Ice storm, Ps Birthday, Valentines

Euchre was cancelled on Feb 6 because of an ice storm.  The 7 of us that went to work on Tuesday got off early at noon because of the bad weather.  I went home and had a lovely day knitting and reading by the fire.  We had a fire almost every day!  On Thursday morning I went to the knitting circle at church.  The ladies are knitting toques for the migrant workers. I also took a lot of winter photos of the ice

On Saturday Feb 9, I babysat the girls.  We baked a cake and they made valentines and then I dropped them off at dancing and went and got groceries.  They stayed for supper.   On Sunday I went to church and then M and Win and kids came over for Puddins birthday. Hubby bbq’d peameal bacon and hotdogs.  I made coleslaw and macaroni salad but none of his family ate anything but hotdogs and chips.  They are even fussy about the chips they eat.  So annoying!  

On Tuesday there was another ice storm so our RSP call night was cancelled.  Hubby had an ultrasound and X-ray.  Wednesday night Feb 13 I went to the Photo Club meeting. Some good videos on composition.  Tonight, Hubby and I went out for dinner for Valentine’s Day at Ls Family .restaurant.  We thought we would try it.  It was a little country place, good food.  Only 3 other couples were there besides us.  The food was good.  Hubby

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