Moms 97th Birthday & Outings

Wednesday night – went to euchre, Thursday did church books in the morning and worked late, had an auction Friday night, worked Saturday.

Sunday, I went to church and did some gardening, then Around 4 pm we picked up some take out food and met at the home where Mom lives to celebrate her 97th birthday.  We had booked the family room.  We sat around the large table and ate, had cake and talked.  We left about 7:30.  Mom was good and stayed awake the whole time,which is unusual.  She liked looking at the new baby.

On Monday night I went out with people from work to a pub in BVille.  It was except the waitress charged us for Halibut and chips and we had asked for the Haddock and chips that was on special $10 cheaper.  I complained and she changed my bill, nobody else did.

Tuesday night Brandy drove her and me and Carol to a little playhouse theatre in Hamtown to see the movie “The Mustang”.  It was good but there was hardly anyone in the audience, only about 7 people!

Wednesday night I went to the Photo Club.  There was a guest photographer speaker that Bro had seen already so he didn’t go.  It was good but I kept drifting off, had a hard time keeping my eyes open.

Thursday morning Brandy and I went to Costco and did some cleaning.  We have all been competing with our Fitbits.

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