Robbie Burns, The Price is Right

Saturday Jan 19 th Hubby and I drove to the Robbie Burns dinner in the truck after work as it was blizzardy.  We got lost and had to call Win but we finally made it just in time.  A was there by himself, sat at a different table to us.  W had her friend Laura and her daughter who just started dancing and Laura’s friend from work (my age) and her 96 year old mother all at our table. It was good. The haggis smelled like feet. Lol it was disgusting! Ken ate it. The mushy peas were wonderful, I asked for extra and the lamb stew was good and I love the mashed potatoes mixed with turnip and green onions, roast beef and Sticky toffee pudding and apple crisp and shortbread for dessert. Was so full!  The girls danced, we ate and we went home about 9.  

On the Sunday we woke up to about 6 inches of snow so I didn’t go to church and parish council was cancelled.  I stayed home and read my book. Monday I was off and stayed home puttering around the house.  We had a fire both days.  On Tuesday I went to a stewardship meeting at the beacon.  On Friday the boys brought the dogs for us to look after as they were going over the river to be on the Price Is Right Show.  I got my hair cut this saturday at Barbies.  Sunday we had a long parish council meeting.  It is still cold today so had another fire.  

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