Feb 15 – 20 Packing and Pedis

 I worked Saturday, went the Vestry meeting on Sunday?  Hubbys tests all came back fine except now he has pulled a muscle or something in his leg and can hardly walk!  I was afraid it might be a blood clot but it’s not moving. He put a tenser bandage on it and is a bit better.  On Monday I did my ironing and did a lot of packing for our trip.  It was family day but Win was away in Austin Texas with her boyfriend for the weekend.  On Tuesday, I went to Henry’s and bought a new tripod.  I got the church books up to date and made a shepherds pie for supper.  I ordered our SA rand and ordered the food for #1 Sons 40th Birthday party on .friday.  I picked the girls up from daycare and Win picked up Maddy.  They had supper and then we all went for a pedicure for their birthdays.  Tonight we had an RSP call night.  I have been so busy at work!  I have been trying to learn more about manual settings on my camera before our trip.  Tuesday night I took photos of the full moon.

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