European River Cruise

Wednesday May 30/18 – Janet drove to Niagara from Ottawa, a trip that normally takes 5.5 hours.  She left at 9:30 and sent me an email about 11 saying she was making good time.  But then about 11:30, she sent another email saying there had been an accident between 2 transport trucks, they were on fire and one person was killed.  All the traffic was stopped, and she and 50 millions ther people were sent on a 3 hour detour!  This meant she reached Toronto right at rush hour and was slowed there too.  

I asked to get off work early at 4 and went to visit Mom.  She was quite alert and could hear so i took her for a walk until it was time to go in for her supper at 5:15.  I went home and Ken and I finally had supper about 6 because Janet still wasnt there yet!!  I was getting worried about her.  She finally arrived at 7:15, after driving 9 hours and 45 minutes!  She was exhausted.  Wendy came over and had supper and dyed my hair..

Thursday, May 31, 2018 – I finished packing and then Janet and I went for a pedicure at 10 and then went to Walmart for a couple of things.  The Niagara Airbus was supposed to pick us up at 3:55 pm but had called to say they were coming later at 4:30.  They finally showed up at 4:55, an hour later than planned.  They drove to Prudhommes where we switched buses.  We were supposed to be at the airport by 6 but didnt arrive until 6:30.  We boarded the plane but because of the rain, it was delayed until 10 pm, an hour late.  We were given a meal bout 11 pm and were woken up several times by the pilot announcing that there was turbulence and to put our seatbelts on.  

Friday, June 1, 2018 – Amsterdam- We arrived in Amsterdam about 11:15 am their time (6 hours ahead of our time).  Our luggage took a long time to appear but it did and we then found the Avalon representative.  There were 36 of us on the flight that are going on the river cruise.  By the time we got to the boat, the “Expression” it was 1 pm.  We were told to go down to the restaurant for some lunch and then our rooms were ready, a couple of hours ahead of time!  We had a rest and then went to see the cruise director about the next day and went for a walk to see how far it is to the tram station.  There a million people on bicycles! And they have their own lanes but dont stop for pedestrians!  You have to be very careful!  

We returned the to ship, had a shower and changed for dinner.  We had a safety talk etc in the lounge and then supper in the restaurant at 7 pm.  I had Alfredo pasta, Janet had chicken and we both had Dutch apple pie with brandy raisins for dessert.