Four Day Weekend

Friday was a nice sunny day so we worked outside all day.  I weeded flower gardens, cut the grass with the riding mower and cut the grass in the ditch etc with the push mower. B stained Dads old bench and table.  B picked up some nice cushions for the bench she stained.  Hubby cemented in a new post for the porch staircase.  I was so tired, I had 16,500 steps.  Saturday morning it was pouring rain so me, Hubby and #2 son cleaned out the garage.  It was great! #2 Son got him to throw out a lot of stuff and scrap a lot.  I had a shower then went to the tea and fashion show at the church.  It was fun.  I bought some annuals and planted them.  On Sunday I went to church, defrosted the extra freezer  and mostly rested until B and I went back to church at 5:30 to do the salad for the migrant worker dinner.  We got home at 9.  Today Hubby and put the chicken wire up around the veggie garden and then I got groceries.  I made a leg of lamb with fresh mint sauce and asparagus for supper.  I a,so made a shepherds pit for tomorrow.  I went to pick up the pork from work but the traffic was terrible, stop and go everywhere.