Christmas, Boxing Day, Hockey

Tuesday, Dec 25 – Christmas 2018 – I worked until 3 pm yesterday. I was busy at work.  Came home and had BLTs for supper then Hubby and I went to church at 7. Bro came alone as his wife hurt her back.  Win and kids were in Buffalo at Ms until late Last night then came home so they were home this morning.  We got up about 7:30 and it is starting to snow!! Yea!  Win and kids came over about 11.  A picked them up at noon.  We all opened presents and then had dinner about 4.  A nice Christmas.  

Boxing Day we got and did all the dishes, cleaned up, vacuumed and made meatballs and veggie and cheese trays to take to get together at #1 Sons.  Rose was sick so didn’t come and oldest nephew and wife weren’t there either but everyone else was.  A good time.

Saturday, Dec 29 – I met Bro and wife at the nursing home. We took mom down to listen to a pianist playing Christmas songs.  Bro and I decided to enter the Polar Bear dip on Nee Years day.  It is on both our bucket lists. Then I went home and had lunch and read until it was time to leave for the Goobers hockey game.

Wow what a hockey game. In the first 6 seconds Goober got smashed into the boards like a bug on a windshield!  He was down for a long time but he’s okay.  Later he got a goal to tie it up 3/3 but they scored and won 4/3.  Several times there were 3 players from both teams In the penalty box at the same time.  And after the game a couple of the parents were in Each other’s face. Geez!

Came home, had supper and read by the fire.  

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