Hurt Back and Dancing

Friday night we had an auction at the church.  I did t buy anything.  When I got home Hubby wasn’t feeling good.  His back hurt and it hurt when he breathed.  Saturday morning I had to go to work but I called and got him in the see the doctor who sent him for xrays and thinks he has a broken rib.  I didn’t go for a skate.

Today, I went to church, then had parish council afterwards, then Win and I went to the girls Scottish dance recital for 3 pm.  After supper I went to the Lessons and carol service at the church. Hubby was going to go but he was too sore. Bro and wife came.  Tomorrow I told Win I would help her clean her house if she would help me buy my Xmas gifts.  I haven’t bought one yet! Yikes!