Come From Away, Baseboard, Dentist

Sunday, Nov 11 – Remembrance Day – it is the 100th Anniversary of the end of WW1.  All the church bells across Canada were to be rung at 4 pm.  Pretty cool.

I worked yesterday.  Today Diane and I went on a CAA trip to see Come From Away in Toronto.  It is about the Newfoundlanders and 911.  We had lunch at Quinn’s Irish pub first.  I had the salmon.  The show was at the Royal Alex and was really good.  We got home about 6 pm.  

Tuesday, Nov 13  I had yesterday off.  We had bought the baseboard for Rose St and we borrowed a saw from our nephew.  Win helped us too as Hubby has bronchitis and wasn’t feeling good.  We got it all on though.  I had to race to the dentist at 3 pm where I had a crown put in and a wisdom tooth pulled.  We babysat the boys overnight as it was # 1 Sons 7th Anniversary.  It rained on Tuesday and we were both tired so didn’t do much.  Win dyed my hair Wed. Night

Saturday, Nov17 – I went to the barber yesterday morning but she was late so they said to come back today.  I went shopping instead and bought 2 pairs of boots.  I went today and got my hair cut.  Then went to a potluck lunch for the new Canadian family.  We all brought a dish from our ancestry, somhere was lasagna, pierogies, meat pies, baklava, trifle. Butter tarts. I took shepherds pie that Hubby made for me.  He didn’t want to go.  And we had wine, punch, ice wine and coffee.  On the way home I stopped at the Pen and bought a new winter coat st the Bay as they had a big sale.  Put some of the Xmas lights up outside. Hoping to go for a skate after supper.  My face has been hurting the last couple of days because of the wisdom tooth/ crown.  Have to keep taking Tylenol.


Last night there was a very strong wind.  When Hubby went into the garage this morning to measure the arbor on the chop saw so he could buy a new blade to cut Wins baseboard, the saw was gone! He looked all over for it to no avail.  He thought maybe someone borrowed it but don’t think so.  Also the old motorbike was knocked over.  At first he thought it was the wind, but it’s too heavy and he thinks whoever took the saw knocked it over.  We do t think they took anything else.  It’s weird.  When Hubby went to bed last night there was a car sitting with its lights on next 3 doors down for the longest time.  

We had a call night after work so I missed the photo club meeting.  I stopped off at euchre but they had enough players so I didn’t stay.  Tomorrow night I am going to a wealth seminar at a local winery after work.  

Gravel, Synod, Cough

On Friday we went to Flower St and raked and shovelled gravel in the rain.  It was just spitting but I already caught a cold and cough from Moms nursing home!  But we wanted to get the heap spread out.  We worked for 2 hours and got about half done.  Went home for a rest and then we went to the auction at the church.  There was a stainless BBQ for sale but I didn’t get it.  Got home about 9:30.  My cough is bad.

Saturday Pam picked me up at 7:30 am and we drove to Synod in Hammertown.  We got home about 4:30.  Win’s basement had water in it so we had called for a service call thinking it was the hot water tank leaking but when we went over to wait for the guy, Hubby decided that wasnt it, it was a crack in the wall.  So we cancelled the service call and went home.  

On Sunday, I didn’t feel good so I didnt got to church.  Hubby went over and put hydraulic cement in the crack.  He just got home, when they called from the nursing home saying mom wanted to talk to me.  Very strange as she never does this and can’t hear but they put her on.  She was upset, she said she didn’t know how she was going to get home.   I said you are home.  She said, no I’m at the credit union and i cant get home.  So because i have a bad cough, Hubby volunteered to go and see her before supper.  He said she was talking a lot and couldnt hear because her hearing aid was broken so he gave her his…and left it there!  I freaked because I didn’t want him to lose his good hearing aid!  I called Bro and he was going down after supper so I arranged to meet him in the parking lot and he would bring me the hearing aid.  He said she was in good spirits and talking a lot too.  

Today, Monday, Hubby is feeling rotten and has a bad cough now.  Ugh!  And of course it is raining again!  So can’t do much.  We went to Flower St to check the basement and then to Shoppers.  I made a beef stew and some apple muffins.  I dug up the yams and the gladiolus from the garden.  Then we went to Rona and bought the baseboard for Flower St.   

Rainy Day Truck Tires

Last Friday I worked late, so Hubby and I put all the patio furniture away as it was dry.  I worked on Saturday, went to see Mom after, had supper then went for a skate at the arena.  On Sunday I went to church.  We met the new refugee family at coffee hour after church.  The secretary and I worked on the cemetery website.  I did some more photography stuff.  Back to work on Monday.  Wednesday was Halloween so I wore a cat sweater that I had got for mom to work.  The guy came and put new eavesteough up at Flower St.  

I had today, Thursday off.  We had all kinds of things to do but it poured rain all day.  First we went out and Hubbys truck had a flat tire.  He decided he needed to buy new tires so we looked on FB and found some for sale in Welland.  We arranged to go see them but we couldn’t find the right road, we drove around and around  in The pouring rain.  We asked for directions 3 times and finally found it.  But the rims had 6 holes and ours have 5 so we knocked him down and decided to get them and switch the rims,  We crammed them in the car and drove home stopping at Cdn Tire and Walmart to see when they could switch the rims and they told us they couldn’t do it.  So we went home and caledl another tire place and they said to bring it in.  So we drove back the other side of town and dropped it off, then we drove to Costco, went home and unloaded, then drove all the way back to get the truck.  It felt,like all we did all day was drive in the rain!