New Years Eve and Polar Bear Dip

On Sunday I went to church then came home and read my book for a while,  about 3:30 I decided to go for a skate at the M centre.  I drove around and around looking for a parking spot finally found one.  I thought it was a free skate but turns out you had to pay.  Skated for a while but the ice was rough and I fell, so left.  Worked on Monday.  We were very short staffed and it was busy.  We didn’t do anything for New Year’s Eve, just sat by the fire, watched TV and read.

Today, January 1st, Bro and I decided to do the Polar Besr Dip in Lake Ontario.  We drove to Bros house and went together.  We paid $25 to register and got a T-shirt.   Everyone ran into the water at the same time at 2 p,m.  The temperature was +4C but the wind was very cold and the lake was brown and wavy.  The beach was all large stones.  Even with our water shoes on it was hard to walk on them, they were slippery and it was steep going into the water.  But we did it!!  We went in and got back out.  It was freezing but we had a robe and towels and out our coat back on.  We rushed back to the car and took our water shoes off.  Our feet and hands were freezing.  Hubby started the car and got the heater going.  By the time we got back to Bros we were warm.  We took some pictures and got changed.  Bros wife made a beef stew, potatoes, green beans and Yorkshire puddings for supper with chocolate cheesecake for dessert.