Mothers Day to Victoria Day

Sunday, May 12 – Mother’s Day – Yesterday, Brandy and I made a rhubarb mullberry pie and a homemade chocolate pie for the bbq today.  I got caught up on the church books. And the Goober helped me get all the patio furniture out of the barn.  It was too cold to eat outside so we cleaned up the dining room and ate inside.  We played scrabble.  #1 Son and wife gave me a bunch of roses, the others gave me 2 metal heron garden ornaments that light up at night.

Sunday, May 20– I worked yesterday and then went to see Mom.  She was  very alert, talking and asking questions.  I showed her a photo album and pointed out people like Miriam Milburn and Mary Tufford etc.  She quite enjoyed that.  I went to church and we had parish council after.  About 2 we all drove to Grimsby to a lagoon that has been made into a park and went for a family hike.  We saw some tree swallows, not too many birds.  Afterwards we all had to pick ticks off our clothes. Ew!  We came home and had ham, fresh asparagus, mashed pots and cheese sauce and rhubarb muffins for dessert. 

On Monday, Victoria Day, I did some housework, laundry, vacuuming, made a ham casserole etc.  It was cool and cloudy.

Tuesday, May 21 – I had the day off so Hubby, B and I got a load of firewood from these people on Marketplace.  They lived out in the country and had a bunch of chickens, guinea fowl, ducks etc.  Brought it home and stacked it all.  Then we cleaned off the back porch and out the carpet down. Made sloppy joes and spinach salad for supper, then I went to the dentist for a cleaning.