Rora had a bug in her head, it may be a tick they aren’t sure.  He took her to the clinic and got medication.  She had told me she had something in her hair on Monday but I couldn’t see anything and I was busy getting supper.  I feel so bad, I should have looked more carefully.  I feel sick.  I hope she is okay.

Burnt Motorcycle

Hubbys motorcycle burst into flames while sitting in our driveway today. Ken was over at Norma’s and someone driving by noticed and stopped.  Don’t know what caused it.  They had to call the fire department.  He has a couple of blisters on his hands from when he move his truck away from it.  The heat was intense.  There was a weather heat warning today as it felt like 40 C.  

Grade 8 Grad

I worked Saturday so had Monday off.  I worked in the flower gardens.  Hubby cleaned the eavestrough as the basement was leaking by the lilac bush.  Then he fixed the shingles that had come off the garden shed and then fixed the garbage box.  Win brought the girls for me to babysit as she had a work party.  I took them strawberry picking and then we had roast beef for supper.  Win got an email from her lawyer saying A has got a mortgage through a broker and it will close the end of July.

I got off work at 4 and we went to #2 Sons and car pooled to Maddys graduation.  She is such a tomboy but she was all dressed up and had her hair and nails done.  Beautiful!  We took some pictures before we left.  It was at a Club with a sit down dinner.  There were only 15 graduates but the room was full and decorated.  The dinner was very good.  Then they presented the diplomas and the awards.  She received 2 awards, one for outstanding volunteering and one for the DSBN student success.  We got home about 10:30.

Home, BBQ, sick

Friday night Janet and I hardly got any sleep, must be jet lag. We were up at 5 Saturday morning and she left at 5:30 but retuned as her car brakes were making a terrible noise.  We called CAA and they came and looked at it but weren’t helpful.  The Toyota place opened at 8 so she left at 7:30 but after driving around getting gas and a coffee, they stopped making the noise so she decided to just drive home as she would have had to wait for an opening at the Toyota place.  They all said it was just from sitting for 2 weeks with the humidity.

I did 3 loads of washing, emptied my suitcase, did some shopping and picked 4 quarts of strawberries.  It was the first picking of the season and they were lovely and big and sweet.

On Sunday I weeded the flower garden but it was very hot and humid.  After lunch we all went to #1 Sons for a Father’s Day/Masons Birthday/House Warming BBQ.  They have fixed their yard all up and # 1 Son put together a jungle gym set for the kids and a new natural gas BBQ.  Tias and Effendi and Chlovie are there for a week too.  I didn’t have to cook anything for a change so it was very nice. 

Monday it was back to work and I was so busy.  Win came over last night for supper and we did a budget for her.  I have the virus that was going around the cruise ship, I cant stop coughing, I had a sore throat which seems to be better today, Wednesday.  I stayed home from work and have a doctors appointment

Trip home and Review

We got up about 7 and had our last buffet breakfast.  We missed saying goodbye to Carol and Darlene as they had received a call that their car was coming early.  They sent us a message.  The bus left the ship just after 10 and our Air CAnada flight was to leave at 1 pm but was 50 minutes late taking off.  

Review of 10th Trip

It was a good trip and we would recommend Avalon however, it just wasn’t adventurous enough for us at this point in our lives, maybe when we are older?

We estimate that about half the passengers on the ship were sick with a cold.  Everybody had terrible coughs, some even had bronchitis, some had to ask to get a doctor on board, and or get medication from pharmacies.  Janet got a bad cough but took drugs right away.  The crew of the ship didn’t seem to notice, they didn’t make people use the hand sanitizers before meals or when boarding the ship like other cruises we have been on.

We also didn’t realize that the sky deck would be out of bounds for 4 or 5 days as the ship is too high to fit under a lot of the bridges.  The skydeck was nice to sit on and get some sun but the lounge chairs up there were very uncomfortable.  The main lounge was also usually very cold.  We both thought the food was good, there were a lot of choices.  The staff were friendly and we loved the cruise director, Bram.  He was very nice, funny and interesting.  

Budapest, Hungary

We had breakfast early so we could take pictures of our arrival in Budapest (pronounced, Buda-pescht by the Europeans).  It was pouring rain this morning but we stood out under the front of the ship and took pictures of the many bridges crossing the river, the Neo-Gothic Hungarian Parliament buildings and other landmarks.  There are 11 bridges and 2 tunnels connecting t(e two sides of the city.  Some went on a walking tour of the city but we were glad we had opted for the bus tour as it just poured rain all morning.  It was impossible to take photos from the bus.  

Budapest is one of the largest cities in Europe with a population of 2.5 million.  The people originally migrated here from Asia not Europe.  It was originally 2 cities, Buda and Pest until it was joined by bridges crossing the Danube.  Most of the buildings are fairly new.  Andrassy Avenue connects the city centre to Hero’s Square and is all part of the UNESCO site.  We passed thermal hot springs, the largest natural medicinal spa bath in

Europe.  The temperature is 74C.  We drove into the Jewish part of the city, past the largest synagogue which can seat 3000 people.  The Gestapo took it over during the war and used it as a headquarters.  In the 1950s it was taken over by the communists and the KGB who tortured many people.  We saw the Weeping Willow sculpture memorial created by actor Tony Curtis who was a Hungarian Jew. Gradually in the 1990s the communism started to change to privatization.  Under communism there was zero unemployment and many were paid for doing no work but with privatization many lost their jobs.  This is about the time there was an influx of Hungarian gypsies into Canada trying to make money illegally.

We stopped at Matthias Church and got out of the bus and walked.  It is a new classic Roman Catholic minor basilica built in 1905.  The raven on the top was the heraldic animal of King Matthias.  We walked around the Fisherman’s bastion which provided panoramic views of the city.  We browsed in some little shops with many Russian dolls and embroidered tops and tablecloths.

We returned to the ship, had lunch which included Hungarian goulash, booked our seats for our flight home and then packed and napped until tea time.  Although we missed tea as they had changed it to 3 pm.  For supper, we sat with our new friends Carol and Darlene, sisters from BC.  I had Hungarian noodles for dinner but they were very salty, Janet had chicken.  After supper we boarded the bus for a night time tour of lights.  We drove to the top of a hill and were able to walk along and take pictures of the city lights below.  Then we drove back to the Danube and walked along the opposite shore to the Parliament buildings and took more photos.  We then drove back along the shore of the Danube to our ship.