Royal wedding, Gardening

Sat. May 19/18 ~ I got up at 4:30 to watch the royal wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle.  It was great. It was held at Windsor Castle.  Ben Mulroney’s kids were flower girls and ring bearers.  It was cool and rainy so didnt do much.  Sorted through some boxes of moms photos.

The sale of the condo went through okay on May 17th.  On the holiday Monday, I cleaned out Janets bedroom so you can see the floor and the bed now.  On Tuesday I went to an audit meeting at the  Diocese but I was late getting there.  And then I went to a Stewardship meeting at the Beacon for supper.  Later #2 Son and Goober brought over a beehive and set it up in the garden.  

Thursday, Hubby and I went to buy some veggie plants at a lady’s that he found on FB.  Then I said lets top at this other place and get some hanging baskets.  We were walking around and when I went to pay, I couldnt find my my wallet!!!  Panic struck!  All I could think was that I wouldn’t have my visa for my trip!   We drove back to the first place thinking I had set it down on the table when I gave her my email but it wasnt there!!  Now I was really panicking!  I checked my purse one more time and it was in the other zipper pocket! Ugh!  What’s wrong with me??  Why do I do this?  We drove back to the first place and paid for the pots.

Friday, I worked an auction at the church.  Saturday it was supposed to rain so we went out and staked up the chicken wire around the veg garden and then cut all the grass.  Then I went to Bville to vote and then went shopping.  I was exhausted when I got home! Hubby picked more wild asparagus

Mothers Day weekend

 I went to Carolyn’s mom’s funeral with my boss Friday morning, then I had an auction at the church after work.

I worked Saturday and then picked up the girls while M had a derby thing to go to until Win finished work at 5.  We went grocery shopping and then made a cake for Sunday.  I went to church. Everyone came over for a  BBQ and Mother’s Day about 2 pm. The boys helped me get the patio furniture from the loft of the barn.  It was sunny but the wind was cold.  The kids played outside and we sat inside with the Blue Jays on.  T made us all strawberry daquiries, the girls iced the cake unsupervised and they used 4 pacakges of Dream whip! Lol

Monday morning I vacuumed, did laundry, did all the dishes, ordered Niag Airbus for our trip, did some photography. Then about 2:30 I met Bro at the condo and we hung the drapes back up and had one last check around.  Then we met the lawyer at the manor with mom and signed the papers.  We stayed for a visit as I hadn’t seen her on Mother’s Day.  We took her down to the cafeteria and a coffee.  Hubby cut the grass in the front ditch and yard.  He has been looking pale and tired for a couple of days now.  

Week Off, New Bishop

Tuesday, May 9, 2018 ~ Last week while off, I did the church books, cleaned out closets, I swept and cleaned off the patio, got some of the patio furniture out, bought fabric to replace the swing awnings and shopped for baseboard for Rose St.  On Wednesday night, I went to euchre and on Friday night I worked an auction at the church.  I had a $1000 bill that didnt sell.  Hubby was supposed to come home on Saturday morning at 1:30 am but his flight was delayed because of the very high winds we had on Thursday.  I phoned Air Transat at 4 am and they said it was delayed until Sunday morning at 1:30.  He got to stay in the resort an extra day.  

Saturday morning I went with Pam and her friends Sandra and Patricia to see Bishop Susan Bell be ordained and consecrated.  We got to Hammertown at 9 am, found a parking space, went for coffee, got in the cathedral at 10 and had to sit in a hard seat, as the cushy red ones were all taken.  The service started at 11.  The choir, then all the Rectors, then visiting bishops and everybody processed in.  The service didn’t finish until about 1:30.  There were cookies and lemonade outside under tents.  I got home about 3.

As it was Moms 96th birthday, Bro and I had planned to take her out for dinner but in the end we got Swiss Chalet take-out and took it to the Manor and we all sat in the cafeteria.  #2 Son and family came, #1 was working and Win was in Buffalo.  I bought a little cake.  Mom seemed quite alert and happy.  We stayed until about 7:30 and then took her back upstairs.

On Sunday, I went to church and then we had parish council.  Hubby finally got home about 6 a.m.  His legs and feet were swollen and he had sand flea bites all over him.  He said it rained 7 out of 8 days. 

On Monday Hubby went to check out the shingles that were off Wins roof and she had a leak in the bathroom ceiling, but he had a flat tire on his truck, flat as a pancake, so he had to get that fixed first.  Then #1 Son and family showed up and they loaded his truck with stuff to take to their new house.  He had BBQd pork chops and we had enough to give them supper.

On Tuesday, Hubby took the load to their house and other stuff so didnt get the roof fixed.  Win locked herself out of the house.  I went to a church finance grant meeting.  It lasted until 9 pm.  Today, Hubby got the roof fixed, and cut all our grass as well as raking up all the branches that had fallen from the big wind.  I went to costco.

New carpet & a Wedding Shoot

On Sunday I went to church on Sunday and in the afternoon I went to visit Mom.  She was in the common room and they had the BlueJays on so I stayed until the game was over.  I took the dog for a walk and then I went to the church to help prepare for the migrant worker supper.  I helped  salad and clean up.  

On Monday, I rented an elect staple gun and Win and I laid the new stair carpet at her house.  It looks good.  Did a bit of work outside and then I drove to NOTL to shoot a very small wedding for Wins old boss.  There were 12 people there. They had it in the gazebo by the lake.  There were no chairs, they just all stood around.  The brides parents are in Japan so a lady was Skyping everything.  She was annoying as she was in the way all the time and the people were backlit and not organized.  It was difficult to photograph them.  

Today I photoshopped all the wedding pictures, then i got some patio furniture down from the garage.  I went our for dinner with Dianne, we had Chinese.