Trip home and Review

We got up about 7 and had our last buffet breakfast.  We missed saying goodbye to Carol and Darlene as they had received a call that their car was coming early.  They sent us a message.  The bus left the ship just after 10 and our Air CAnada flight was to leave at 1 pm but was 50 minutes late taking off.  

Review of 10th Trip

It was a good trip and we would recommend Avalon however, it just wasn’t adventurous enough for us at this point in our lives, maybe when we are older?

We estimate that about half the passengers on the ship were sick with a cold.  Everybody had terrible coughs, some even had bronchitis, some had to ask to get a doctor on board, and or get medication from pharmacies.  Janet got a bad cough but took drugs right away.  The crew of the ship didn’t seem to notice, they didn’t make people use the hand sanitizers before meals or when boarding the ship like other cruises we have been on.

We also didn’t realize that the sky deck would be out of bounds for 4 or 5 days as the ship is too high to fit under a lot of the bridges.  The skydeck was nice to sit on and get some sun but the lounge chairs up there were very uncomfortable.  The main lounge was also usually very cold.  We both thought the food was good, there were a lot of choices.  The staff were friendly and we loved the cruise director, Bram.  He was very nice, funny and interesting.