Giraffes, Globetrotters, Guests

Monday, April 1 – I went back to work today.  Am still tired from the time change.  

Sunday, April 7 – we had an auction yesterday at one of my members houses whose family had lived there over a hundred years.  I didn’t buy anything.  Rick said he is going to retire soon and no one is taking over the business.  It is a shame because we all love working them.

Went with Bro to see The Woman who Loves Giraffes tonight.  Good movie. Shafted by the universities because she was a woman.  Ann Dagg was there to answer questions afterwards.  Nice little theatre in Hamilton just been redone.  

Saturday, April 13- Last.Monday night I went to the meet and greet for the new Spanish minister for the migrant workers at the church. Tuesday night Win and the girls and I went to the church to help make palm crosses for next Sunday.  Wednesday night I went to Photo Club.  It was all about long exposures.  Thursday night I work.  Friday night Win and kids and I went to the Harlem Globetrotters game.  The girls did Scottish dancing at the half time.  It was fun.  Saturday I worked and then went to see Mom.  YesterdaY #2 Son and family moved into our house as he is tearing his down.

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