#1 Sons 40th Birthday

We had a surprise party for #1 Son tonight.  I got off work early in lieu of the RSP call night.  The girls from work went out for lunch with Kayla who was down from Ottawa.  She told us she is pregnant.  I just had coffee while they had lunch.  I hurried off afterwards to pick up the cake and then went home to get Hubby to help me pick up the other food.  When we got it out to the car, he couldn’t find the keys!  He searched his pockets and couldn’t find them. I said he must have dropped them in the washroom but no, he finally found them. Ugh!  Off we went to #1 Sons.  His wife brought him back about 7  as they got stuck in traffic.  He was surprised.  It was a little disappointing as his friends that said they would come didn’t show up but we still had a good time.

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