Babysitting and Panic Attack

On Saturday, I babysat the girls.  We were supposed to go to a strawberry social at the old folks home but it was cancelled because of an outbreak.  We picked mullberries and Bro and wife came and picked some by putting a tarp under the tree and shaking it.  Much faster but you get a lot of twigs etc with the berries.  The girls painted,and then I took Puddings to her guitar lesson uptown.  A showed ten minutes before it was over, so annoying.  We went home and they had a tea party on the deck with their dolls.  Win came home and took them shopping, then came back for supper.  After supper we went on a hike.  A nice day, beautiful weather.

On Sunday Win messaged me that she had a leak and the kitchen ceiling had a water mark on it.  I told Hubby who is so tired of all the work over there as there is always something.  When I came home from church, he was having a meltdown, he was crying and depressed and started having a panic attack.  I think the business with the motorcycle and everything just got to him.  I called the Pencil and she came over and talked to him for about an hour and he calmed down.  He seems okay today.

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