Fencing and Sludge

On Saturday, We drove to Pt Colb.  to pick up some fencing we saw on kijiji cheap to fix the neighbours fence that got burned in the motorbike fire.  We stopped where W bought her Sienna and had a look at the trucks for sale but they were all too high mileage.  He had quite a few though. Then we stopped at Tim Hortons on the way home and I got a pumpkin latte which I didn’t really like.  It was disappointing.  Brought my geraniums inside.  The rain has stopped but now it is really muggy, still cloudy but humid.  BLTs for supper.  I was too tired to go to the photo club meeting last week, I went out to dinner with the stewarship group instead.  I was also too tired to go to euchre this week too.  Last Monday we stacked firewood that Hubby got off Kijiji, good hard oak, a good deal

Sunday, I went to church.  One of the men at church turned 98 today so we had cake after.  W went too and M and kids came about 2.  I went to see mom as they had a Thanksgiving coffee hour.  Diane and Bro showed up so we stayed til 4, chatting.  Drizzly and cool and cloudy today.  Everyone at church was saying how they were glad that they didn’t have to work on the holy grill this weekend, especially with all the rain.  

Sunday night We had a bad night.  I woke up at 1, well don’t think I I had really slept much, with pains in my back…gall bladder sludge.  I woke Hubby  up because I couldn’t stand it, then I threw up, and threw up and threw up.  He got me a hot water bottle for my back ( I need to remember to take this with us on trips from now on!) and some aspirin.  About 4 it finally abated and I went to sleep.  No more cake or donuts!! ☹️

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