Last night there was a very strong wind.  When Hubby went into the garage this morning to measure the arbor on the chop saw so he could buy a new blade to cut Wins baseboard, the saw was gone! He looked all over for it to no avail.  He thought maybe someone borrowed it but don’t think so.  Also the old motorbike was knocked over.  At first he thought it was the wind, but it’s too heavy and he thinks whoever took the saw knocked it over.  We do t think they took anything else.  It’s weird.  When Hubby went to bed last night there was a car sitting with its lights on next 3 doors down for the longest time.  

We had a call night after work so I missed the photo club meeting.  I stopped off at euchre but they had enough players so I didn’t stay.  Tomorrow night I am going to a wealth seminar at a local winery after work.