Busy Week

Last Thursday morning we had a church budget meeting and then I worked late.  Saturday I worked on the church books and the Carolyn picked me up and we went to the Winter Wine Fest to volunteer from 4 pm to 7 pm.  We were in a tent selling tokens.  It was cold and very busy, so busy we ended up working until 8:30.  Then we walked around and had some wine and ani dwindled cream filled donut and a butter tart and then went home.  My feet were frozen!

On Sunday I went to church, and after lunch Hubby and I visited Mom, the I met Dianne at the movie theatre and we saw “The Basis of sex”.  It was good, then we went to Kelsey’s for supper. Watched the new Queen Victoria series on TV.  

Yesterday we stayed late for a staff meeting and had antipastos for supper.  Tonight we went out with the suction gang toLinguinis pasta bar.  I am so full!  I work late tomorrow night and have an auction at the church Friday night, then I work Saturday and then we go to see the girls do Scottish dancing at the Robbie Burns dinner.  Sunday I have parish council.  By next Monday I will be dead tired!

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