Vendor Fair, Photos, Dr.

Sunday, April 28/19

I went to church and since it was so nice out, sunny but a cold wind, I dug roots out with the grub hoe back by the cherry tree and Hubby raked it up.  After supper I went back to church to help,with the Migrant worker dinner.  I got home about 8:30.  On Saturday, we had our vendor fair at the church.  It went well for the first one. I bought some Voxx socks, a lava bracelet and some Norwex.  After the fair we went to #2 Sons as he is tearing down his house.  We took the Goober to ball hockey.  He is the goalie. They lost 6-1.  We drove him home to his mothers.  I finished doing my photos from South Africa! Saturday night B and I had to go and pick #2 son up at his friends.  I drove his truck home.

Tuesday, Apr 30 – Shingles Vaccine

I got the shingles vaccine today.  I met the new doctor who replaced Dr. mike.  She is nice but young.  She checked the abscess on my groin.  She said it should just go away on its own. Tomorrow night is euchre