Melk Abbey and Durnstein

We were able to sleep in a bit longer today because our first tour to the Melk Abbey was not until 9:30. Melk is a UNESCO site and there are also 900 students going to school there. There are 7 courtyards and a garden with fountains.  The large mural in the hallway is of St. Benedict who is the patron saint of Europe. It was a 50 minute tour and we could not take photos inside.  There are 5 libraries, and we saw 2 of them. The town of Melk has 5600 people. We could have walked back to the ship but it was our hottest day so far, over 30 degrees, so we took the short bus ride back. We both were so hot in the Abbey we thought we would pass out.

After lunch, we sailed through the Wachau valley which is famous for growing apricots and saffron. The apricots are smaller but much sweeter. We went to sit outside,  as it started to pour rain. But it only lasted half an hour, then the sun returned just in time for the tour to Durnstein.

Janet decided to stay onboard on the sky deck.  I went on the one hour walking tour of Durnstein.  The church tower was blue, and I went in some of the shops and put my feet in the Danube. I joined Janet on the sky deck until supper.

Janet had the roast beef dinner, I ordered sole but it was not cooked properly and was too salty, and was all skin, so asked for roast beef too. We had apricot dumplings for dessert

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