Advent, Fall, Birthday

Sunday, Dec 2 – I started posting a photo-a-day for Advent.  I went to church.  It was so warm and sunny out! I cut evergreens for my urn a d then I did my Christmas cards.  

Saturday Dec 8 – I had an auction outside at a house today.  It was cold but I was dressed warmly enough. Hubby drove by As house today because I bought a bbq at the auction And there was a uhaul trailer in his driveway.  Maybe his girlfriend is moving in.  Hubby took the bbq out of his truck at home and fell on his back.  He almost passed out.  Now he is really sore. Geez he will never wait for me to help him!

On Wednesday I went to euchre.  Win showed up to decorate for the concert on Sunday.  We took the girls for a pedicure and manicure today. I paid for Sugarplum, That was her birthday gift.  I went had supper and then went for a skate at the arena. I had to wait for the Brock U girls to finish their hockey game, it was tied but they lost, good hockey though.  

Sunday, Dec 9 – Win and girls went to church.  I brought Puddin home after and we iced Sugarplums cake while Win and her got groceries.  Then we all went to the concert at the church with a wine and cheese reception afterward.  Then we went home and everyone came over for supper.  I made 2 lasagnas and spinach mandarin orange salad. 

Monday, Dec 10 – I had the day off so did all the dishes from yesterday and vacuumed and cleaned up.  Then Hubby and I went to visit Mom and happened to meet Bro in the parking lot so we all went in and took her down to the cafeteria. There was a bake sale going on so we bought some butter tarts and had coffee and talked for an hour or so.  In the afternoon I did church books.