After breakfast we boarded a bus to take us to the Romanesque town of Bamberg situated on 7 hills where the Main River meets the Regnitz.  It is more than 1000 years old and has a population of 77,000.  Bamberg has the highest density of breweries in all of Germany and produces 60 different beers, including the world famous Smoked Beer that has a bacon flavour.  There are 65 churches in Bamberg and 14000 students live here.  It is a UNESCO world heritage site because so many of the buildings are originals from the 13th to 19th century.  Not even 5% of the buildings were destroyed in the WW!!.  Many of the original half timbered houses from the 13th century have baroque facades covering the originals.  The oldest brewery in Germany is situated here.  We walked along the river and up the hill to the huge cathedral and residence, admired the rose gardens and then walked down to the Main Street where the half timbered Town Hall was built in the middle of the river.  The town hall has frescos on the sides.  It was very hot so after having a look inside the cathedral, we walked back along the river To wait for the bus to return to the ship.  After lunch we sat outside in the front of the ship and read and slept.  At 3 pm we had a tour of the galley which is very small and 11 people work in it.  It was suffocatingly hot!  We went back outside until tea time and then got ready for supper.