Mothers Day weekend

 I went to Carolyn’s mom’s funeral with my boss Friday morning, then I had an auction at the church after work.

I worked Saturday and then picked up the girls while M had a derby thing to go to until Win finished work at 5.  We went grocery shopping and then made a cake for Sunday.  I went to church. Everyone came over for a  BBQ and Mother’s Day about 2 pm. The boys helped me get the patio furniture from the loft of the barn.  It was sunny but the wind was cold.  The kids played outside and we sat inside with the Blue Jays on.  T made us all strawberry daquiries, the girls iced the cake unsupervised and they used 4 pacakges of Dream whip! Lol

Monday morning I vacuumed, did laundry, did all the dishes, ordered Niag Airbus for our trip, did some photography. Then about 2:30 I met Bro at the condo and we hung the drapes back up and had one last check around.  Then we met the lawyer at the manor with mom and signed the papers.  We stayed for a visit as I hadn’t seen her on Mother’s Day.  We took her down to the cafeteria and a coffee.  Hubby cut the grass in the front ditch and yard.  He has been looking pale and tired for a couple of days now.  

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