Sick and Can Construction

I have been feeling sick all week, every time I eat I get bad pains in my chest, especially at night.  I searched the internet and am thinking it might be my gall bladder.  I haven’t felt like eating much.  I have a doctors appointment tomorrow.  Wednesday night was so hot so I didn’t go to euchre. Thursday night I went to the grocery store and bought $200 worth of cans for the food drive at work.  I am the leader.  We are making a Skeeball game out of cans for the Can Construction contest.  My trunk was full.  The guys emptied it on Friday morning and in the afternoon me and one of the young girls started to build it.  We will finish it tomorrow.  Hubby fixed the furnace plumbing today and I got the black tarp laid back down in the driveway.  Yesterday I canned 6 more jars of spaghetti sauce and then I went with 4 girls from work to a free wine tasting.  Janet and I are looking into an African safari trip for next year.

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