New carpet & a Wedding Shoot

On Sunday I went to church on Sunday and in the afternoon I went to visit Mom.  She was in the common room and they had the BlueJays on so I stayed until the game was over.  I took the dog for a walk and then I went to the church to help prepare for the migrant worker supper.  I helped  salad and clean up.  

On Monday, I rented an elect staple gun and Win and I laid the new stair carpet at her house.  It looks good.  Did a bit of work outside and then I drove to NOTL to shoot a very small wedding for Wins old boss.  There were 12 people there. They had it in the gazebo by the lake.  There were no chairs, they just all stood around.  The brides parents are in Japan so a lady was Skyping everything.  She was annoying as she was in the way all the time and the people were backlit and not organized.  It was difficult to photograph them.  

Today I photoshopped all the wedding pictures, then i got some patio furniture down from the garage.  I went our for dinner with Dianne, we had Chinese.