Ramsey, Party’s, Show

Sunday, Nov. 18 – I put up the rest of the Christmas lights outside and then went to church.  I read the recap of the Synod but I was so hot and nervous, the sweat was dripping down my face. Geez!  We had parish council after.  Then I watched part of the eastern final CFL game between Ticats and red blacks.  Ticats lost so went out and picked up brush etc and loaded trailer.  

Tues we had a stewardship meeting at the harbour restaurant and Wednesday we had a Staff meeting after work.  Thurs I worked late, I put the Christmas tree up and will let the girls decorate it on Sunday.  Friday, I had the day off so I vacuumed and we put the outdoor carpet away then we cleaned up the workshop.  You couldn’t even move in there but you can now.   We are both exhausted.  We went to Walmart and got a new heating pad.  Saturday I am going to make 2 quiches and a ham and scalloped potatoes for Sunday when everyone comes for Wins birthday.  Then we are going to the Copacabana for our work Christmas party.

Hubby didn’t go to the Copa, he stayed home.  So I had to drive. I picked up carol who wasn’t ready so we got away late.  I drove to the restaurant and as we pulled up out front, a shuttle was pulling out from behind it. I told Carol to roll her window down and ask where they came from.  He said follow me. So we let him in and followed him.  He took us to a big private gate that Carol thought looked like a cemetery!  Anyway we left the car and he took us to the restaurant and gave us a phone # to call when ready to go home.  After he left, Carol said, I hope he comes when we call I don’t know where your car is! And I said me either!  But it was fine, we had dinner and called and he came and got us.  

Sunday, Nov 25 – I went to church, and we had stewardship Meeting afterward,  it was over about 1:30.  I went home and had a rest before everyone came for dinner for Wins birthday.  The girls decorated our Christmas tree.

Monday, Nov 26 – After work, I went to the dentist and had a permanent crown put on, then I went to #2 sons to say goodbye to his dog, a beautiful Rottweiler Ramsey, who was cancer and has to be put down on Tuesday.  #2 Son and I went to the Goobers hockey game.

Saturday, Dec 1st – on Wednesday I went to a seminar about astrophotography.  It was interesting but too complicated for me.  Friday, I had the day off.  I took Sophie to the vet for her shots.  She will be 4 in a couple of weeks and weighs 96 lbs.  I did some washing and the dishes, then we took a load to the scrap yard.  We had 500 lbs so got $50.  I worked an auction at the church at night.  Today I went to work, then visited Mom, then we went out to dinner at Swiss Chalet and then saw Bohemian Rhapsody at the show.  It was good.